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God Will Fight for You: Be Still My Anxious Mind




There is a phrase I repeat when life gets hard and the path seems impossible.  Be still my anxious mind, God will fight for you.  During this 40-day fast, we are learning how to be still and know that He is God.  The goal is to refocus our mind, heart, and soul on the Lord by giving God the first and best of our time.  Today we will look at the first instance the phrase be still is mentioned in Scripture.

Do You Believe God Will Fight For You?

“The Lord will fight for you while you [only need to] keep silent and remain calm (Be Still).” (Exodus 14:14 AMP)

As we spend time alone with God, reading verses about how to be still and know Him more, we need to put the verses into context.  Understanding what be still God will fight for you means in Exodus 14:14 requires that we look deeper at what was happening all around the children of Israel.  

This is one of many, “God will fight your battles Scriptures,” that I love because it sits in the midst of an impossible situation.  

He Fights For Us When It Seems Impossible

The Israelites had just been released from slavery in Egypt and were excited as they began a journey toward the promised land.  While they are camped at the Red Sea, the Egyptian army attacks.  The Israelites see what seems like an impossible situation.

On one side they see a charging army, on the other side an immovable sea.  These are real things to fear.  Anxiety is a natural human result of such an impossible situation.

God Will Fight for You Be Still My Anxious Mind PinIt, God will fight for you quotes, God will fight for you be still, stay strong, God will fight for you, Exodus 14:14, Exodus 14:14 meaning, #BeStill #Anxiety #HopeJoyInChrist

Impossible Situations

What impossible situation are you facing today that has you anxious?

As I read this text I am reminded of all the things I am anxious about.  These are real problems in my life that seem impossible.

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Understand Be Still God Will Fight For You Scriptures

In Exodus, the people of Israel were facing a real problem in spite of obeying God.  They had done what God said to do and they were still facing this trial.  They were walking in God’s will, staying on God’s path and they still faced this trial.  The fear, worry, and anxiety overwhelmed them as they began to doubt God’s Will and distrust God’s path.

The truth we see here is that God fights for us no matter what.  God fights for us when we doubt, when we obeyed but it still didn’t work out well. When we can’t do anything to even help in the fight, the Lord fights for us!

Did you find this mid-series?  Go back here and read the intro and keep up with the series.

What Does God’s Will For You Mean?

God’s will and path feel like a complicated ideal.  Are you walking in God’s will and on God’s path? Has there been a time in your life when you heard God’s voice directing you?

The Israelites heard God’s voice from the prophet Moses.  God literally spoke His will to them.

Did you know God speaks His will to us?  We have the Bible, the very Word of God, to turn to for direction.  God also speaks through preachers, through music, through believers gathered to give wise counsel in our lives.

We will come back another time and talk about how to know God’s voice to learn His will for your life…

Following God’s will for you and walking on God’s path does not mean life will be easy.

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What Does the Lord Will Fight for you Mean?

Where does it say in the Bible that God will fight for you?  Exodus 14:14 is actually not the only place we see this truth that God will fight your battles!  Exodus 14:14 is all about how to let God fight your battles.

We see many God will fight for you Bible verses that all refer back to this one. 

“the battle is mine says the Lord” (Deuteronomy 14:14 NASB)

God is telling the Israelites to be still because He is trustworthy. Do you trust God when life gets hard?

As I battle through so many difficult situations in life, I hear God saying to me:

Stop complaining. Stop worrying and being anxious.  Why are you doubting what God said to do?  Still your  mind from doubt and anxious thoughts.  

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Let God Fight For You – Situational Anxiety

I came to this point while studying the phrase here, in the midst of this crazy context where I had to just pause.  What does the Lord will fight for you need only be still mean – really mean? 

It seems to mean that when anxiety is situational, we have a way through…  Anyone else see that? I mean it literally says the Lord your God will fight for you, just be still.  

Let God fight for you.  That feels like the opposite of what I have been taught all my life.  I have to fight the battles.  I have to be busy doing all the things or the big bad situation won’t pass. 

Who else is struggling to wrap your mind around that idea that we can just give the battle to God and be still while He fights?  

Can You Overcome Anxiety Biblically?

Anxiety has been a battle for me my whole life.  I know what God says about fear but it still comes.  How do I stop worrying?  What causes fear to come in the first place?

Sometimes, fear is inside of me.  Past trauma rears its ugly head and bam I am struggling, but other times anxiety is about the impossible situation I am facing.  Let me be clear that that is the anxiety I am talking about today.  

I searched out God will fight for you Scriptures for years and have learned a hard truth.  Situational fear and anxiety come when I spend more time looking at the problems than looking at the God who will fight for me.

God Is Faithful

God has been faithful to fight for me before.  God is trustworthy and faithful.  He will provide for us and protect us.  Often I hear Him whisper.

If you know you are walking in My will, on My path, keep thinking about that instead of worrying and being anxious about the problems you see.  Trust God and be still while I fight for you.

The reality is, Christianity does not promise an easy path, but we do have a trustworthy God

There will be real problems.  Even still, we can be still because our real God already knows the problems and has a plan to conquer them.  Stand and see what the Lord will do!!!!!

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How Do I Let God Fight My Battles?

The Israelites were in God’s will (Though they had a rotten attitude about it) but they were still stuck in a hard situation.

God had a plan and wanted their hearts to be still and trust Him.  He said, “Be still and the Lord will fight for you.”

And HE did fight for them!

God parted the Red Sea.  God fought for them miraculously.  They didn’t have to draw a sword or make a battle plan.  God fought for them.  

How can we let God fight for us all the while being still before Him with our minds?

To Be Still With Anxiety

The Lord will fight for you meaning, to be still, in Exodus 14:14 is about anxiety in the face of real difficulties.  Often, God gives His toughest battles to His children to draw them nearer to Himself.  Have you noticed that?

God wasn’t telling Israel to sit quietly and meditate on scripture.  Being still wasn’t about their physical body.  He wanted them to walk through the Red Sea, there’s nothing physically still about that.

To be still in Exodus 14:14 was about their thoughts.  God wanted their hearts and minds to be still from anxiety, fear, and worry.  He wanted them to trust Him in the battle for their mind.  He wants the same for you and me.

How do we do that?  

A Checklist To Still Anxiety and Let God Fight

There is a checklist that helps keep me calm when situational anxiety comes.  

  1. Prayerfully ask yourself hard questions.
    • Am I walking in God’s will, keeping on God’s path?
    • Am I allowing sin to keep me from hearing God?
    • How are my thoughts?
      • Am I thinking about the impossible situation or the faithfulness of my God?
  2. Meditate on God’s Word to get my mind back on track.
  3. Listen to Christian Music with a worshipful spirit.

When my thoughts are of the situation I replace them with prayer and thanksgiving to get back on track.  It helps to remember when God has been faithful in the past.  If I can keep thinking about that instead of worrying and being anxious about the problems I see, the tide turns fast. 

Trust God, be still, and watch while the Lord fights for you.

You see the battle, so does God.  God will fight your battles if you will be still and trust Him.


A Prayer To Be Still In The Midst of Anxiety, Worry, and Fear


I confess I am looking at the problems in front of me.  They seem so much bigger than anything I can handle.  I know Your Word says to keep my eyes fixed on You to be at peace because You will be strong for me, But that is so hard.  Forgive me for allowing fear, anxiety, and worry to fill me up.  Help me trust You and the path that You have called me to walk.  The path is hard, long and I am weary.  But You are with me.

Teach me to believe you will fight for me.  Calm my anxious mind when the enemy is closing in.  Fix my eyes on You as You come down to fight my battles.  Remind me of all the times you have fought and won the battles in the past.  Help me stop complaining and doubting because the problem seems so big.  I know You are bigger but it’s hard to remember that when I can see the problems and I can’t see You.

Today I confess my fear, worry, and anxiety as sin and ask you to forgive me and change me.

I surrender the real situations to You and beg You to fight for me.  Keep me hidden from these storms in the shadow of Your wing while You stand up over me to fight my battles.  I will give you all the praise, honor, and glory.

In Jesus’ Name,


Will You Believe God Will Fight for You Today?

When life is hard and anxiety knocks at the door to your heart and mind you have a choice.  Will you believe God will fight for you today?  Or will you walk your own path trying to muddle through?

The Lord says, “I will fight against those who fight against you.”  Will we let Him? 

God does not remove anxiety. Anxiety is a battle I fight and the way through it most days is to get my focus off of the chaos in front of me and back on God.  

Oh that He would just take it away and make life easy, but no, He doesn’t. God allows difficult situations in our lives and gives us the opportunity to draw near to HIM through the anxiety as HE fights for us!

Will you let HIM fight for you today?

in HIM,

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  1. A great perspective to a much needed topic. We need to have faith when anxiety hits. Specially when it hits hard!

  2. This seems to be a theme that I am steeping in today. I’m not necessarily anxious, but we do have a lot of crazy going on and I’m not being very still. I’m letting it disrupt my time with Jesus, and He’s reminding me that I need to be still and take time out to be with Him.

  3. I love that I can always go back to God and give HIM my anxieties. Some days I literally find myslef talking myself out of an anxiety filled moment by quoting the Bible. It’s so powerful. I love how absolute His Word is. I love that it conquers everything.

  4. God does fight for us, and everything that happens in a part of His plan. I try to rest in His plan for me, which sometimes includes hardship.

  5. I enjoyed your post. I am trying to also get more in tune with God’s will for me. Lent is a great time to dig deeper – that is how I came across your blog. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks for letting me know how you found it Bethanne, that always helps me know to keep at it ;). Praying for you as you dig deeper – that you will hear God’s voice clearly.

  6. I love how you said we’re not promised an easy path just a trustworthy God. That is everything really. He is there for us through the thick and then of life. This is such a good reminder to me.

  7. This is one of my favorite verses and you did an amazing job bringing it to life. I constantly need reminders to look upward towards Jesus rather than inwards towards my own fears. Thank you for linking up with Grace and Truth, Tiffany!

    1. I’m so glad this look at Exodus blessed you. It always inspires me to remember that God will fight for YOu so you can just be still! Always! And I am a huge fan of this link-up 😉 Its one of the few I stick with because the people who come are genuine with reciprocation!

  8. Amen. Such timely words for me, as I face a new medical treatment today. God has been speaking so much to me about trusting Him fully. And your words are such a beautiful confirmation of that. Blessings to you!

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