2018 The Best Frugal Gifts for Bible Journaling

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If you’ve been following along at HopeJoyInChrist this year you know I have embraced the trend of Bible Journaling. Have you started Bible Journaling? Are you still thinking about it? Still worried about writing in your bible? It is possible to start Bible Journaling Cheap – with Everyday things – and it is possible to shop for Frugal gifts for the Bible Journaling Jesus Girl in your life as well! I’m going to share my Top 10 Frugal Gifts for any Bible Journaling Creative Jesus Girl.

The 2018 Gift Guide for Bible Journaling Creative Jesus Girls

It may or may not surprise you that Bible Journaling Supplies range from cheap to very expensive.  So giving them as gifts can be a true blessing if you have a Creative Jesus Girl in your life!

#1 Fine tip, no bleed pens

The first step with Bible journaling is usually a pencil, but then you will go over the image or text in pen. Bible Pages are super thin, so a pen or marker that doesn’t bleed is essential.

This set of 2 from DaySpring comes in under $10 and would make any Bible Journaling Jesus Girl smile

So if your Creative Jesus Girl has been into Bible Journaling for a while, she would still love pens but of a different variety.  It is nice to create and blend colors more boldly. This set of FABER CASTELL PITT Artist Pens Set: 12 Exclusive Brush Pens of the Finest Quality Permanent India Ink in Bold, Rich Colors is amazing and diverse for just that.

#2 A Bible Journaling Guide Tool Kit or How To book for Bible Journaling

If you are shopping Amazon on Black Friday or Cyber Monday you will find several of these marked down – any one of them will bless a beginning Bible Journaler.

If you know there is a theme that would bless your Bible Journaling Creative Jesus Girl, check out your favorite sites come Black Friday / Cyber Monday.  There will be great discounts.

Consider Joy.  Joy has been the word God is pressing into my life this year.  Check out what that’s looked like here at How To Cling to The Joy of The Lord Every Day!

I’d love to give you a Free 30 day’s of Joy Reading Plan to help you focus on Him this month.

My New Bible Journaling Tool Kit – 30 Days of Joy will be discounted 😉 soon and it works hand in hand with the free guide!  Check out the details below:

What’s included in the Kit?

  • A 30 Day Reading plan
  • Journaling prompts
  • 3 Pages of Doodling templates
  • 1 sheet of margin strips
  • 1 sheet of Bible Verse Cards
  • Detailed Instructions about how to Get started Bible Journaling

30 Days of JoyBible Journaling Tool Kit FB #BibleJournaling #IllustratedFaith #BibleJournalingForBeginners #BibleJournalingIdeas

Also, check out this Kit on the topic of Trusting in the Lord from my friend Sara at TheHolyMess.com.  It was our First and we still use parts of it today!

trust In the lord Bible Journaling Kit #bibleJournaling #IllistratedFaith

#3, #4, #5, #6, #7 & #8 Scrapbooking Supplies

okay, so this may seem a little odd, but honestly, anything you could use for scrapbooking you can use for Bible Journaling!  The same idea of creating and combing to a theme or concept apply to both hobbies.  And if we are being honest, who amongst us doesn’t have a drawer of old Scrapbooking supplies to dig through?  Well I do and I love finding ways to repurpose old things!

  • Fun paper and Theme Packs

    • One fun aspect of Bible Journaling is pulling parts of this and pieces of that together to create. You can also use these things to cover up mistakes. I love a good tip in – it also works as a bookmark!

  • Stickers and Stamps

    • Yes, you can use stickers in your Bible! Stickers are fun, they can be to a theme or just random things. There are more and more faith creatives showing up all over the place now as well, so keep an eye open!
    • Same goes for stamps. Stamps do require some finesse so they don’t bleed through, but if you are working on a Tip in or in a separate journal first you can work through all of that quite easily!

Illustrated Faith - Fly Free - Clear Stamps, Set of 13

  • Tags, Taps and Tabbies

    • I love using a tag as a bookmark or a tip in. You can create on either side of it, slip a paper clip through it to make a funky bookmark or make it a part of the piece you are working on if it fits the space!

Illustrated Faith - Topics - 47-Piece Tabbies

  • Glue Dots

    • The uses for Glue dots are endless… honestly, they are my favorite kind of adhesive. They don’t bleed through, they can be repositioned several times before they lose their stickiness and they are just FUN!

  • Washi Tape

    • I’ve talked about this before, but Washi Tape is so much Fun. We love using it to create bookmarks, to decorate cards, create frames if you are designing something. It is so diverse and decorative – it must be in your Bible Journaling Tool Kit!

  • Dye Cuts, Knives, scissors with fun edges, cutting boards

    • Cutting creative shapes and designs adds a whole new level of beauty to Bible journaling. If your Bible Journaling Jesus Girl already has a Cricket you can add to her supplies. If she does not, they make scissors with so many exciting edges and cutting board would let her cut with precision!

My favorite places to shop for those things… well let’s be painfully transparent… I am cheap (my mom would correct me here and say Frugal) but I shop all year round at yard sales, book swaps, Peddlers malls, on E-bay and Craigs List. But I also shop very intentionally in real stores – on the end caps of stores – and you can really score some amazing bargains at the end of seasons and holidays!

  • Dollar Tree / Family Dollar
  • Hobby Lobby
    • They mark things down 50-75% after a season and if you are on their newsletter you get coupons to add to that!
  • Michaels
    • Is a great spot for hard to find items and when they have a really good sale!
  • DaySpring, Lifeway or other Christian Bookstores near you
    • These are great when you are on their newsletter because when things go on sale they are going deep!
  • Amazon
    • This one is usually my last resort but is great on Prime Day or Black Friday/ Cyber Monday

#9 A Journaling Bible

When you are beginning with Illustrated Faith it can be so helpful to have a Bible that already has designs in some of the Margins. This is a thoughtful gift. There are designs on some sections and blank places in others, lines in some pages, spaces to create in others. It can be a great start to fueling their imagination!

I love my Inspire Bible because of all those reasons. It also comes with a strap – because it gets thick when you create inside and you don’t want things to fall out!

If you are not really thinking about “Frugal Gifts” the New Illustrating Bible from DaySpring would make any Creative Jesus Girl’s whole year!

Illustrating Bible


#10 Is Time Alone to do their Bible Journaling

This is not something you can buy, but if your Bible Journaling Jesus Girl is a busy wife, mother, working woman, women’s ministry leader, etc. it is likely she struggles to find time alone. Here are some ideas that would give your Bible Journaler a little more time:

  • An IOU for Child Care – even just swapping childcare (Love this idea for Date Nights as well!)
  • Offer to help wrap Christmas gifts
  • Order dinner to deliver to her so she has a little free time
  • Clean a room in her house or hire someone to help
  • Be the friend to remind her that she needs to put herself on her to-do list
  • Volunteer to set the event she is stressing over and help clean up after so she gets done faster

This is the 2018 Best Frugal Gifts for Bible Journaling #GiftGuide #BibleJournalingIdeasForBeginners Some Bible Journaling Tips all included in a Christmas gift ideas list to help you stay on a Christmas Budget

Are you a Bible Journaling Creative Jesus Girl?  I’d love to know what is on your list!  Or do you just Love a Jesus girl who loves to Bible Journal?  Won’t you drop me a comment below?

in HIM,


Tiffany Montgomery

Tiffany of Hope Joy in Christ inspires Christian Women to grow in faith, live out Biblical Marriage Principles and raise Godly Children.  Join the Wives Only Facebook Group here or keep up with her through Pinterest.

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