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10 Simple Ways Dad Can Win This Mother’s Day

It’s that time of year again – Mother’s Day.  The day of construction paper cards, flowers, and jewelry.  Usually, I focus on encouraging Wives and Moms, but today I want to talk specifically to the Dad in the room.  Mom, you are welcome to send this Dad’s way as a friendly reminder of the coming holiday 😉  It is written as an open letter to my husband.  

Dear Sexy Man and Dad of My Little Blessings, 

You know I am not a Fan of Mother’s Day – but it is coming.  Have you thought about a gift for the mother of your children?  Maybe you didn’t realize the day was coming so fast (you’re welcome for the PSA).

You are a wonderful Father and husband but, I see the deer in the headlights look in your eyes every year.  This year I thought I’d offer you a little help.  

I get it.  Gifts are not really your thing.  We can agree that this holiday is a crazy commercialized invention of the card companies worldwide.  Though there is a Biblical precedent for honoring Moms.

“Her children rise up and bless her; Her husband also, and he praises her, saying: “Many daughters have done nobly, But you excel them all.” (Proverbs 31:28 – 29 NASB)

There is pressure put on you to give me something – to help your kids give me something.  Already you are seeing posts on Facebook and receiving emails every day reminding you of all the things your wife would Love this Mother’s Day.  Sheesh!  As if there wasn’t enough pressure on your capable shoulders already!  Sorry about that babe!

Breath.  Honestly, I am not judging you or your gift-giving abilities.

Help the Uncertain Dad Win This Mother's Day PinIt 10 Simple Ways Dad Can Win This Mother's Day - #Mothersdaygifts #Mothersdaygiftskids #Mothersdaydiy #Mothersdaycrafts #Mothersdayideas #Mothersdayfunny #lettertomyhusband

Could I equip you to Win this Mother’s Day?

To win with me and with the Kids!  Let’s just take the pressure off?!?!?!  I know you love and appreciate me as a wife and mom!

But, if you really want to show appreciation in a special way this Mother’s Day here are some ideas guaranteed to make me smile (and score extra cool points for you to bank later).

Cards really don’t do it for me unless they are handmade

We’ve been on this Mother’s Day card cycle for almost a decade. Can I level with you?  I have no idea what to do with cards after they’ve been read.  I’d rather you spent that $5 on a Starbucks gift card and give me an hour to go sit and relax (without the kids).

And Honestly, I’d rather hear it said aloud than read it.

Mommy thank you for countless sleepless nights, for sacrificing fashion to snotty noses and vomit clean up duty.”  Just a suggestion – feel free to adlib here 😉

Whew, that would make me smile – and I’d love to hear it every day.  Just sayin’

I do like Crafts – and they can be fun and beautiful!

If you feel crafty – don’t stress over it – Let it be fun and simple.  Bonus – the kids will love to just hang with you!  You will be their superhero (they don’t know how to do it either 😉 )!

  1. You could download these free printables and have the kids answer and decorate.
    • Their answers will make me laugh for years to come!
  2. A Sugar Scrub is easy and fast to make
    • The kids love getting hands on!
  3. A manna Jar is simple but may take some time.
    • It is a jar with a scriptures for 30 days. The kids could color the backs 😉 

Gifts are also nice – I prefer they build my faith!

I have been eyeing this Jewelry collection from Oh Lord Help Us Shop!  Simple, but with a powerful message to remind us of God’s truths!

And this Tshirt from CalledToMotherHood needs to be in my wardrobe!

You could also add to my Bible Journaling collection – you could literally pick anything from The Holy Mess shop and I’d be happy!

trust In the lord Bible Journaling Kit #bibleJournaling #IllistratedFaith

Christian Books and tees are a great way to go!

It’s absolutely fine if you want to go your own way on this!

I love you.  You are rocking this Fatherhood thing!  I will appreciate anything you do on Mother’s Day!  (And if there is disappointment – just expect a Tie on Father’s Day ;))  JK

But ladies, seriously, if there is disappointment from past years can we talk about Forgiveness?  Don’t let the mistakes of the past rob you of the freedom in your present.  I did that for many years.  Can I share that story with you – and the Pathway God showed me that led to Freedom?

in HIM,


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  1. Thank you for sharing my printable! I hope your readers enjoy using it. It’s always fun to read the answers in future years. 🙂

    Enjoy your day!

  2. This was a cute post! There is nothing wrong with letting our loved ones know, what we want and what will make us happiest whether it be for Mother’s Day or birthdays, etc. My only desire is to not have to cook or clean up. Ha, ha. Thanks for sharing! – Amy

  3. I do think Mother’s day is hard for the guys. Women tend to enjoy the craft and gift giving more than them. And I think there is unnecessary pressure placed on them by their wives. These are some fun ideas.

  4. This was absolutely adorable. Thanks for writing this open letter. I too don’t like store-bought cards that much although one time, my husband found a really great one. I also love journals too. You’re the best.

  5. Love all of these ideas! There’s no excuse that dads/husbands couldn’t figure out what to get moms this year 😉

  6. Yes,one hour together relaxing with your husband is better than a card.And saying the words himself is far better than reading them on a card.

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