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3 Things to Expect in a Time of Fasting with God


What are the things you’ve been praying about for a long time without an answer?  The salvation of a sibling and spouse, a direction in life, being able to have babies, Unity in your Church, and a spirit of Support…  Those are things from my list.  Fasting is a way to Pray harder – to draw near to the heart of God in humility – seeking Him for help.  If you are taking on that Challenge with me, there are some things you can Expect in a Time of Fasting with God.

When I wept in my soul with fasting, It became my reproach.” (Psalm 69:10 NASB)

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Today we will look at what to expect before, during, and after a time of fasting with God

In the midst of those dry seasons – where you’ve been asking but not hearing from God – It’s easy to give into Anxiety.  I’ve struggled with anxiety for years and these are 40 of my favorite Scriptures to read and journal through.  I’d love to give them to you today!

What to Expect Before fasting


It doesn’t matter what is prompting me to fast, I consider every excuse imaginable to not fast. Honestly, our body and mind work in self-preservation mode at times to seek our own satisfaction.  It goes against everything we are taught to spend time in Self-Denial.

Even when I am not fasting from Food I struggle.  Did you know there are many variations of fasting?  Anything that draws your time and attention can be given up for a set time to seek God.  Things I’ve fasted from:

  • Certain food (Sweets, meat, snacks)
  • TV
  • Internet
  • Social media
  • My phone – oh that one hurt…  and was eye-opening.  I didn’t realize how often I reach for my phone in a day.
  • Sex…  that one is biblical folks – and is great for couples.
  • Clothes – setting aside 7 items of clothing to wear for a week and spending that extra time with God.
  • Buy things – every time there was an urge to buy anything I was reminded to pray

I am in the middle of The 7 Experiment with is a modern twist on Fasting… from, food, clothes, possessions, media, spending & waste.  Wow, that is eye-opening.

And I can think of a reason not to fast from all of those… 


for God is not a God of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints.” (1 Corinthians 14:33  NASB)

It seems like life will begin to be crazy as I near the day I set aside for fasting. My husband will become annoying, the kids start some crazy new thing that drives me nuts, or really hard things start happening. Just a warning 😉  I’ve heard so many others say it is the same for them.  Just be prepared!

3 Things to expect in a time of Fasting with God PinIt Powerful Strategic Prayer - Prayer and Fasting #Fasting #Fastingideas #Fastingscriptures #Fastingguide #fastingandprayer #FastingTipsPrayer changes everything #prayHard #PrayerQuotes #WhatToExpect #DurringAFast #ChristianLiving

What to Expect During a Fast

Aggravation, Frustration, and Intense Irritability.

Denying yourself things you enjoy is no fun.  Self-denial will cause sinful tendencies to stir and rise up inside of you.  It always does for me.

I find I have a temper and will be tempted to yell at my kids and snap at my husband for example.

The beautiful part of Fasting is seeing the hidden sin – dealing with it (sometimes seeing it for the first time) – and walking away closer to freedom from it.

That alone will stir us closer to God – unless we justify it, ignore it and choose to not deal with it.  Resist that temptation.  Let the Time of Fasting work healing into your soul

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What to Expect After a time of fasting


God may have re-directed your prayers during the fast and you may be frustrated because the answer He gave -or the direction He pointed you in- was not what you set out to find.

It’s important to let go of the expectations of God. His ways are just so much higher than ours.

I’ve found that I have to be persistent in fasting and praying to get the answer I need… or to beg God to help me understand and embrace the answer He gave.

Let me share an example:

A few years ago – I was sure there was no hope for our Marriage. My prayer was “God change him”.  I began fasting and praying over it. I was so aggravated that each time I would fast God would reveal sin in my life – a sin I wasn’t aware of.

God seemed to be completely ignoring my prayer to change my husband.  After months of this, I finally changed my prayer to”

“God show me what you want to do. And help me want to want Your will in our life.”

That is still my prayer today.   God has shown me so much sin – I praise Him for being patient with me and my stubborn resistance to change.  Now my prayer is to be near God and walking on the path He has for me… whatever that is – submitted to His Will and His Time.

If you need help guiding your prayer time check out The Strategic Prayer Journal in The HopeJoyInChrist Shop!

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Answers and Directions Come From Fasting

This is the confidence which we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests which we have asked from Him.” (1 John 5:14-15   NASB)

And I write this in a season of Fasting for other things – because I’ve seen God answer so much in the past!  Yes, it is hard, aggravating, and revealing, but after God deals with my sin, He answers my prayers.  It is beautiful to see God answer!  Loved ones saved, marriage resorted, clear direction in life and ministry!  God answers prayer!!!!!!!!!!

When we Add scripture to our Prayers they become strategic and powerful.

I’ve pulled over 100 verses that you can use to pray for support, unity, and financial blessings.  Download them below!

As you prepare your heart for Fasting, take a Spiritual inventory of sorts to be real talk with God.  Be open to what He wants to do in your life.  It may be different than you Expect at first – but Y’all, we can Trust Him!

in HIM,

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  1. Fasting from clothes was an interesting concept! I just did a 10-day detox which I could say was like a fast. I wasn’t allowed to eat a lot of food.
    The time away from the “normal” really shed some light on things for me. I’m not sure if I want to go back, but rather keep the focus it causes!

  2. Thank you for thisTiffany. It was a relief knowing that I share the same struggle of irritation sometimes while fasting (likely from being hungry) because I would feel bad about my attitude during fasting but now I can at least check myself when I feel those emotions coming.

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