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Finding Hope and Joy in My Marriage Course For Wives

Is there hope for my marriage?  Can I learn how to rebuild trust in marriage?  Yes, there is hope for marriage today when we invite God into the equation with a marriage course.

There Is Hope For Marriage With a Marriage Course

Are you a wife looking for Christian marriage help?  We all go through seasons where we need help finding hope and joy in our marriage.

Often we think we’ve invited God into our marriage only to find our marriage looks a lot like the godless marriages in our culture.  There is no shame in that, we imitate what we spend the most time immersed in.

Whatever season of marriage I find myself, it seems it’s easy to forget that God’s way and the culture’s way are different.

To get back on track doing marriage God’s way I need to completely immerse myself in His Word to remind myself how to be a godly wife.  A marriage course to get hope for marriage is an option that fits any schedule.

Is There Hope For My Marriage?

Are you frustrated with the marriage advice you’ve been given and how it fails in the real world?

I was too.  About 10 years ago our marriage was at rock bottom.  I’d read every book, listened to all the podcasts, gone to several marriage workshops near me, and spent thousands on marriage counseling.  Still, our marriage was failing!

We were both losing hope in marriage and sinking down into a pit of depression.  Giving up on marriage does that to a couple.  

Then God stepped in to reveal to me that I was spinning my wheels alone, trying to save my marriage without HIS help.  

How Does God View Marriage / What is Marriage to God?

God has a lot to say about marriage.  In fact, God has a way to live inside of a marriage that brings hope and joy!

Can you imagine having hope and joy back in your marriage?  Seeing marriage restored is possible when you allow God to come alongside you in the journey!

The truth is, God has a better way to do marriage!  When we live as wives with a Biblical Worldview we find abundant life in our marriage – filled with hope and joy.  The problem was I didn’t know what a godly wife was nor did I realize I wasn’t living inside the Biblical worldview I thought I had.  

How about you?

How To Save Your Marriage From Divorce

Inviting God into your marriage can save your marriage from divorce!  

Inviting God into your marriage could start with a daily devotional for marriage.  For me it started with praying through Stromy Omartain’s ‘The Power of a Praying Wife’ which is a great daily devotional for marriage. 

Inviting God into your marriage most likely will require going deeper than a devotional though.  I remember the day I asked God how to save a marriage that is falling apart and headed toward divorce.  

It began in prayer, led to a time of fasting, and resulted in the marriage course I’ll share today.

How To Save A Marriage That Is Falling Apart

Our marriage was falling apart despite both of our determination to never say divorce. 

I brought baggage.  he brought baggage and we both needed help getting freedom from the past!

I came from a broken home.  He came from a broken home.  We needed help to know what a healthy marriage should look like.  

There were three things we both had to do to save our failing marriage. 

  1. Commit the marriage to God’s way and God’s timing.
  2. Stay in the process no matter how hopeless it felt.
  3. Allow God to change us any way He chose.

Working through those three steps required digging deeply into God’s Word and allowing Him to use it to mold me.  

Rebuilding A Broken Marriage Starts With Me

As hard as it is to hear, one of us had to start the change.  I wanted to wait for my husband to get his act together because it felt like most of our problems were his fault. 

BUT GOD…  God sees the change that needs to happen in us both and is working in both.  

And God is patiently waiting for me to agree to let Him change me how He wants.  Patiently waiting…  

Rebuilding our broken marriage started when I surrendered to God all the control I had been clinging to over my marriage and my broken heart.  

Over a decade later God has changed me, my heart and our home so completely I can’t even recognize the mess that once was our life.  

God is bigger than the biggest problem in your marriage!  Trust Him to change things and there is hope for marriage.

God is bigger than the biggest problem in your marriage!  Trust Him to change things and there is hope for marriage.  A marriage course can help you step into that trust. Share on X

Finding Hope And Joy In My Marriage Course: A Marriage Bible Study For Wives

The truth is that we all need reminders of God’s way to live as wives!  

Everywhere we look culture bombards us with its idea of “love and marriage” but it is wrong.  With an over 50% divorce rate, we have to find another way! 

God has a way that brings hope and joy and over the course of a year, He walked me through it in Scripture.  I have no doubt that you could dig into the Word yourself and discover it, but He prompted me to record it and share it with you as an online marriage course. 

Let’s dig into the Bible and find out how to do marriage in a way that lasts together!

Inside the Marriage e-Course

This 9-week marriage Bible study for wives will include:

  • 10 video lessons
      • You can watch live or when you have time
  • 9 weeks of personal study
    • 5 days each week that should take 10-15 minutes
  • 45 Days of Prayer prompts
    • 8 Bonus videos to teach you how to:
      • Find verses to pray over your marriage
      • Challenge you to change your tone – to playfulness
      • Encourage you about leadership and respect

I wrote this 9-Week Marriage Bible Study to share the 9 foundational tools I learned as I studied all The Bible had to say about Marriage.   Our Pastor of Discipleship laughingly said, “It should be titled the complete guide to marriage,” but that wouldn’t get anyone’s attention.

Check Out The Marriage Course and Find Hope For Marriage Today

If you are searching for ‘marriage workshops near me’ consider a marriage course.  It’s affordable, and you can access it anytime anywhere.  

Can you imagine thinking of your spouse with joy?  What would happen if you let God come in and change you both?  

He is waiting to do big things to save your marriage but it requires a step toward Him.  Will you take that step today?  

Finding Hope and Joy in My Marriage happened by taking one small step toward Him and landing wrapped in His arms.  

He is only ever a step away!

in HIM,


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