Hi, my name is Tiffany!



I am a homeschooling, babysitting, Stay-At-Home Wife and Mom who is passionate about biblical discipleship.


I spend most of my busy day: molding little Elementary and Preschool minds, potty training, cleaning a house that is impossible to keep clean, planning meals to meet several food allergies, working hard to stay on a strict budget, learning song lyrics to lead worship in our church.

And as if that is not enough pressure… 

I try to do all that while honoring God and offering my life to Him as an act of worship.


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My hearts desire is to encourage other women.


If we walk this life together we can do it better.


We live in a culture that distracts us from our main purpose in life.  We need to do this “life” thing together if we ever hope to do it God’s way.

What season of Marriage Are you in? 

Do you have a Community of Biblical Minded women around to Encourage and Equip you?  I know I can’t do this alone (This Biblical Wifehood)!  Would you like to join me in a Facebook Community. It is a place of Encouragement and Equipping in our Christian Marriages? Click Here!

I love to learn.  As I dig into things in each season in life I’ll share them here.

This will also be a way to help support my family.  Click for complete Disclaimers, Disclosure & Sponsors.

I pray you are encouraged as we seek to become better equipped!

To read about my personal testimony follow this link on Why I Moved from Christian to Disciple.

Ecclesiastes 4:12 12 And if one can overpower him who is alone, two can resist him. A cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart.


My walk with Christ was stuck for a long time.  It took a crazy messed up situation for God to show me the need to Forgive the hurt in my past.  I’d love to share my Free E-book “A Pathway To Forgiveness” with you to help you in this journey.


A Pathway to Forgiveness Free Downloadable e-Book (HopeJoyInChrist.com)

in Him,