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40 Day Fasting and Prayer Guide: Be Still and Know God More

Will you come with me on a journey, a 40 day fasting and prayer, a journey to be still and know God more?  This article will serve as the 40 day fast guide to help you get started.

Do you struggle to be still in the midst of this chaotic life?  I mean, life is busy, racing past a mile a minute and we have to keep up or get left behind.  But God says Be Still and know that I am God.  How do we learn to be still?

Stay to the end to see a video where I go more in-depth about fasting and prayer!

Why Join a 40 Day Fasting and Prayer Challenge?

Today is a great day to Know God more.  We are on the eve of Lent at the time of this writing.

Do you fast during Lent?  Lent, the 40 day fast leading up to Easter, is a wonderful time to focus your heart on the resurrection of Christ. 

Having discovered How to Fast and Pray in a Way that Pleases God I was inspired to participate in a group fast years ago and quickly became a fan.

Fasting alone is amazing, but fasting corporately is something you can’t describe – only experience.

Before you ask, “Do you have to be Catholic to fast during Lent?”, I am a protestant. I believe that if you follow Jesus, adhere to the Bible, and walk as a disciple of Christ, your denomination does not matter.

“Then the disciples of John *came to Him, asking, “Why do we and the Pharisees fast, but Your disciples do not fast?” And Jesus said to them, “The attendants of the bridegroom cannot mourn as long as the bridegroom is with them, can they? But the days will come when the bridegroom is taken away from them, and then they will fast.” (Matthew 9:14-15 NASB)

Jesus said we would fast.  Anyone following Jesus can fast regardless of the time of year.

So whether it is nearing Easter or another time of the year altogether I would challenge you to try a time of fasting (a 40 day fasting and prayer journey) and see what God can do.

40 Day Fast Guide_ Be Still and Know God More PinIt, 40 day fast guide, is it possible to fast 40 days, 40 day fast Bible verses, types of fasting for spiritual breakthrough, 40 days fasting prayer points, 40 day fast and prayer, 40 day fast plan, #FastAndPray #HopeJoyInChrist

Is It Possible to Fast 40 Days?

As I write this I know how foreign the practice of fasting is in general, so I know you have questions.

  • What is the significance of a 40 day fast?
  • Can you not eat for 40 days?
  • Did Joshua fast 40 days?
  • What are 40 days fasting prayer points?
  • How to break a fast with prayer?

What is the significance of a 40-day fast?

  • Moses, Joshua, Elijah, and Jesus are among those noted in the Bible who practiced a 40 day fast.  

While fasting in Biblical times centered around giving up food, either all food or some foods, for a time, not all fasting did.

Caution: Fasting from all food and drink is risky for your health.  Consult your doctor before beginning to make a wise plan based on your specific needs.

It may be possible for you to fast from certain foods for the next 40 days.  You may also choose to fast each Friday from red meat, sweets, or social media. 

Whatever you choose to give up for the next 40 day fast I would love to support you!

40-Day Fasting and Prayer in the Bible

It is possible to fast and pray for 40 days. The Bible lists 3 very extreme complete fasts. Just search, “Moses 40 day fast,” or, “Jesus 40 day fast,” to see them.

Elijah also fasted for 40 days.

There is a spiritual significance to seeking the Lord for 40 says.

Why did Jesus do a 40 day fast? He was about to start His ministry.

Moses and Elijah were seeking direction and a breakthrough.

In this season:

  • I am asking the Holy Spirit to move in my own life in a powerful way.  
  • I long for a pure heart and to know Christ Jesus more.  
  • There is an area where I want answers.
  • I want to see the work of God in my family toward a spiritual need that feels hopeless.

If you need the Lord to move in a powerful way, consider joining us over the next 40 days to fast and pray!

What Can You Eat On the 40-Day Fast with Prayer?

Okay, so let me clear, this time in this season I am not fasting from food. My health makes that a challenge and we’ve looked at length at alternative ways to do a 40 day fast and prayer journey. Let me link to those below:

So, what should I eat during 40 days fasting? That depends on what type of fasting you are doing.

There are many types of fasting in the Bible (spiritual fasting). Read this to help you choose what’s best for you!

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A 40 Day Fast Guide: How To Do A 40 Day Fast Christian Style

When God called me to take my first 40 day fast I wish I had a guide – how to do a 40 day fast Christian style.  Through a lot of trial and error I found my way, but whew was it tough.

Since then, it has been a joy to mentor hundreds of believers in their journey to spiritual breakthrough!

Want to go deeper?  Check out A Beginners Guide to Fast and Pray: Taking Spiritual Warfare to the Next Level.  This is a short read (about 1 hour) that will help answer all your questions.

Do you need A Beginners Guide to Learn How to Fast and Pray? In this new book on how to fast and pray, "A Beginners Guide to Fast and Pray: Taking Spiritual Warfare to the Next Level" - Kindle edition by Tiffany Montgomery you will start your journey to spiritual breakthrough today. Books on Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ #FastAndPray #HopeJoyInChrist

Types of Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough

There are many types of fasting for spiritual breakthrough and spiritual renewal.  Many. 

  • The Daniel Fast is a wonderful example of being creative about what you give up to seek Heavenly Father for satisfaction!

Daniel fasted from certain food and other things. That’s good news to help my religious guilt as I struggle with health issues.

There are so many types of fasting.  One thing to consider is that a 40 day fast may be too long.  You may consider starting with twenty-one days of fasting.  If that’s too long, just start with 3 day fasts.  

A partial fast (for part of the day or from just one thing) may be better for a beginner than a long fast . The best thing is to be honest about where you are and just try some things!

Any number of days of prayer is a good thing!  The mercies of God are new every time we walk toward Him!

The discipline of fasting can take a long time to develop.  Be patient with yourself and just keep trying until you can last longer.  

What does the Bible say about 40 days fasting?

I am writing this to serve as a 40 day fast guide.  40 days fasting and prayer to seek the Lord is significant!

That’s why this guide will include Bible Verses to focus your time of fasting and fasting prayer points each day!

Before you start the 40 day fasting and prayer guide (Bible reading plan) and devotional series though, be sure to pick what you will give up as you seek the Lord.

The discipline of fasting can take a long time to develop.  Be patient with yourself and just keep trying until you can last longer.  

Remember that the Early church practiced this as one of the Spiritual disciplines.  Jesus Christ Himself, in the New Testament, spoke to the necessity of prayer and fasting.  It was their common practice and we are in a great place when we imitate early Christian life.

You can do this!

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Will you come with me on a journey, a 40 day fast, to be still and know God more?  Get the 40 day fast guide free here! Share on X

What Will You Fast From?

Can I challenge you to fast a portion of time?

I know, I know… traditionally fasting is all about food. In fact, most people who find this article searched, “How do I prepare my body for a 40 day fast?”

BUT, we don’t spend much time on food (most of us) anymore. We spend time on entertainment though.

So what if we just evaluate what gets most of our time? Then give a portion of that time each day back to the Lord!

In this season, God is teaching me how to be still.  Learning how to be still and know God begins with time.

40 Day Fasting and Prayer: Fasting Our Time

Time is a commodity that shows your heart. Time is a fast that helps us begin fasting like Jesus.  Jesus made time with God a high priority!

  • How do you spend your time every day?
  • Does God get any of your time?
  • Is It the first of your time?
  • Does God get the best of your time?

My best time is not my first time.  I am not a morning person.  Are you?  Honestly, if someone dares to speak to me within my first hour awake they will regret it.

But God asks for my first fruits… the first of my time, talents, and resources.

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40 Day Spiritual Fast Testimonies

We began this challenge of a 40 day fasting and prayer journey about 4 years ago. IN that time I have heard from hundreds of you who have joined the fast.

You loved the 40 days fasting and prayer points throughout the devotionals.

You came to the Lord broken and hurting and walked away feeling peace and healing. There were hard choices to make and you left with clarity. The testimonies have been inspirational.

I’ll share one testimony that stood out over the years. She will remain anonymous.

“I found your article by searching, “How to fast for 40 days.” I got way more than I expected. My husband is addicted and can be abusive. I wanted out but I wanted God more. There is peace now as I wait for God to answer. Thanks for sharing this.”

Her story stands out because it’s like mine. God met me where I was on this journey and filled me with His peace.

Your story will be blessed as well! I just know it!

40 Day Fast Bible Verses

When you sign up for the challenge you will get the 40 day fasting and prayer PDF. There are 40 days of verses to guide our journey.

Now, the Bible talks a LOT about fasting. In fact, if you need Bible verses about prayer and fasting – check these out – 27 Fasting and Prayer Scriptures for Spiritual Breakthrough.

But, I don’t fast and read about fasting… maybe that’s weird… but if I am fasting I know about fasting. Anyway, the verses you have in this challenge focus on being still and knowing God. That’s what He is teaching me about… so that’s where I am focused.

But that’s the point… If you are struggling with anxiety – use a guide about that (Here is one***)

If you need help with marriage – check this out.

Maybe you need help with Love in marriage – this is a good guide.

Forgiveness? Check this out.

Fixing your thought life? Here is another.

The point is to spend 40 days fasting and prayer in the Bible. Just be in the Word with the time you are sacrificing to the Lord!

Seek First The Kingdom of God

Do You give God the first bits of your time every day?

God is relationship-focused.  Relationships only thrive if they are given our best.  Our best attitude, our best time, our best intentions.

Do You give God the first bits of your time every day? God is relationship-focused.  Relationships only thrive if they are given our best.  Our best attitude, our best time, our best intentions. Share on X

Do you give God the best of your time every day?

What is your best time?  My best time is about noon.  I’m awake, all the kids are fed, busy and cooperating, most of the housework is done and I can really get into whatever I am doing.

I don’t give that time to God, I work.  If I am behind on chores I get caught up.  If I have time I write or do other business-related things.  When all of that is done I read a book, deep clean some area in the house, plan things…

God is far from my thoughts.  I am far from being still.  God does not get my best time any day – other than Sunday.

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What Fasting Does Spiritually

Do you struggle with Anxiety?  For me, it comes in waves, goes away for seasons then sneaks back in to wreck my world.

Unsuspecting.  Unyielding.  Undermining my best-laid plans.

Once I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, fatigue began to plague my everyday life.  Anxiety follows it.

But, what happens if you fast for 40 days and focus on verse about Anxiety?

Fasting Fights Anxiety

Over the past few years, God has been narrowing my world, taking away one thing after another.

“Trust Me,” He whispers.

“Lean on My understanding,” He reminds.

“Cast your cares on Me,” He repeats.

“Be Anxious for nothing but in everything through prayer,” He emphasizes.

As this year plods on I have felt dry, disconnected, and fearful.

My quiet time has become a routine and I need to hear God’s voice.  To hear God’s voice I dig into God’s Word

“He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;  I will be exalted among the nations,  I will be exalted in the earth.”” (Psalm 46:10 NASB)

Fasting Feeds Your Soul 

What is the significance of 4 days fasting? Peace and satisfaction.

When I struggle with anxiety what I need is to be in God’s Word.  For this 40 day fast, I will be digging into the word and sharing it devotional style here.

A 40 day fasting Bible study.

These 40 posts will be different.  Not long, Not really How-To style.  Just 5 – 10 minutes’ worth of time with God.

Be sure to download the 40 day fast Bible Verses to help keep up with the study.  The study will focus on the bible verses about being still and how to apply them to our daily lives.

Warning About Fasting

But on another note, there is a real hard struggle you will face.  God will deal with you about sin first.  If there is known sin in your life, I’d start dealing with that before hand.  

Fasting is about a great deal more than seeking the face of God for your daily bread. 

He is holy.

He expects us to come to Him as a living sacrifice.  That’s a common part of our Christian walk.  But even as godly people, sin happens.  

So, yes, a time of fasting will lead to a great awakening for your Spiritually, but first the Lord will reveal many of the wicked ways you’ve explained away or ignored.  

In this way, He grows the fruit of the Spirit in us, making us more like Him.  That leads to the growth of the Church… not growth in numbers, but growth in maturity.  We need that!

We need the mercy of God to reveal our sins… and change us so we can be His light to the lost world.  

So if it’s Ash Wednesday and you hope to fast through Easter Sunday, be ready.

What you want comes with an uncomfortable 40 day journey… but it’s worth it!

How do you Fast Time?

I am fasting my time.  The first 5 minutes of my day and then the best 5 minutes of my day.  Will you join me?

  • Set a reminder on your phone.
  • Prepare for the scheduled time.
    • Will you get up 5 minutes earlier?
    • Maybe you can take your lunch to work so you can carve out 5 minutes mid-day.
  • Plan what you will read in the Bible.
  • Be ready for distractions and frustration during the designated time.
For the next 40-days, I will share a small devotional each day focused on knowing God, being still to hear God's voice, and trusting God through anxiety.  Join me in this 40 day fast with the 40 day fast guide! Share on X

Will you join me for this 40-day fast?  Drop a comment “I’m in” and I’ll be lifting you up in prayer throughout the series.

The FREE 40 Day Fasting and Prayer Guide with 40 Day Fast Bible Verses

Be sure to download your reading guide with all 40 day fasting and prayer Bible Verses.  Then keep up with the 40 day fast devotionals here.

Each day as the articles are written they will appear here to help you keep up with the reading.

This 40-day fast guide is broken up into 3 sections.  

  1. Understanding the phrase “Be still and know”.
  2. How to obey, “Fear not.”
  3. Applying, “Fear not,” and “Be still,” by abiding in Christ.

Understanding the Phrase, “Be still and Know”

Understanding the phrase, “Be still and know God,” is really at the heart of any time of fasting.  That is why we are focusing so much time on understanding the original language and seeing how to apply the passages to our lives today.  

12 Bible Verses About Being Still, Be still and know that I am God, Being Still quotes, be still my soul, being still verse, being still scripture, being still peace, being still meaning, being still Psalm 46:10, being still before God #Fast #BeStill #HopeJoyInChrist
12 Bible Verses About Being Still: Root Word Raphah – Day 1
God Will Fight for You Be Still My Anxious Mind sq, God will fight for you quotes, God will fight for you be still, stay strong, God will fight for you, Exodus 14:14, Exodus 14:14 meaning, #BeStill #Anxiety #HopeJoyInChrist
God Will Fight for You Be Still My Anxious Mind – Day 2
When God Says No It’s Hard to Be Still – Day 3
How to Find Peace in the Midst of Chaos: Be Still in the Needs of Everyday Life – Day 4
Are You Trusting God in Difficult Times When You Don’t Understand? – Day 5
How to Overcome Envy: Learn to Be Still – Day 6
Remember That God Is in Control To Be Still – Day 7
When God Is Silent You Must Pray to Be Still – Day 8
The Blessing of Praising God During Difficult Times: Stillness – Day 9
Can I Trust God in the Storms of Life? – Day 10
Be Still and Trust God When Change Is Hard – Day 11
Can You Be Still When God Is Just? – Day 12
Can You Trust the Will of God Like Jesus – Day 13
How to Be Still in God Every Day – Day 14

How to obey, “Fear not”

Once we understand what it means to be still and know God, we can begin to feel the fear ease.  However, it is still hard to obey the command, “Fear not.”  In this section of our 40-day fasting guide, we will take several weeks to see how to let go of fear.  

13 Bible Verses About Fear Not To Claim To Be Still – Day 15
How to Trust That God Hears You and Not Fear – Day 16
Will You Trust That God Is With You When Life Is Hard – Day 17
How To Keep Trusting God When It Looks Impossible – Day 18
3 Ways To Fight Your Battles Victoriously – Day 19
7 Simple Steps to Prepare For Spiritual Warfare - Day 20 of the 40-Day Fast
7 Simple Steps to Prepare For Spiritual Warfare – Day 20 of the 40-Day Fast
Day 21 – How To Act Like God is Bigger Than Any Problem Today
I Failed God and God Failed Me Learning To Be Still – Day 22
How To Trust That God Is for You to Be Still – Day 23
Will You Trust That God Is Your Strength in Hard Times – Day 24
God Redeems You and Calls You By Name – Day 25
God Covers Our Shame in the Bible With New Life – Day 26
Give Up Fear You Are Adopted By God – Day 27
3 Ways to Survive Spiritual Drought: The Lord Has Done Great Things Sq – Day 28
25 Steps to Fight Spiritual Clutter in Your Life –Day 29
How To Respond When God Says Be Still – Day 30

Applying, “Fear not,” and “Be still,” by abiding in Christ

So far in our fasting, we have focused on being still with God.  Next, we learned how to set aside our fear.  Finally, we will begin looking at how to abide in Christ every day.  Abiding in Christ is a lifelong endeavor but looking at each area will help us let God shine His light on areas He wants to help us grow.  

8 Ways You Abide in Christ to Be Still Every Day – Day 31
How to Abide in the Word of God for Blessing – Day
4 Ways To Abide in Prayer: Harness the Power of Prayer Jesus Way – Day 33
How To Really Give Your Life To God in Full Surrender – Day 34
What Are the Benefits of Fasting and Prayer? – Day 35
20 Questions Answered What Does the Bible Say About Going to Church? – Day 36
3 Powerful Ways to Develop a Servant’s Heart – Day 37
10 Compelling Reasons To Share the Gospel Today – Day 38
How To Harness The Power of Spiritual Solitude – Day 39
40 Simple Reasons to Trust in God Today – Day 40

in HIM,

 Day 40 – 

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  2. This a great way to walk through the Lenten season. I will be mindful to listen to His voice through this season and to lean into His faithfulness. Thank you.

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  5. Thank you, Tiffany for being real about your own struggles. I think we all have a habit of giving God our leftover time rather than our best time. I am a morning person, but often I am struggling to get to work on time. I really need to revisit the idea of getting up earlier, to give Him my best time. Thank you for this timely reminder as we head toward Easter. – Amy

  6. Tiffany, I love that you said our first 5 minutes and our BEST five minutes, I’m being honest when sometimes I feel like I have given God my leftovers instead of my first fruits. Thank You for creating the awareness in my heart as I walk through this Lent season. My prayer in this Lent season is God would stir my heart with His Word and reveal those things which I need to learn to grow closer to Him.

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  7. I too also suffer with not giving God that dedicated time, church on Sunday, a season of change, then a whirlwind of chaos. I will also dedicated 40 days of God’s time fast.

  8. I think you are an incredibly strong woman (even if you don’t feel like it) and I am excited to follow along and see what this year holds in store for you and your journey!!

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