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27 Prayer Resources: 3 Free Strategic Tools On Prayers

Prayer is as easy as breathing, then why is it so hard to establish the habit of daily prayer?  Are there prayer tools and prayer resources that great prayer warriors use to become consistent? 

Today we will look at the 27 of the best prayer resources free and paid to help anyone grow in faith and pray more strategically.

Why Do You Need These Prayer Resources? 

We all come to faith from different places and different backgrounds.  Faith in Christ is sort of like the great equalizer.  No matter how educated or how lacking in education you were at the time of salvation, you have to learn things from square one.  

Prayer is one of the Spiritual disciplines we all have to learn from scratch.  If you are like me I beg you’ve asked some of these questions:

  • How do you say a prayer?
  • What is a personal prayer?
  • How can I grow my prayer life?

These prayer resources will help you get a firm foundation as you learn how to grow in prayer and faith with confidence.  If you need help, prayer tools are what you need!

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How Can I Grow My Prayer Life?

The question I get most often as it relates to faith is, “How can I grow my prayer life?”  My answer is simple.  

Pray.  Prayer grows your prayer life.  The more you pray, the more you grow.   

Now, people ask it in all different ways. Just this week I saw these two variations:

  • What are the five keys to prayer?
  • What are the 4 sources of prayer?

Prayer is prayer. We grow in prayer by praying. There can be many parts of prayer, but don’t get mixed up with all the controversial things. Just begin to pray!

These are the best prayer resources that keep me growing in prayer.  I use each and every one of them or have over the years, and so can attest that they are biblical and practical prayer tools! Share on X

How Do You Say A Prayer? 

So you want to be faithful in prayer?

You don’t need 21 days of prayer topics. It’s not the strict.

Just talk to God like you talk to your best friend. 

He is right there with you, though you can’t see Him, is always listening, and genuinely cares about what you care about.  Talk to Him. 

Spend some time in personal prayer. 

Set a time for prayer to create a prayer lifestyle!

What Is A Personal Prayer?

A personal prayer is different than a corporate prayer.  You bow your head and agree when you hear prayers in church, corporate prayers.  Maybe they say things that sound official… like a “Thy kingdom come prayer,” or they have some fancy prayer method.

Don’t let that intimidate you!

When you pray alone, talking to God about your personal life you are engaging in personal prayer.  Simple right?!?!  

So the question is, how to grow in prayer and even deepen your prayer life if getting better at prayer is as simple as praying more?

27 of the Best Prayer Resources to Help You Pray Strategically PinIt, How can I grow my prayer life? How do you say a prayer? What is a personal prayer? how to deepen your prayer life, free prayer resources, best prayer resources, praying strategically, creativity prayer, a simple way to pray, a time for prayer, prayer lifestyle, prayer ideas for church #Prayer #Hopejoyinchrist

How To Deepen Your Prayer Life

When I started out praying I would ask people, “Please give me prayer help.”  

I wanted to know how to pray for someone and what things to pray for myself that were in God’s will.

Going deeper in prayer, and becoming more consistent in prayer happens over time and with help is what I learned. 

How can you become consistent in prayer?

I suggest keeping a prayer toolbox to help you stay focused, consistent, and growing.  

If you have been praying, “God help me pray more/better/stronger” these tools are for you!

What Prayer Tools Are In A Prayer Tool Box?

It’s funny to think there could be prayer equipment, huh?!?!  The things that helped me become consistent in prayer are now the prayer tools I reach for almost daily to stay the course. 

Maybe you would think of them as strategies for prayer!

  1. Prayer guides
  2. Prayer journals
    • Yes, I pray prayer journal style most mornings to help me stay consistent!
  3. Books on prayer
  4. Books on fasting
  5. Bible studies on prayer
  6. Bibles and Bible commentaries
  7. Accountability

By far, the best prayer resources are the ones passed down to me from other prayer warriors.  When I know a person is in the habit of praying strategically, I take their recommendations to heart. 

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The Best Prayer Resources I Use And Recommend

These are the best prayer resources that keep me growing in prayer. 

I use every one of them or have for years, so I can attest that they are Biblical and practical prayer tools!

Some of these are free prayer resources, either mine or someone I subscribe to and enjoy.  Others will be a small investment.  Regardless, they are all quality and worth your time to check out.  

They help me find creative ways to work through the many prayer requests without feeling overwhelmed!

Prayer Guides (Prayer and Fasting Guides)

I use prayer guides regularly in my prayer life. 

I love to find and create to share free prayer resources as guides!

Bonus: Most of the guides are prayer meeting resources I created for our team and then shared with you!

Why use prayer guides?  Let’s face it there are times the words just don’t come.  Using a prayer guide lets me pray anywhere, anytime!  Often the prayer guide just gets me started but some days it helps me stay consistent! 

In the Hope Joy In Christ resources library, you will find many prayer guides created for our prayer team at church and then shared with you.  They are perfect prayer ideas for church!!!!

Not a Hope Joy in Christ Community member? 

Why not?  It’s free to join and there are lots of perks!  The top two prayer guides to date are:

Another amazing prayer guide that I use every year is the Praying The Promises of The Cross Prayer Kit by Arabah Joy.

Praying The Promises of The Cross Prayer Kit

As of 2020, there is a free scripture reading guide to this that I LOVE! 


But honestly, The Praying the Promises of the Cross Kit is worth the small investment.  This is a reading and journaling plan that incorporates guided prayer to help you better connect with Jesus Christ.

Why do I recommend you invest in the kit? 

  • The prayer journal is amazing.
  • The prayer template really helps you get consistent with this. 
  • The Weekly devotionals help you connect the pieces of Jesus’ life in a personal way which really helps you grow in prayer!   

This is one of my favorite prayer resources, especially leading up to Easter!

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Prayer Journals as Prayer Resources

I love prayer journals.  At any given time I have 3 or 4 journals going and they help me in many ways.  Why use prayer journals?  They keep me focused while praying and they let me look back and see how God has answered prayers!  

Seeing God answer prayers helps my faith grow, leading me to pray more! Prayer journals are key to a thriving, growing prayer life!

These are the prayer journals I use for daily needs.

Bonus: Online Prayer Resources can be re-printed whenever you need a new page! I LOVE downloadable prayer resources!!!!!!!

The HJIC Strategic Prayer Journal

A prayer journal is a great way to keep you focused while you pray.  I also love a prayer journal for looking back and seeing when and how God has moved.  He answers prayers and when you are journaling them you see the answers so much more than when you are not!

I also understand that we all live on a budget so I created a very inexpensive journal you can print and reprint!  A simple way to pray makes me happy! The Strategic Prayer Journal is super simple and easy to use and it is in my main prayer toolbox!  

Let Go And Let God Prayer Bundle

If you have the budget for a bit more in a prayer journal I highly recommend the Let God and Let God Prayer Bundle!  Here at Hope Joy in Christ, we believe in the power of adding scripture to prayer for powerful spiritual warfare!  


This prayer journal is more of a bundle because there is a beautiful journal but there is also a great set of resources to help you:

  • Identify areas of life you need to give to God.
    • Prayer list ideas to get you started.
  • Find scripture to pray over those areas.
  • Internalize the scripture through coloring.
  • Track your prayers.
  • Stay reminded of God’s truth with screensavers!

I enjoy this bundle and I know you will too!  As school starts, I will be using this for my tween.  It is great for teenage prayer ideas and getting them inspired to connect with God.

Books On Prayer

Let’s face it, we can always learn more about prayer methods and prayer strategies!  Always!!!!!!  I love reading books on prayer to keep things fresh… I just don’t always have creative ideas, but the main goal is consistent time in the prayer room.  So these practical guides fit the bill.  

Here are my favorite, no-fluff, books on prayer. 

But of them, the prayer book I go back to in my personal prayer life is the first.  It helps invite the Holy Spirit into our marriage in a powerful way.


Power of a Praying Wife (#ChristianMarriageResource #BiblicalWifehood)In The Power of a Praying Wife, Stormie Omartian shares how prayer changed her marriage.  This is more like a 30-day prayer guide for wives, with a scripture-based prayer for every day of the month.  

 I pray through this book every morning and have for years. Scripture-based prayers are an amazing way to infuse God’s Word into your prayer life for more power! What I love most about Omartain’s book is that she gives you man scripture to pray as well as a prayer cheat sheet!  This makes it easy to pray even when I can’t think of what to say.


This one hit me in a hard season of parenting. I was searching, “Moms in prayer resources,” and found Stormie had an amazing book. It was perfect. Then I found others! I LOVE the wisdom of other moms passed down through prayer guides!

This is another easy-to-read book on prayer by Stormie Omartian.  Honestly, after praying through her book, The Power of a Praying Wife I had to check out this title.  

  The Power of a Praying Parent follows the same format with 30 prayers to use for each day of the month.  Each day you are given many Bible verses to pray and a scripted prayer that you can personalize as needed.   This book is great for praying through the house, over your children, or in your quiet time.  I love it and go back to it again and again. 

PRAYING FOR GIRLS by Teri Lynne Underwood

Praying for Girls is a fun prayer guide/ book on prayer by Teri Lynne Underwood.  I love how Underwood shares her personal journey through motherhood and gives you a variety of verses, all written out as prayers to use.  


This book is so easy to read and has a hands-on activity at the end of each chapter to accompany the prayers.  It was fun using this as a guide for some awkward conversations with my girls.

For variety, I alternate this book with Omartains’ book each month as I pray for my kids. 


“If I were your enemy, I’d…” distract you, discourage you, keep you down in a pit so far you could never get out.  Priscilla Shirer shares so many amazing, eye-opening concepts about prayer and spiritual warfare in Fervent that I keep re-reading them.


This book takes longer to digest because it is jam-packed with spiritual gems and strategies for spiritual warfare. 

Each chapter of the book ends with scripture to use as powerful weapons against a very real enemy.  This is a must-read for any Christian serious about changing her life and walking closer to God.


If you have ever doubted that God hears and answers prayers, Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire is a must-read!  This is a classic book on faith and prayer that shares the real-life stories of God moving in powerful ways to answer prayers through the life and ministry of Jim Cymbala and his congregation.


This was one of the first books on prayer I ever read and when I feel burnt out or lost or defeated I pick it up again to be reminded that God still answers prayer.  

These are my top 5 books on prayer.  To see more of my personal pics on prayer and fasting see this article!

Books On Fasting as Prayer Resources

Fasting is a Spiritual Discipline I am passionate about because it leads to spiritual breakthroughs in ways I never dreamed possible.  If we are honest, however, fasting is something we are scared of and know little about. 

These books on fasting will help you learn and grow in this powerful prayer tool!

For an effective prayer life, the Word of God is clear that we will fast and pray!  Fasting invites God’s power into our situation and draws us deeper into intercessory prayer.  

A Beginners Guide To Fast And Pray: Taking Spiritual Warfare To The Next Level

Fasting and prayer go hand in hand and bring the spiritual breakthrough you are dreaming about.  Through many years of trial and error, I have learned how to fast successfully.  I believe you can do it too!


In A Beginners Guide to Fast and Pray I share what worked and what didn’t work along my journey to learn to fast and pray.  It is my prayer that through the short book you will find the confidence and tools you need to start your first fast. 

Even if you have tried and failed at fasting and prayer in the past, after reading this short book you will have all the tools you need to succeed!

An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess

In this Bible Study on fasting, Jen Hatmaker shares her experience learning to fast in 7 areas of life.  She is real and vulnerable as she walks through each area and how fasting for 30 days from each one challenged and grew her faith.  


The original fast took her 30 days but this Bible study is set in 7 weeks to give you a taste of fasting in each area.  I was really challenged in several areas I had never considered fasting before.  Fasting goes so far beyond giving up food when you look at it Biblically and this book opened my eyes to several areas of idolatry in my life.  

Disclaimer: While the author has since been entangled in controversy, the precepts of this study are sound and I highly recommend it to anyone considering fasting. 

Experience The Life: Live As Jesus Lived: Transformed Character Book Two

My Life Group went through the 5-book series “Experience the Life” by Bill Hull and Paul Mascarella several years ago.  Each of the books covered a Spiritual Discipline in-depth in a fresh and challenging way.  


Book 2 in this series covered fasting and gave a very detailed plan to begin fasting.  I enjoyed it and reference it often when I feel my fasting has gotten off somehow.

If you are trying to add fasting to your prayer life check out this article on how to fast and pray in a way that pleases God.

Bible Studies On Prayer as Prayer Resources

It’s one thing to read about other people’s prayer lives and another thing to learn about how they prayed in the Bible. Bible studies on prayer have helped me learn so much.  We can imitate prayers from the Bible, learn to live like great prayer warriors and so much more when we study prayer.  

These are my favorite Bible studies in prayer so far.

The Battle Plan For Prayer

The Battle Plan for Prayer (#ChristianMarriageResources #biblicalWifehood)I debated if this should be in the books on prayer section, but honestly, I love the Bible study more than the book alone.  There is something captivating about hearing firsthand through a video about how prayer changes everything…


The Battle Plan for Prayer by the Kendrick Brothers, goes deeply into the practice of prayer, equipping you will more tools and strategies than you have ever had before.  

I have gone through the study and taught it more than a dozen times and each time I come away with more prayer tools.  

This is another must-have in the prayer resources for any Christian who longs to become a prayer warrior!

The Armor of God

Shirer has done it again in this Bible Study on prayer.  The Armor of God will take you through the concepts of Spiritual Warfare and prayer in ways your Sunday School Teacher never dreamed. 


When I finished this Bible Study on prayer the first time I felt breathless and wide-eyed about how powerful God is and how powerful prayer is.  The second time through I was ready to take these prayer tools and grow in faith in mighty ways.  

This is a great prayer resource to refer back to when there is a difficult situation and I do – often!

Misc Prayer Resources or Prayer Tools

There are a few other resources that help my prayer life that just don’t fit into any category so I made a misc. section for you as well.  These are movies, music, tools, and other things that help me stay focused or get over dry seasons so I had to include them in this list.

The War Room Movie

I would be remiss if I didn’t include The War Room Movie in my list of prayer resources.  It is so easy to get discouraged about the power of prayer, let alone the power of prayer and fasting.  Books, movies, music, and other things help encourage us to stay the course. 


In this movie, you will find renewed faith that prayer works and God is still in control!  I love watching it again and again and you will find it helps you grow in faith and prayer!

A quote from this films blurb says it all:

“Prayer can accomplish what a willing God can accomplish. It should be your first plan of attack in all of life’s battles, not your last resort. If you want to experience the joy of mightily answered prayer, then it’s time to engage with God at another level.”

Guided Calming Prayer for Calm in Crisis
(Temporarily unavailable)

Guided Calming Prayer for calm in a crisis*(Program being reworked- I’ll add the new link when it’s fixed 😉 ).  This guided prayer is great to put on while resting with the Lord or out on a walk.  It is simple and helps you focus on worshiping God when life gets crazy! 


The focus of Faithful Finish Lines* is Christian Weight Loss for women, but I love this prayer and it’s a free resource (which is my love language to boot!).  


In the beginning, I was skeptical about Alexa.  Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I thought having a Google device in the house would give them permission to spy.  After a while, I changed my mind.  


Alexa can search terms for you if you are studying and can’t get to a commentary.  This device can play worship music, podcasts, or sermons.  

I am a fan of Alexa as a prayer resource and basically believe that technology can be good when used to glorify God… and closely monitored when your kids are on it!

The Hope Tool Box

My Hope Toolbox Printable Kit for Depression & Sadness. Refresh your spirit and find encouragement with this beautifully designed printable kit for depression & sadness, My Hope Toolbox, which you can download now. Depression and sadness hit hard, yet God offers us peace. This tool puts resources you need for wellness right at your fingertips.#Giveaway #ChristianBooks #BibleStudy #ChristianMarriage #JoyInMarriageI struggle with anxiety and depression.  When they strike, prayer is challenging.  I can’t think of the words to even begin and I need help getting clear of the fog and pain.  


The Hope Tool Box is an amazing resource to get you unstuck when you are in the struggle!  What do you get in the toolbox?

  • Daily Journaling Pages
  • Motivation
  • Verse Note Cards
  • Healthy Living Plan
  • Additional Resources for Depression


Bibles and Bible Commentaries

Yes I know, most people would have started with this list, but while we all know we can learn about prayer from reading the Bible and Bible commentaries, they don’t feel as fun as all the rest so I saved this list for the last.  

I love reading different translations of the Bible to keep things fresh and gain new insight into confusing passages. I start with prayer list ideas and dig deeper.

Biblegateway.com is my go-to free site for reading a verse in many translations. 

I favor these Bible versions for clarity:

  • New American Standard Version
  • New International Version
  • Amplified Bible
  • Holman Christian Standard Version

Free and Paid Commentaries

Bible commentaries are great for digging into difficult topics.  When I have an issue to pray over topically, I use a combination of Bibles and Bible Commentaries to help me find verses to pray strategically!  When there is a passage in my Quiet Time that is confusing, I open up a commentary and read about it.  Commentaries are great tools for clarity and cross-referencing!

Vines Expositional Dictionary  

Vines Expositional Dictionary is my favorite paid commentary tool because of how easy it is to use.  You can go a bit into the original language with the free online tools, but if you want to go deeper this is the prayer tool for you. 


Not only can you explore the original language, but you can gain an

understanding of

how the original audience would have understood the text which is invaluable. 

I love this tool!


Prayer works better together.  Never think you have to spend hours alone in a closet to be a great prayer warrior.  No, you can have just as powerful prayers by praying with a buddy.  

Ask God to give you an accountability partner, a prayer partner, a prayer group, or a prayer circle.  

Praying together keeps you accountable and helps you grow in prayer.  I learn new ways to pray every time I pray with my prayer team!  We all grow together when we practice our faith out loud!

Will You Start Using These Prayer Resources Today?

What kind of prayer resources are you searching for?

  • Prayer resources for families
  • Prayer resources for small groups
  • Teenage prayer ideas
  • Prayer resources for lent
  • Prayer resources for schools
  • 24/7 prayer resources
  • Prayer resources for youth
  • Prayer resources for marriage
  • Group prayer ideas for church
  • Prayer resources for parents

Everything on this list of prayer tools would easily work for any of these groups!  Will you start using one of them today?

in HIM,

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