2 Powerful Ways to Pray Intentionally for My Tween FtImg (#TweenParenting #BiblicalMotherhood)

2 Powerful Ways to Pray Intentionally for My Tween

Are you parenting a Tween?  We used to call them Pre-Teens… I guess everything changes doesn’t it!

We are just starting to look down this scary road as parents.  Honestly it feels like just yesterday she wanted to cuddle and read a story.  Today she tells me I’m ruining her life and storms off to slam a door at me!

Hi!  I’m Tiffany but you can call me Mommo -like my family does.

(This is my and my Tween – my 1st Little Blessing!)

2 Powerful Ways to Pray Intentionally for My Tween (#TweenParenting #BiblicalMotherhood)

Can we stroll down memory lane together?  Do you remember – as a child – they way adults would ask “What do you want to be when you grew up”?

I wanted to be a mom and a teacher.  I remember spending hours everyday playing house with my friends.  It’s funny when I look back because we only ever imagined babies.  Cute little chubby faces, sweet coos, helpless little things we could dote over and coddle and love on.

Do you ever wonder why we only imagine that far?

What stopped us from imaging those precious little bundles of joy growing up?  We never daydreamed about slamming doors, angry voices yelling “I hate you” or “You’re ruining my life” as those little darlings entered the Tween Years.

I can say I never did.

It never crossed my mind that one day a switch would flip and this precious child would resent everything I say and spend every waking hour reaching for independence.

Yet here I am at the beginning of that seasons – Tween Parenting – and struggling in it.

God is continually reminding me that these Little Blessings are not mine.  They are God’s children on load to Bud and me.  God is allowing us to be stewards of His children.  We are to raise them well, then release them back to Him to be used for His purposes.

God has a plan for their precious lives.  God loves them far more than we ever could.

Truth: I know nothing about parenting.

Truth: I am the daughter of a Good Father who can direct my Tween Parenting steps

My strategy to parent these little blessings through the Tween years is 2 parts…

Finishing reading the 2 parts of my Tween parenting Strategy at: Pray Intentionally – My Tween Parenting Strategy – Like Minded Musings 

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Tiffany Montgomery

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing with us Tiffany! You had such fantastic points backed up with great strategies in you post! So thankful to have you as part of this series !

    1. I am enjoying getting to know this community and engaging with other moms and mom bloggers in my life stage! Thanks for this tremendous honor and I have heard from several on my site that they are really learning from all the posts! Thank you for being faithful to the calling God put on your life! It is blessing so many!!!!!!

  2. I don’t have a tween yet, but I know those years are coming quickly! My oldest is 7 and I still wonder sometimes where his attitude came from…. Haha!! Hopefully this isn’t a sign of trouble for the teen years.

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