How To Improve Communication in a Christian Marriage Change negative thinking about my husband. Think Positively. This is session one in the marriage communication workshop where couples will learn marriage communication tips be guided through communication exercise, given tools to help with better communication. Wives will learn to improve intimacy while keeping their voice and stop feeling like a door mat in marriage.

How to Improve Communication in a Christian Marriage: Change

Change is such a hard thing.  When things change around me I get anxious and resist.  If God begins to challenge me about an area of my life He wants to change I will argue and deflect.  So I hesitated to call this session change but it is what has to follow understand.  When we understand the […]


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How to Fight for My Husbands Relationships Become a Prayer Warrior Wife Fighting spiritual warfar by #Prayingformyhusband and #RespectMyHusband with Words of Affirmation

How to Fight for My Husbands Relationships

Do you find yourself often wishing your Husband had more relationships?  Healthier relationships?  Godly mentors in his life to help him grow spiritually?  As women, we are relationship-oriented while our men tend to be task oriented.  (And yes I understand it is a generalization and there are exceptions.)  Healthy relationships are just not that high […]


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