Prayer Life

As Believers in Jesus Christ, we have access to our Lord through prayer day and night. It is critical for our Spiritual growth that we learn how to pray powerful, effective prayers! Your prayer life matters!!!!!!!

Avoid a Wasted Christian Prayer Life

The more I teach and counsel Christians the more I am convinced we have missed something huge in our faith journey. Prayer.

We think of prayer as a passive activity. Something to do before meals, at bedtime, or in times of crisis.

We are missing the point!

What does having a prayer life mean?

Prayer is talking with God. Communicating with the ONE Who knows all the things and wants a relationship with us.

Prayer is powerful!

Don’t waste your prayer life!

Learn how to Abide in Prayer like Jesus.

What is a Good Prayer Life?

A good prayer life. We want that. What is a good prayer life?

What Does The Bible Say About Prayer Life?

Once you have established a normal prayer time, daily talking with the Lord, then you can take things up a notch! The Bible tells us to pray. It also says the enemy has a plan! So we need a plan.

Not only does the enemy have a plan, he is actively fighting against you. So you need to learn how to be prepared for the attacks. Prayer is the key to that!

  1. Fight the enemy for your thoughts!
  2. Think of yourself as a Disciple of Christ (acting out Scripture) rather than a Christian who just sits in a pew!
  3. Fight for unity and personal revival to see real change.
  4. Remember that God provides
  5. Know what to do when God seems silent

Pray Beyond Your Own Life

Often I get stuck in a prayer rut. I pray for myself, my family, and our friends and that’s it.

But we are called to pray for the nations! We are called to be a people of prayer.

Ephesians 6 lists prayer as a weapon against a real enemy. We have to pray beyond our own lives.

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Fasting and Prayer

We are also called, repeatedly throughout Scripture, to fast and pray. A time of fasting is a powerful way to amp up our prayer life. Prayer and fasting help us grow in faith, maturing into believers who are fighting the real battle ragging in the Spiritual realm all around us.

Learn more about fasting and prayer here ~> 15 Steps To Fast and Pray For God: A Free Beginners Guide

Practice fasting with this 40 Day Fast Guide: Be Still and Know God More

FAQ About Prayer and Fasting

Still not sure fasting is right for you to grow your prayer life?

Let’s look at some frequently asked questions about prayer and fasting from the Hope Joy In Christ community:

Or check out my short book as a beginner’s guide!

Powerful Prayer Strategies

Praying consistently is important to grow your prayer life. However, once you have that Spiritual discipline down I highly recommend adding some prayer strategies to your life.

Prayer strategies like prayer with fasting can help you find breakthroughs in amazing ways!

Pray Scripture

One reason is filled with lists of Scripture verses is that praying God’s Word is a powerful prayer strategy. If it is in God’s Word (in context), it is in His Will. And God tells us that we can ask anything according to His will and it will be done for us!

Some lists to help you add Scripture to your prayer life:

Prayer Journals and Other Resources

After fasting and adding Scripture to your prayer life, using a prayer journal is high on my list. A prayer journal can be any notebook you have in the house.

However, my favorite prayer journals are those with Scripture in them that I can pull from.

Here are 2 prayer journals I love:

The HJIC Strategic Prayer Journal

Strategic Prayer Journal PinIt #Prayer #PrayHard #PrayerQuotes #Printable #PrayerJournal #PrayerHelp

Let Go And Let God Prayer Bundle

See my full list of Prayer Resources!

Spiritual Growth Help

Want to mature in your faith walk? Check out the resources at this link!

Praying Scriptures For Your Marriage

Of course, Hope Joy In Christ is primarily a website designed to help marriages thrive. As the focus, there are tons of Scripture lists to help you pray Scripture powerfully over your marriage!

Here are some to get you started:

Prayer Resources For Marriage

And I have to share a few prayer resources for marriage that I LOVE

There is also a need to understand healthy boundaries in marriage. I recommend the Biblical Boundaries Workbook by Cherith Peters as a great resource to pray through for your relationship.

Lastly, the 9-Week Marriage Bible Study: Finding Hope and Joy in My Marriage sets aside time each day to create a guided prayer strategy for your individual marriage! Check it out!

Christian Marriage Resources In General

If you want to intentionally invest in your marriage, check out this page!

More Coming Soon To Grow Your Prayer Life

Every week, new resources, Scriptures, and stories are added to the site to help you grow your prayer life. A growing prayer life is a key to Spiritual growth, and maturing in your faith walk!

Prayer is also a key strategy for a healthy thriving marriage. One way I keep hope and joy in Christ no matter what is happening around me is to pray. Staying connected to the One who can change everything… changes everything!

in HIS love,

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