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Why Is Submission a Dirty Word in a Biblical Marriage?

Fear overwhelmed me as I sat in the pew that Sunday Morning.  The first clue that this sermon was about marriage was the gaudy heart motif on the teleprompter.  It seems every February we have to sit and get a stern talking to about Love, Respect and … that S word – (submission).  Why oh why do they have to harp on that one word?  Can you relate?

I mean I was trying my best to be a good wife and still our Marriage was a mess – at least behind closed doors.  Y’a know?

That day was unlike any other sermon I had heard – because God was stirring something in my heart.  More change – I groaned or um thanked God for the victories I knew would come.

Why Is Submission a Dirty Word in a Biblical Marriage PinIt (#BiblicalMarriage #ChristianMarriageadvice #ChristianLiving #ControllingRelationships #ControllingMarriage #ControllingHusband #controllingwoman #FindingHopeAndJoyInMyMarriage #SubmitToGod #Surrender )

Submission is a dirty little word in our culture.

I imagine you are already shutting me out… but can I beg a moment of your time.   Submission is biblical – but not the way we hear it preached so often from the pulpit.

Submit can also be said as – Obey, be subject,

Submission is actually God’s plan for life for Everyone – not exclusively for wives in marriage.  How does that get missed on Sunday morning?

Who does the Bible say we are to submit to?

These are countless places in the Bible that talk about submission.  We often forget all the references to submission that are not related to a wife!

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Today’s article is a Guest Post for Susan B Mead.  Susan is an author and speaker who shares her expert teachings on business, grief and relationships. A master storyteller, Susan leaves audiences motivated to live a life free of regrets.  

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