How to Bible Journal When You Are Not Creative FtImg #BibleJournalingIdeas for Begginners who are not creative. Free Printable Scriptures #ColoringPage to grow my faith and increase in #TheJoyOfTheLord

How to Bible Journal When You Are Not Creative

Do you struggle with the idea of Bible Journaling because you are Not Creative?  Whew, My hand is up there right with yours!  I am not creative.  People who think I am creative are confusing creativity with Attention to detail; I can follow a plan, copy a template, go step by step through instructions to […]


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2018 The Best Frugal Gifts for Bible Journaling

If you’ve been following along at HopeJoyInChrist this year you know I have embraced the trend of Bible Journaling. Have you started Bible Journaling? Are you still thinking about it? Still worried about writing in your bible? It is possible to start Bible Journaling Cheap – with Everyday things – and it is possible to […]


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Why Jesus is the Rock That Never Leaves Me #NamesofJesus #SelfCare #JesusChrist

Why Jesus Is the Rock That Never Leaves Me

Feelings and emotions often rise up inside of me.  Even knowing Jesus is my Rock.  Lonely.  Hopeless.  Worn. Hurting.  Empty. These are emotions I wrestle with – even as a Disciple of Jesus.  Can you relate?   How do we fight back against this overwhelming flood? Fix our mind on God who is our everlasting […]


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The Calling To Disciple All Nations Starts with My Children, I must live the way they are to live and be intentional about Discipleship

The Calling to Disciple All Nations Starts with My Children

“Go and disciple all the nations”, Jesus commanded.  As a Mom, that calling must start at home with my own children!  My goal is to raise godly young ladies who will change the world for Jesus.  That means a lot of hard work and intentionality on my part… hence the recent adventure into Bible Journaling!   […]


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How to Teach Bible Journaling to a 5 Year Old #BibleJournalingForBeginners #HowToStartBibleJournaling #ibleJournalingIDeaas #biblejournalingForKids #BibleStudyTools #MotherhoodQuotes

How to Teach Bible Journaling to a 5 Year Old

Do you struggle getting your kids into the Bible consistently?  Me too.  My little blessings are the reason I recently began Bible Journaling.  Bible journaling is so hands on and creative that it seemed like a great way to get them into the Word!  I want to raise them according to their strength (rather than […]


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