12 Fun Activities to Focus on the Resurrection at Easter #EasterIdeas #EasterBasketIdeas #EasterCrafts #easterJesus #EasterKids #easterActivities #easterTraditions #easterchristian

12 Fun Activities to Focus on the Resurrection at Easter


Do you have a favorite Holiday or season?  Easter is absolutely my favorite time of year.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas as well, but for me – Easter is The Reason for my faith.

  • It is a beautiful testament to God’s love to us that Jesus was born – fulfilling countless prophecies.
  • The fact that He lived life as one of us (but without sin) and can relate to our humanity give me hope daily.
  • But none of that mattered unless:
    • Jesus died on the cross
    • Paid for every sin the world has ever known
    • And was raised from the dead on the third day.

The Resurrection of Jesus from the dead is the reason we celebrate Easter

As with everything else in our culture, we have to be intentional as Disciples of Christ to keep our hearts focused.  Easter is one of those holidays that the culture has high-jacked completely as we drift away from our Christian roots.  It is so tempting to focus on spring, eggs, bunnies and candy and lose sight of the reason for this season.

Below are some Christian Easter Tradition Ideas for Kids, Families, Personal and Group use.

12 Fun Activities to Focus on the Resurrection at Easter PinIt #EasterIdeas #EasterBasketIdeas #EasterCrafts #easterJesus #EasterKids #easterActivities #easterTraditions #easterchristian

How do we stay Focused on the Resurrection this Easter?

Personal Focus

I love watching “The Passion of the Christ” and some other suggestions for personal focus but had never thought of using it for Personal reflection – check out the ideas in that post.

This is a fantastic idea to focus while on the Resurrection while on Social media with Free sharable Easter Imgs is fun!

Another great way to focus on Jesus in my personal life is to be in the Word.

I have created a 40 day reading and Journaling Guide through Anxiety – which becomes an issue for me this time of year as well – #DisfunctionalFamilyLife 🙁  These verses really help me stay focused on Jesus while struggling with Anxiety!  They are yours Free below.

Focusing as a Family

Our Families Favorite Easter Activity is Easter Activity Workbook from AbcJesusLovesMe.com that can be done in 7 days or a few weeks to focus us on the Cross.  It is perfect for kids old enough to color all the way up to Tweens – who love to teach the lessons at that point!

Jelly Beans are a candy that we love (and it comes Vegan!!!).  How creative is this idea to use Jelly Beans to teach Prayer and focus on Jesus!!!!!!!!!  FaithAlongTheWay has some other Fabulous Christian Easter Activity ideas I know you will love!

Focus the Kids in your neighborhood

Easter is one time families are open to the gospel.  Have you ever considered hosting an Easter egg hunt for your kids and the neighbors kids and focusing on Jesus?  We do this every year as a way to share the gospel and get to know our neighbors!  I love the other ideas in this post!

Focusing Older Kids

This Easter Story Writing guide is perfect for Elementary age kids.   Writing through scripture is an amazing way to internalize it and focus our hearts.  Plus she adds in the pieces from the Resurrection eggs.  What a fun way to let the older children teach the younger!

An Easter Tree is a fun new idea – find out all about it here

Focusing Preschooler’s

I love any activities that get the kids hands on!  This is a fun way to teach them about a calendar and all the events in Easter with Felt!  My kids love felt activities!

Focusing Toddlers

We started talking about Easter as soon as we had kids but I know the idea of what to say about the hard parts can feel intimidating.  This Post is full of ideas for talking it through early on!

Focusing in your Sunday School or Homeschool

We incorporate a Bible time into Homeschool and I often pull Sunday School Ideas!  Bonus – kids learn so much better when their hands are busy in a craft.  So crafting while we talking through each event in Jesus Life is a win win!

Which Ideas will you try?  Do you do something else?  Drop me a comment so we can try it too!

in HIM,


Tiffany Montgomery

Tiffany Montgomery of HopeJoyInChrist.com is a Jesus Girl with a passion to Encourage and Equip Christian Wives and Moms with Practical tools to Grow in Faith through Biblical Discipleship.

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