Christian Marriage

A Christian marriage was designed to be a lifelong covenant relationship where a man and a woman grow together through every season by keeping God at the center of their lives.

The culture sees marriage so radically different from what God designed, however. So different in fact, that in order to fulfill that design, we need help.

Hope Joy In Christ is a safe space to find Biblical marriage principles to help us reach the goal of a joy-filled, hopeful relationship that lasts until “death do us part!”

Christian Marriage Advice

We long to have a successful marriage. Yes? But when things are not going well, we don’t always know where to turn.

Can we ask a Christian friend for advice? Will they judge us? Will they give us Christian marriage advice or secular marriage advice?

Maybe we could pick up some marriage Bible studies and devotions? But which ones will be Biblical?

How about godly marriage books? But, which ones will be written so that we can understand and apply them?

That is where I was so many years ago when God began prompting me to just open the Bible and search out what HE had to say about marriage.

Now it is my desire to help you see God’s purpose and plan for marriage in the Bible and choose hope and joy in every season.

Testimonies to Inspire You:

Better than any Christian marriage counseling I’ve experienced is the power of real stories.

I don’t really want to think about images of a perfect marriage that some authors might push in their marriage Bible study pdf! I want real.

What does a Christian marriage look like in real life? How can I learn from it?

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Spiritual Growth Is Key

Whether you are trying to fix marital problems or get ahead of the next storm by intentionally investing in your marriage you need to mature in faith. Spiritual growth is key to a happy Christian marriage.

In fact, it is so important that we grow in faith that I focus more than half our space on digging deeply into the Word in general. LOL, it has actually created two separate communities at Hope Joy In Christ.

  1. Those needing help with marriage.
  2. Many just want to grow in faith.

Check out this page to help you navigate the topic of spiritual growth on the site.

Biblical Marriage Principles

The key to a Biblical marriage filled with hope and joy is to learn to live in marriage the way God instructs in the Bible.

If you ever wondered, “What is a Christian marriage?” this will help.

There are Biblical marriage principles that go far beyond Christian marriage advice. These 14 are the Biblical foundation of a marriage that will last.

Biblical Marriage Tools and Advice

Sadly, we can’t always go out to a Christian marriage retreat, but we can find good Christian marriage counsel when we dig into God’s Word!

What you can do, is go deeper into studying the Characteristics of a godly wife in a godly marriage. These links will help you get started:

Biblical Advice for Marriage Problems

More than likely, if you found Hope Joy In Christ, you are having some marriage problems. You may even have seen a Christian marriage counselor and started looking for more practical, hands-on ways to address the struggles.

Some of the most common issues people search here are:

Sexuality in A Christian Marriage

A bit off the beaten path of Christian marriage traditions I want to share some other struggles many wives are working through.

Sexuality in Christian marriage is under attack just as sexuality everywhere is under attack. So let’s talk about lust, pornography, and infidelity!

So often we want Christian marriage rules to fix all the problems… but more often than not, what helps me is hearing other people’s stories. That’s what I hope you see here.

You are not alone in this.

We are in this together!

Prayer For A Christian Marriage

I wholeheartedly believe that prayer changes everything. Everything! How can you start?

How to Become a Strong Prayer Warrior and Why

Then I would love to give you some simple prayers to begin making a War Room Strategy for your Marriage. These pull in several Christian marriage Bible verses and turn them into prayer! A great strategy for change in your marriage.

17 Simple Prayers for Marriages in Trouble

In fact, I advise prayer and fasting.

More Resources To Pray For Your Marriage

Prayer is such a huge part of growing a healthy marriage that I created an entire page to help guide you. Find prayer strategies, Scriptures to pray, and many resources to help you get started.

Christian Marriage Resources

I have already created an entire page with my top recommendations for marriage resources, but I wanted to share just a couple here to get you started!

These are free marriage resources

  1. Hope for Marriage Printable Verse Cards
  2. Words of Affirmation Prompts
  3. Date Night Check List
  4. Marriage Evaluation Worksheet

Marriage Books

There are several Christian marriage books I would highly recommend. They share about Christian marriages in the Bible as well as pull modern-day examples to help you grow and heal.

Christian Marriage Workbook

Now, if I am honest, I prefer a good Christian Marriage workbook. This gives us information but also practical steps to do to apply what we are learning! Win-win.

Of course I recommend my Marriage Workbook, Finding Hope and Joy in My Marriage: a 9-Week Bible Study which is now available on Amazon. If you prefer a video series instead, check it out in my shop

More Christian Marriage Resources Coming Soon

Of course, we are always adding new Christian marriage resources to the Hopejoyinchrist Resource Library. To gain access, just fill out the form below. You will get an email confirming things and then another email with a password.

I send weekly resources and encouragement to the HopeJoyInChrist community! Come join us!

And if you ever need prayer or need help finding something to help you grow in faith and marriage, just email me – tiffany montgomery at hopejoyinchrist dot com.

in HIS love,

Sharing is Caring!