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Trust God in the Storms of Life to Be Still

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Are you in the midst of a trial?  Does it ever feel like this one thing is just too much for God? Or maybe God is busy elsewhere and He just can’t get to your problem?  Trusting an unseen God in the face of the very visible Storms of Life is something we all struggle with at times. Today, in our 40-Day Fast to Be Still, we will see that there is no problem too big for God and no care too small for Him to care for.  You can Be Still and trust God in the storms of life.

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Psalm 107:29 He hushed the storm to a gentle whisper, So that the waves of the sea were Still.

Confession time.  This verse uses a synonym of the Word we are studying (The Root Word for “Be Still” is raphah) but it is a prophetic passage that we Know Jesus would have understood when He told the Waves to Be Still in Mark 4:39.  I couldn’t resist including it in our list because it applies as we learn how to Be Still the way Jesus understood how to Be Still.

Trust God in the Storms of Life to Be Still PinIt. Trust God's Plan. Trust God in hard times. Trust God verses. Trust God Quotes. Anxiety Help 40 Days to Be Still and Know God More. What does it mean to be still? How To be still. Spiritual Warfare. Know God quotes. Hear God's Voice. Be Still Quotes

The Context of Psalm 107:29

Can we just agree that the Nation of Israel knows about hard times? That people group has weathered many storms and each and every time God steps in to save them.  It doesn’t matter if they got themselves into the mess, it doesn’t matter if God caused the mess, it doesn’t matter how big or small the storm is…  God is bigger than any storm and cares about all of life’s storms (big or small).

What kind of troubles did God save Israel from?

God saved Isreal from big things like banishment, dispersion, and captivity.  God saved Israel from smaller things like imprisonment, sickness, and distress at sea.  I love that God literally saved them from storms!  What an amazing God He is!

Observations from Psalm 107:29

One key point in learning to Be Still is Trusting and believing that God is Bigger than Your Problems.  Read more about that here.

Another universal truth of believers in God is that we are all fallible humans who go from one problem to the next.  Why oh why can’t we stay out of trouble?

God cares about us and what we care about, there is no storm too big and no storm too small for God to come to our rescue!

There are obviously things like spiritual warfare at play, but most of my trouble in life come as consequences for my own foolish choices!  Anyone else?

Trust God in the Storms of Life

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Application of Psalm 107:29

What is the storm of life in your world today?  

Let’s get gut-level honest for a sec.  Do you trust God in your storm?  

My storm seems big to me.  I am sick, have been sick for two years and the doctors don’t agree and they change their mind and I feel like they throw diagnosis around like I am not a real person on the other side of the desk.

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This is not a surprise to God.  Your situation didn’t catch Him off guard.  This trial is not the one that will stump God and break the entirety of creation.

Deep breath.

Be Still

Trust Him enough to pray about the problem.  I am guilty of complaining about my trials way more than I pray about them.  Being Still is about letting go of the need to complain, calming the anxiety and saying, “Lord I need you”.  And scripture promises God will carry you through every storm!

Every. Storm.  Anxiety is a storm I face.  I read scripture for anxiety to remind myself What God says about fear.  I’d love to share those with you here.

Final Thoughts on Psalm 107:29

What a beautiful love story we see in this Psalm.  I mean really look through it.  These people have seen God show up and show off more than anyone alive today.  God is crazy about the Children of Israel as evidenced by his repeated rescue missions.  But they forgot God was with them, and He had to come to rescue them again so often.

God is crazy about you too.  Do you believe that?  Do these examples seem extreme and old and good for others but not you?

But God died for you.

God chose you and has a plan for your life.

Yes, this storm is real.

But God is right here with you through it, holding you through it, protecting you along the way.  Trust Him.  Be Still with Him through the storm.  On the other side, you will see what He grew and changed and sanctified and He will be glorified because you were still.

A Prayer to Be still and Not Envy other people

Dear Lord,

Thank you for always being there to rescue me from trouble.  Whew, I’ve been in lots of trouble.  I can look back over my life and see You holding me, shielding me, hiding me, providing for me and never leaving… even when I’ve left You.  FOrgive me for taking You for granted, for settling into a routine and neglecting our relationship.  You are always there for me but I am not as faithful to You.

Teach me to be still and trust You.  Help me open my heart to let You more fully lead me and guide me.  Change my heart to desire the things You desire even in the storms of life when I feel like I could drown from fear and fatigue.  Help me learn to rely on You, bring my problem to You first instead of complaining about it to others.

Today I surrender my fear about my children, my anxiety over my health, my stress about things in our marriage, concerns about our finances and the tendency to compare my ministry to others.  Take all of the trials and fight for me.  I will be still, waiting for You to direct my steps today.


in HIM,

Tiffany Montgomery

Tiffany of Hope Joy in Christ inspires Christian Women to grow in faith, live out Biblical Marriage Principles and raise Godly Children.  Join the Wives Only Facebook Group here or keep up with her through Pinterest.

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  1. This is a very insightful and poignant post. Psalm 107 is one of my most favorite scriptures of the Bible.

  2. Thank you for your encouragement! God is so much bigger than we realize, so much kinder than we realize, so much stronger than we give Him credit for! God be with you, Tiffany!

  3. Wow, this is perfect for me right now. I’m going to have to read thru psalm 107 this morning I love the verse you shared from there 🧡

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