A Forgiveness Challenge Is the Way to Freedom #ForgiveYourself #forgiveness #forgivenesslesson #Forgivenessscriptures #Forgivenessinmarriage #ForgivenessPrayer #ChristianLiving

A Forgiveness Challenge Is the Way to Freedom

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Have you ever been stuck in your faith?  I’m talking about stale, stone cold, can’t feel anything or learn anything no matter how hard you listen to the Preacher?  Do you feel like there are chains holding you down – keeping you from freedom?

This was me for years.  Not to mention jealous of the believers in my life who “Heard God’s Voice” and wanted that but I didn’t understand how to get to that place.

There were things no one knew, things I never talked about, things I thought I could push under the rug and close the door on… but somehow the door always swung open at the wrong time.

Bitterness grows roots when we sweep things under that rug.

Those roots are deep and thick and so painful to pull out when the weed blooms as Resentment, Contention and Sin.   It’s a funny thing how un-forgiveness takes on a life of it’s own in our heart and mind.

There are things it feels impossible to forgive.

A Forgiveness Challenge Is the Way to Freedom #challenge #MarriageChallenge PinIt1 #ForgiveYourself #forgiveness #forgivenesslesson #Forgivenessscriptures #Forgivenessinmarriage #ForgivenessPrayer #ChristianLiving

Things that are too big, too painful, too intimate to imagine forgiving.  But then as I refused to forgive the big things I found it easier to ignore the smaller -everyday things- as well.

Forgiveness in general just seemed unimportant because it felt unattainable.

Can you relate?  

What kind of things?  That is the question I am asked often – and I hedge the question most days.   My hearts desire is to never glorify the sin or play the victim but, to lend perspective and offer clear action steps toward healing.

They are big things.  Things no one should go through.  Sin and depravity from ones who should have been trustworthy…   Betrayal so deep it cut to my soul…   Loss that still evokes grief if I linger on it too long…

What I never realized was that by not forgiving those big things it made it easier to not forgive small things – every day things – in my life as well.

… to name a few.

I remember the day God got it through my thick head that Forgiveness was the problem with my faith walk .  Let me say it again.

Forgiveness was the reason my faith walk was stuck.

I didn’t know how to forgive; I mean to really forgive beyond just saying it out loud.  It took so much time figuring out the process and walking through it with Jesus.

Literally – I walked with Him for part of it – praying as I walked circles around my neighborhood.

  • Wrestling the hard parts out.
  • Arguing through the injustice of letting them off the hook.
  • Asking the Why questions that had me Angry with God and so many people.
  • Crying until I felt my soul empty of the emotions in it.
  • Begging Him to help me forgive forever but then telling Him I knew I never could.

Surely the neighbors think I’m some crazy person.  It just felt important to talk the thing out with God.  And there was some healing in it, but it took more than just prayers to get to the other side and find Freedom.

Do you need Freedom today?

Are there hurts you can’t forgive?

  • Pain from the past that still burns if it’s brought up
  • People you can’t look at let alone talk to
  • Situations that come up in day to day life that immediately take you back to that time and place of wounding

If this is you, I invite you to sign up to take the challenge. Sign up using the form below

I’d love to share my process with you in a 6 day series of Emails that will give you the tools to begin walking on the Pathway to Forgiveness.  In that space I will also share some of the ways I’ve applied this process to the Big Things I can’t share so publicly 😉

After I found my path to Forgiveness I saw my life change:

Do you dream of those things too?  I invite you to sign up to take the challenge. Sign up using the form below

in HIM,

Tiffany Montgomery

Tiffany of Hope Joy in Christ inspires Christian Women to grow in faith, live out Biblical Marriage Principles and raise Godly Children.  Join the Wives Only Facebook Group here or keep up with her through Pinterest.

22 thoughts to “A Forgiveness Challenge Is the Way to Freedom”

  1. Such a great way for people to actually “do something” when they are struggling with unforgiveness!! It is one thing to be told to forgive, another to be able to actually do something about it. I struggled for a long time with unforgiveness toward my biological father. Prayer and the Holy Spirit, helped me completely let go of the resentment I felt toward him. Thank you for your post!

  2. The lack of forgiveness just creates bitterness. I can put on a good front, and seem merciful, but inside I am just a ball of hurt and anger. I understand what you are saying all to well. Thank you for your encouraging post.

  3. It’s way easier to forgive something that is in the past than it is to forgive something that is still happening and still brings sorrow. Forgiving an unrepentant person for past events is also impossible but can be done miraculously through Jesus. The present continuous, though, is what makes many women’s lives a living hell, even if they have no bitterness. It’s like fresh vinegar poured into wounds daily. Their hearts are breaking because the people they love the most are blind.

  4. Having the ability to forgive is a gift, it’s such a beautiful thing. They say that it’s brave to hold grudge at someone, but I think it’s braver to forgive someone even if they don’t ask for it, and even if they don’t deserve it.

  5. Sooooo true about brushing things under the rug leading to bitterness. I experience this alot, mostly resentment about my husband working so much and not helping out with the kids enough. You have to get your feelings out there, come to terms with them yourself, express them to those who need to hear them.

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