A Wife's True Story of Rebuilding Marriage After Infidelity. Rebuild marriage after infidelity. Rebuild marriage tips. Rebuild marriage quotes, rebuild marriage articles, rebuild marriage after affair. Christian Marriage advice, Christian Marriage quotes #ChristianMarriage #HopeForMarriage #HopeJoyInChrist

A Wife’s True Story of Rebuilding Marriage After Infidelity

Sharing is Caring!There is a lot of misinformation and controversy around couples staying together after infidelity.  Most of the time the articles on Hope Joy in Christ are How To style, giving practical biblical marriage principles you can use right now.  Today, however, I will not tell you how to save marriage after infidelity and […]

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How to Make Marriage Happy A Perspective Shift happy marriage quotes, happy marriage tips, happy marriage happily married, How to have a happy marriage #ChristianMarriage Christian Marriage Advice, Christian Marriage tips, #HopeForMarriage #HopeJoyInChrist

How to Make Marriage Happy: A Perspective Shift

Sharing is Caring!What makes a good marriage?  There are several elements of a successful marriage that you find consistently with couples who celebrate 50+ years.  Their stories are beautiful and inspiring but how can you copy what they’ve done when marriage is so hard?  Today Julie Holmquist will share one tip to help us learn […]

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What Is Date Night for Married Couples? and How to Do It Right Date night ideas, at home date night, the perfect date night, romantic date night, date night for married couples, things to do on date night for married couples #DateNight #ChristianMarriage Christian Marriage, Christian Marriage Advice #HopeJoyInChrist

What Is Date Night for Married Couples? and How to Do It Right

Sharing is Caring!Do you still date your spouse?  For many of us, after marriage comes responsibilities and burdens and less time then children and dating goes out the window.  Why do we stop dating our spouse and having fun together?  Today as we focus on Hope for marriage we will hear from Michelle Nietert, MA, […]

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