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3 Ways To Fight Your Battles Victoriously

Are there giants in your life? I’m talking about something too big, too hard, that you have to face.  There are a few giants in my life and if I am honest, they scare me.  Today you will see how to be still with God, as He strengthens you to fight your battles and conquer the giant in your life.

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When God Says You Can You Fight Your Battles  

There are times God will fight your battles.  When God fights for you, He shows up and shows off in powerful ways and you are left standing in awe of Him.  Those are the times I love most!

Then there are times God says, “Be still and fight your battles”. 

Can I be honest with you?  It doesn’t matter how many times He’s said this to me, I respond the same way.  Fear (big shock I know).  I want God to always be the one who fights my battles.  I love Bible verses about fighting battles like 2 Chronicles 20 where God swoops in and does everything.  

Today’s passage is not one of those times, yet it is a powerful reminder of how much God loves us.  Y’all, God loves us too much to stop growing us.  

“But the Lord said to Moses, “Do not fear him [Og the giant King of Bishon], for I have given him into your hand, and all his people and his land; and you shall do to him as you did to Sihon, king of the Amorites, who lived at Heshbon.”” Numbers 21:34 

God Doesn’t Need Trained Warriors 

It’s important to have the back story when studying this passage.  Number 21 finds Israel wandering in the wilderness headed toward the Promised Land.  Moses is still leading them and they are quite an intimidating sight to the nations of that land.

Earlier in the chapter,  Moses asks permission to pass through the land of Sihon only to find them hostile.  God gave Israel the victory!  Now Og the king of Bishon comes to do battle against Israel (even after seeing God defeat his neighbors).  This time, however, instead of God saying, “Hold your peace and let the Lord fight your battles,” He says, “You will fight your battle.” 

Some things to Know about Israel:

  • Remember that Israel was a nation of slaves, not soldiers.
  • The people of the land have been watching God and Israel in fear.
  • The Israelites are intimidating in numbers.
  • Og was of the Amorites, which were known for their size.  This was probably an army of giants.
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Battles Bring Fear

We observe from Numbers 21:34 that the Israelites are still complaining and grumbling.  They are still afraid even though they have seen God do amazing things.  As much as I want to rail at them I have to admit I can be that way too.

Battles bring fear.  When giants rise up against me in life, fear is my gut-level response.  

Truly, it doesn’t take a battle to inspire fear in my life.  Fear and anxiety over change and uncertainty get me every time, no matter how often God saves me!  Can you relate?

God Is Your Deliverer

How many times has God delivered you from a giant?  How many times has God fought your battles?   He is a God of battles and He is always victorious.  God is your deliverer!

God has been so faithful in my life. 

He shows up and shows off over and over. 

God fights for me, He saves me, He delivers me. Honestly, I am so thankful, yet I still struggle every time I face a giant or a battle. 

I know He says, “The battle is mine, says the Lord.” (2 Chronicles 20:15) In the end, I have faith that He will win, but learning how to let God fight your battles when He wants you to do the fighting is harder to accept. 

How about you?

You Can Become A Warrior

Something different happens in this passage that I don’t want you to miss. God delivered Israel from the giants by using Israel to fight the battle. 

Earlier we saw the command to, “Be still and not fear,” while God did all the fighting miraculously.  In this case, God gives the command to fight and they obey. 

Don’t miss this.  When you obey God, step out in faith and fight the battle, becoming God’s hands and feet, you become a warrior.

Israel was not a nation of warriors stepping into this battle, but they immerged from the battle warriors – victorious warriors.   This nation of slaves has become soldiers at last.  Yes, they were afraid, but they were also standing up and fighting!

God will do the same for you if you will trust Him.

Do You Want Victory Over The Giants You Face?

When I study a passage I always ask God, “How can this be applied to my right now situation?”

Numbers 21:34 required me to stop ignoring the battles I face (hoping they wouldn’t be as scary if I just didn’t look them in the face).  You can’t fight a battle if you don’t know the details.    

What are the giants in your life?

I’d be willing to bet most of the battles you are fighting are really spiritual giants.

  • Impossible situations.
  • Too much change.
  • Hard seasons that just won’t end.
  • Relationships that need work.

Do not be afraid of the spiritual giants in your life!  Listen, God will fight for you but He wants to mature you into a spiritual warrior in the process. 

The Real Battle You Are Fighting

Tre is a real war being waged in the heavenly places today. We have a real enemy who would like you to feel too afraid to fight back.  When you don’t fight your battles, you lose because he is always fighting! 

Fear and anxiety are weapons in the hand of a seasoned enemy.

I am not judging, pinky promise, I’m just as scared over here.  The fear, it knows my name and it is a battle some days to get into the battle.

The problem is that if we stay stuck in fear, yes, we may get through the battle, but we won’t grow.

However, if we learn to “be still” in the face of the giants of life, give the fear to God, and press into Him through the battle, we grow and conquer giants!

Spiritual Maturity

Some amazing things happen when Christians grow spiritually mature through hard times.

  • Discern the battles before they get too big.
  • Learn how to avoid unnecessary trouble.
  • Victory over the giants in our life can become every day.
  • We can help others learn to fight their battles as well!

A Christian who is growing is a threat to the enemy.  So yes he’d love to keep you stuck in fear, but God said, “Do not fear, be still.”  Trust Him!  Trusting God, even as you fight your battles, leads to spiritual maturity!

How to Fight Your Battles Victoriously

Battles breed fear. 

The enemy is seasoned and always ready for a fight. 

How do we quiet our fear and be still? 

How does stillness help us become victorious warriors?

Notice, in the passage, that Moses didn’t charge into battle like a fool. Nope, Moses had a healthy fear of this giant but a bigger fear of His God. We see 3 steps to fight your battles victoriously from this example.

  1. Pray
  2. Know God’s Voice
  3. Community

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Prayer Helps You Fight Your Battles

Moses took time to check with God before the battle. To be still and conquer a giant you must pray! Not only do we see Moses pray before this battle, we see him pray a lot.  Prayer had become a habit of his life. 

Is Prayer a habit in your life?

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Know God’s Voice to Fight Your Battles Victoriously

Moses also spent time with God regularly to know His will. To be still and conquer a giant you must spend time in the Bible.  Spending time – regularly- in the Bible helps you learn how God moved in the past so you can better understand how He is moving now.  

Why does God allow giants into our lives? 

  • To get our attention.
    • Sometimes the hard situations in our lives are to get our attention about something God wants to change. 
  • Spiritual growth.
    • Other times God is using hard situations to grow us or someone around us. 
  • For His own reasons.
    • Still, other times God has His own mysterious reasons for putting us face to face with a giant. 

The truth is, we can’t always understand the why behind battles or giants we face, but we can know God’s heart regardless of the circumstances! 

If you are not In the Bible you won’t understand God’s heart in the process of what is happening and fear might win.

Fear is a normal reaction to a battle, but when we learn how to be still we can put our faith in God and conquer a giant -overcoming fear! 

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Community Helps You Conquer Giants

To be still and conquer a giant you must not fight alone.  Moses didn’t charge into the battle alone.  He waited for God’s command and he stayed with his people.  Fighting alone is foolish, fighting without God’s direction is foolish.

We know as New Testament Christians that where two or more are gathered God is in their midst (Matthew 18:20). Stay connected with other believers, it will help you win the battles!

The key here is to surround yourself with friends who are following hard after Jesus.  There are times we really have to evaluate our friends.  Are the people you get to choose to spend time with, the ones you call when something hard comes along, helping you grow in faith?  

I want to challenge you to take that question to God and let Him make changes as He deems necessary.  

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A Prayer to Be still While Fighting Your Battles

Jehovah Nissi,

I praise you for making me more than a conqueror in Christ.  You won the victory and wave a banner over us today – a banner of love, claiming us as Your own.  That is comforting, Lord. 

I confess that the fear is real and strong and today I won but tomorrow is coming.  Please remind me each morning to be still, to spend time with You, to pray more than I complain and worry.

I lay my life before You, and if you are making me into a Spiritual Warrior I surrender.  Confrontation and battle scare me and I feel less than enough. 

No one would choose me to go to war Lord.  But if You called me to this I believe You will equip me for the battle ahead.  There are giants waiting.  Marriage issues.  Parenting challenges.  Drama in friendships.  Health concerns.  I can’t face them alone.  Go before me, hedge me in.  Hide me under the shadow of Your wing.

To You be all the glory


Will You Be Still While Fighting Your Battles Victoriously Today? 

There really are times God says, “Fight your battles.” Yes, God will be with you.  He will never leave you alone in the battle, but He will allow you to be stretched in order to grow through the process.  

What are the giants you are facing today?  

Do they feel too bit to have victory over?  

Remember the 3 steps Moses shows us lead to victory in the battle:

  1. Pray
    • Are you talking to God about the giant in front of you more than you are complaining about it? 
  2. Know God’s Voice
    • How much time do you spend in the Bible?  You can’t know God’s voice if you don’t spend time listening to Him talk.  His voice will drown out that fear!
  3. Community
    • Are the majority of the people you spend your life with following hard after God?

God will fight your battles, but there are times He will use you to do the fighting!  Trust Him in the process.  Victory is on the other side of your faith.   

in HIM,

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