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Perspective Shift: A New Way to Love in a Christian Marriage

How did we end up back in this place again?  Why did I say that to him – again!?!?!  I took the class, I listened to the preacher, we prayed – how can I break this cycle once and for all and have the happily ever after I dreamed of for my Christian Marriage?  Can you relate to that perspective?

The day I sat across from our pastor talking about how desperate I was to find a way to breath in our home is still fresh in my mind.  We had done counseling, read books, taken classes, talked until I was sick of the subject and even went to a last chance retreat.  Things seemed to work for the moment – but it was like a band aid after heart surgery.  Ya know what I mean?

Hubby and I have been through thick and thin.  We agreed Divorce would never be a word we would use, but that often felt like a death sentence in this failing marriage.

Perspective Shift_ A New Way to Love in a Christian Marriage PinIt #PerspectiveShift #PerspectiveShiftthoughts #PerspectiveShiftquotes #Marriagequotes #Marriageadvice #ChristianMarriage #ChristianMarriagequotes #ChristianMarriageadvice #BiblicalMarriageadvice #BiblicalMarriageverses

A Christian Marriage was not a Fairy-tale

I was sure that when that man got saved – all our marriage problems would vanish over night.  They didn’t.  It took a while to realize Marriage was going to be the hardest work I’ve ever done.

After years of struggling I now have a handle on how to Thrive in this Married life.  In my search toward Finding Hope and Joy in my Marriage I learned that part of the problem was my Perspective.

Whew, that’s a $20 word isn’t it?!?!  Perspective is a new way to look at something.

2 Corinthians 4:18  We look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal.

Gaining Perspective in a Christian Marriage

The problem was I had been trying to live like the wives around me in the culture.  What I needed was a complete change and a way to act like a wife living in a Biblical Worldview.

We talk about Worldview a lot when we think of evangelism.  We share Christ and live out the Gospel all of the world – both across oceans and across the street – but rarely in our own homes.  Or at least that was my story. 

You see, I treated people well, and people thought highly of me outside of my home.  But I was living inside of my home with hurt, un-forgiveness, and unrealistic expectations.  I didn’t know how to set those things aside and really love well.

Even with that perspective Shift I held onto all the bitterness and resentment from a lifetime of Not to Forgiving.

Until God stepped in and showed me the pathway to forgiveness – which lead to freedom!

Do you need a helping had along the Pathway to Forgiveness?  I’d love to share my story with you in this Free E-Challenge.

Loving my husband well required a Perspective Shift: It gave me A New Way to Love in a Christian Marriage

Proverbs 14:1 The wise woman builds her house, But the foolish tears it down with her own hands.

I had to stop trying to make my marriage into a Fairy-tale and live firmly in the reality that existed. The reality was ugly and filled with the sin of 2 imperfect humans.  Sin.  We both had a lot of sin to deal with, and yet I spent most of my day completely focused on my husbands sin – justifying my own.

The biggest Perspective Shift that changed everything in our Christian Marriage was Acceptance

I had to accept the man my husband was, while praying God would change him into the man he could be.  Acceptance meant I had some changing to do.

The important things to change were:

These and so many others are what healed my hopeless and burned out marriage.  Now we are in a place of Hope and Joy -in Christ alone– and It is my pleasure to Mentor other wives along the journey.

Are you longing for Hope and Joy in your Marriage?

God took me through a journey of re-learning how to live as a wife with a Biblical Worldview.  It is a joy for me to teach and mentor locally and I am thrilled to launch this Online Course.

Finding Hope and Joy in My Marriage Online Marriage Course for Wives Only PinIt ( #findinghopeandjoyinmymarriage #ChristianMarriage #ChristianMarriageadvice #BiblicalMarriage #Relationshipadvice #ChristianLiving #HopeinMarriage )

The Course is laid out in 9 Modules with a Video Lesson to introduce the topic and a downloadable workbook.

  • Inside the workbook are 5 days of work for you to do – just you and God.

We will walk through the topics of:

I can’t wait to see you in the classroom 😉 !

in HIM,

Sharing is Caring!

Tiffany Montgomery

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