Gift Guide for the Jesus Girl in Your Life (#SelfCare #ChristianWomen #HolidayGiftGuide)

Gift Guide for the Jesus Girl in Your Life

Okay, Y’all.  I can’t tell you how many times people ask me what I am reading or reviewing and if it would be a good fit for the Jesus girl in their life.  I mean, gift-giving can be tough, but wonderful if you get it right.  As said Jesus girl I can relate. We want to give gifts that are meaningful but it can be so hard to know what someone else will like.  This post will be a helpful gift guide for the Jesus girl in your life.

This year I have been privileged to help several ministries launch products that I believe are life-changing.  So I am going to list them in categories for you.

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Top 10 Gifts for Jesus Girls in Your Life

But before I start…

Have you struggled this year to keep Joy alive?  Joy has been the word God is pressing into my life this year.  Check out what that’s looked like here at How To Cling to The Joy of The Lord Every Day!

I’d love to give you a Free 30 day’s of Joy Reading Plan to help you focus on Him this month.

We all have Jesus Girls in our life but how do you find the right gift for the Jesus Girl in your life?  Talk to another Jesus Girl and get some ideas 😜

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Gifts for the Jesus Girl New to Bible Journaling:

Bible Journaling is the new hot thing in the Christian world.  It is an amazing way to slow down your quiet time and really Meditate on the Bible.  I love that it is easy for adults and children alike to do.  A hands-on way to jump-start your Bible Study life if you are struggling to get started.  And check out this article on How to Start Bible Journaling Cheap with EveryDay Things for more ideas!

Bible Journaling Kit for Beginners

We use this Trust in the Lord Bible Journaling Starter Kit for Beginners and Love it!

I have also tried a few Journaling Bibles and found this is the easiest to use.  It is perfect for a beginner or a not so creative Jesus Girl who loves to Illustrate her Faith!

We also liked these things!  Washi Tape is perfect for outlining special text or creating bookmarks and tip-ins to remember your place!

Twistable pencils are perfect if you don’t want to keep up with a pencil sharpener… or if like us you are cursed with broken sharpeners.  SMH at the number of sharpeners we have bought only to throw them away in a day or so!  Anyone else?

Gifts for the Jesus Girl who loves to Read:

It was a privilege to review and help launch several amazing Christian books this year!  They would be a great gift for the Jesus Girl in your life!

Table Mentoring by Sue Donaldson is a quick read filled with amazing free resources any Jesus Girl would love!

Taking off the Mask by Claire Musters is a book that takes you on a deep spiritual journey.  I loved it.  Check out my review of this book here.

Gifts for the Jesus Girl who Homeschools:

If you have a Jesus Girl in your life who Homeschools I can tell you (as one) that School supplies are on the top of her list – even if she denies it.  School supplies are expensive and most homeschool families are living on One Income!

A few things I always run out of are:

Sometimes Homeschooling gets… well boring.  A Fun New Unit Study is just what I need sometimes and there are many online!  I follow AwefilledHomemaker who is always sharing new Homeschool content.

There are Two Fun Unit Studies are just perfect for Christmas.

The Study of St. Nicholas is a perfect addition to your Geography and World Civ time.  St. Nicholas was a real person who deserves a real story.  It is interesting to see how our children grow when they learn history.  How the magic we are trying to instill with fairy tales can not even compare to the creativity they find when they learn about the real people behind the myths!

And we absolutely loved the Christmas Around the World unit study!

This is a 70 pg study of 20 countries and how they celebrate Christmas.  It even has a fun passport to fuel the kids’ imaginations as they explore the world!  We incorporated all the subjects as we practiced handwriting, read stories from other cultures and explored plants and foods from each continent!  Learn more about it here!

Gifts for the Jesus Girl struggling with her weight:

Earlier this year I met Sara from who has lost 100lbs and kept it off for years.  She has put together a Bible Centered course to help other women reach their weight loss goals.  Grace Camp is a great sampling of the course

Grace Canp #ChristianWeightLoss #SelfCare

Faithful Finish lines 2.0 is self-paced membership type course that takes women through the basics of self-care and healthy living in a way that is both simple and Bible Based!  Love it!

One Small Crack Faithful Finish Lines #SelfCare #ChristianWeightLoss program

Gifts for the Christian Mom:

The #MomLife is seriously hard right!  I can’t tell you how many times I look for encouragement.  As a Jesus Girl, I believe prayer is the way to get through motherhood successfully.  Praying for Girls is an amazing book for girl moms by Teri Lynn Underwood.  It is a fabulous prayer guide with practical tips for talking through the tough things girls deal with in life!

Little Blessing #1 and I had a blast going through a course together in the spring.  It is called Girls Created to Shine and was put together by my friend Lee Felix from LikeMindedMusings.  This is a 12-week course we can do together that covers things like body image and throws in fun smoothie recipes and how to give the best manicure.

Girls Created To Shine What's Inside Student Guidebook 12 week course for mom and daughter #momlife #selfCare #TweenParenting


Just to give you a sample, Lee offers the first lesson free!


Gifts for the Christian Wife:

Last but certainly not least, Y’all know Marriage is my jam right!  There are some amazing books and courses that will seriously encourage the Jesus girl in your life who is in the Wifehood!

Any of the Books from the Ultimate Christian Marriage Resource List for Reclaiming Hope & Joy would bless the Jesus Girl in your life who is married!

But there is one that stands out above the rest!  

Hope for the Hurting Wife was co-written by Rebekah Hallberg and Jen Stults will take that Jesus Loving Wife on a journey from blah in her marriage to Hope and Joy!


Be sure to check out the Wives only Facebook group where Christian wives chose hope and joy in every season

Now if only I had some idea what gift would bless the Jesus lovin’ man in my life 😉  Comment below if you have any ideas for me!

Which Gifts for Jesus Girls Will You Pick for the Christian Woman in Your Life?

No matter what season of life she is in, there are gifts on this gift guide for the Jesus Girl in your life that will make her light up. Do you need a gift for a:

  • Christian Wife
  • Christian Mom
  • Jesus Girl struggling with her weight
  • Jesus Girl who homeschools
  • Book lovers
  • Jesus Girl who Bible Journals

Those are things any Jesus Girl would love.  Now, if you have ideas for gifts for Christian Men, help a girl out 😉

in Him,

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