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Top 10 Gifts for Christian Women

Are you searching for the best Christian gifts for women in your life?  It can be a little tricky to find the right gift that says, “I love you and respect your faith.”  I get that, so today I will share the top ten from this year that will bless any woman of faith in your life.  

How Do You Find the Right Christian Gifts for Women?

Let’s be honest, every woman in your life is different. Every single one. My list looks like this:

  • Mom
  • Sister
  • Sister-in-law
  • Closest friends
  • Church friends
  • Ladies in my Bible study group
  • Neighbors

Whew, I could keep going but I am sweating already. Each one holds a place in my heart and the one thing most of them have in common is our faith. LOL, but even our faiths are not all the same! So there you go. We are all different. I was curious so I searched out common questions around Christian gifts for women and found that a lot of are asking these:

  • What do you buy a Christian woman?
  • What is a good gift for a Christian?
  • How do you know if a gift is authentically about faith?
  • What is the best gift to give a girl of faith?
  • What do you buy a Christian girl?
  • Is a Bible a good Birthday gift?
  • What do you give a Christian mother? 

Many of those questions overlap, but we can look at them together before I share my top picks for this year.

What Do You Buy a Christian Woman?

What is a good gift for a Christian? This question makes me smile because it says you are looking for a way to truly bless this woman in your life! Well done.

If you know the woman is a Christian, you still need to dig deeper to know what kind of gift would make her smile.

Finding answers to those will give you some direction!

What Do You Buy a Christian Girl?

Finding the best gifts for Christian women is a great plan! This question also makes me smile but makes me think of a young girl or child rather than a woman. In this case, there are several ideas in the post below that are faith specific, but mostly I would say think about what she enjoys for recreation.

Does she like art, music, sports or something else? Buy her things she will enjoy just be certain they are not… worldly.

  • Maybe she loves art but many art kits include unnecessary nudity. Find something appropriate for her age.
  • If she loves music, find clean artists for her to try out.
  • Sports can be a tough one for girls because they are asked to dress in ways that challenge modesty. Help her find stores or brands that sell longer shorts, tops that cover everything and so on.

Be creative and let her know you are honoring her faith walk and you will win the day!

What is the Best Gift to Give a Girl of Faith?

This might seem like it should be grouped with the questions above, but if we are honest, we know all faiths are not the same. Make sure you know what faith she believes in before making a purchase. Why? A Muslim would not appreciate a Bible for example. A protestant would not appreciate a rosary. Do your homework then check back specifically.

Is a Bible a Good Birthday Gift?

This is such a fun question for so many reasons. No, unless this girl has asked for a Bible, a Bible would not be a good gift. Why? Most of us would prefer to choose our own as there are so many translations and styles. Instead of opting for what seems an easy choice for a faith gift, dig deeper.

Find out what she likes and make a choice she won’t resent. Birthday gifts for Christian women just need to honor their faith to be good.

What Do You Give a Christian Mother? 

As a Christian mother, I would advise finding out what said mom enjoys doing for fun. When she isn’t overrun with dishes and clothes to clean, meals to fix, events to taxi, she likes some things. Maybe it’s been so long since she’s had downtime she has forgotten when she loved doing before children, but just asking could make her day.

Honestly, though, I would give her time… I know that is the gift I always want. Offer to babysit, come do the laundry for her, take the kids for a sleepover. Let her be a woman for a few hours! Time is the best gift for a mom – any mom!

Top 10 Gifts for Christian Women

Now that you have done some digging and know what kind of interests your Christian woman has, you can go through this list with ease! This has been an amazing year with so many affordable resources being created that would bless any Christian woman. Here are my top Christian gifts for women!

These are items I’ve had the privilege to review or that I’m drooling over and hope my husband sees 😉 before Christmas or my birthday or our anniversary. LOL, I’m not picky!!!

This has been an amazing year with so many affordable resources being created that would bless any Christian woman. Here are my top 10 Gifts for Christian Women! Click To Tweet
Top 10 Gifts for Christian Women PinIt Christmas Gifts for Christian Women, gift ideas for Christian women, Gifts for Bible Study ladies, Gifts for Christian Moms, Unique spiritual Gift ideas for Women #GiftGuide #HopeJoyInChrist

Christian Inspirational Gifts

One thing that all Christian women have in common is the need to be inspired and encouraged. Living this life, this busy life wears you down. Add to that the stress of trying to live every day for God, counter-cultural in an increasingly intolerant culture, and whew, a girl needs to be encouraged in her faith.

So this first set of gifts are Christian inspirational gifts that will encourage the weary woman in her faith journey. They would be great Christian gifts for mom or even women’s ministry gifts!

Inspriational Books – Fiction

Depending on the Christian woman in your life, a non-fiction book could send the wrong message. If she enjoys growing it can be perfect but for most of us, a gift is something to relax and enjoy. That is why I am starting with fiction! There have been several series of Christian fiction that completely captivated my heart and mind this year.

Dragon Keeper Chronicles

The Dragon Keeper Chronicles is a beautiful 5 part series detailing the life of a young slave girl chosen for the mission of a lifetime.

Author, Donita K. Paul uses so much Christain symbolism that it drew up emotions often and forced me to stop and think through tough issues.

This was a binge-able series that would be perfect for readers age 14+

The Chronicles of Narnia

Whenever I need a good laugh I re-read The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. This magical series of right versus wrong and good versus evil is captivating on every level!

The old English can be a bit much for younger readers but the imagery wins out. We read these to our children around age 5-8 and from then on they read them alone.

The Left Behind Series

Another fantastic series for any Christian wanting to rest and relax is The Left Behind Series by Jenkins/Lahey.

This series follows a group of people through the end of the world, the rapture, and all the BIblical prophecies of the end times.

The writing is first-rate and it will so capture your imagination you will lose hours while reading! The adult version is best suited for ages 16+.

Refiners Fire series by Lynn Austin

Does the Christian woman in your life enjoy something lighter? Try the Refiners Fire series by Lynn Austin. It is a lighter set of Historical fiction set during the civil war.

The story follows a family through all the moral and ethical issues facing a Christian in that era. It has a hint of romance and a lot of Christian symbolism. It will leave your heart full and your mind rested.

This series would be suitable for those 16+. I would recommend this author to anyone who enjoys a bit of Christian romance with a historical flair.

Inspirational Books – Non- Fiction

In all honesty, I am a book lover. The feel of a book in my hands, the joy of a story that ends well… Ah, books take the imagination places that bring joy and peace. Now, books are not for everyone, but if you love a book lover, these are a few great reads from this year! Check out these inspirational books!

Victory Over Affliction

Victory over affliction: A giveaway from hope Joy In Christ and Resounding His Love

Victory Over Affliction has quickly become one of my favorite books. In it, author Wendy Wallac a quad amputee, brings quick wit, Biblical truth, and motivational writing together to help anyone in any situation change their mindset about the affliction. The book is truly inspiring! This is a quick read so even if you are searching for gifts for Christian Women who don’t LOVE to read it would still be a win.

Through God’s Eyes

Through God's Eyes: Marriage Devotional

Through God’s Eyes: Marriage Lessons for Women by Aminata Coote. This is a beautiful Marriage devotional that takes the reader on a journey through marriages in the Bible. As you look into the relationships you walk away with lessons to help you have a successful marriage.

This book would make the perfect gift to any wife. It is a quick read that is filled with practical Biblical Marriage principles you can start implementing today whether your marriage is wonderful or difficult.

Biblical Boundaires

Biblical Boundaries Workbook

The Biblical Boundaries Workbook by Esther Hosea. This book is a must-have for any wife living in a difficult marriage.

If you are searching for a gift for a Christian woman in your life and you know her marriage is struggling, this book is the perfect gift. It is practical and loving and many wives struggle to buy marriage resources for themselves.

Unique Ideas for Christian Women’s Gifts

There are so many unique qualities about Christian women that we need unique Christian gifts for women! Find ideas for gardeners, moms who are struggling with a child in the NICU, and more! These are unique Christian gifts that I love to give!

Gifts for Gardeners, Homesteaders and Farm Girls below!

Gifts for Gardeners, Homesteader or Farm Girls from

Are you looking for ideas for Christian Women’s gifts for a Jesus Girl who loves to garden, homestead, or are farm girls? I have a few of those in my life as well and shopping for them can be challenging.
This year I met the Rosefine Cottage Girl and her shop is filled with things these ladies would LOVE. Check her out!

Gifts for Christian Mothers

Maybe you are searching for inspirational gifts for the Christian mom in your world. Check out the shop at Lullaby Lark’s site. I especially love the newest line:

  • Forgiven
  • Healed
  • Redeemed
  • Crowned
  • Satisfied
  • Renewed

    That is encouraging and inspirational! What is best of all is that by shopping at independent creators shops like this you support a mom at the same time!

Christian Gifts for Men

While this is primarily about faith gifts for her or gifts of women of faith, I want to share something for the guys in our lives! There are men in my life that I love but I struggle to know what to give them for Christmas, birthdays, or special occasions. Honestly, men are hard to buy for.

The men in my life love tools and fishing and Jesus. How on earth do you shop for that? But in the spirit of honesty, they also enjoy time together. So for many of them, we plan a cookout and just hang out – no expectations. Just good food and a good time take care of their felt needs.

Find more ideas for Christian Gifts for men below.

Gifts for Bible Study Ladies

Are you searching for gifts for Bible study ladies? The kind of lady who goes to every Bible study, journals through the sermon, and loves to go deeper in her faith may enjoy a different sort of gift. Check out some of these! These Christian gift ideas will help you get started!

Bible Accessories – Gifts for Christian Women

The unique handcrafted leather bible accessories from the shop at Gathered and Sown are beautiful and functional. I have loved using my Bible Journaling Bookmark, Leather Notebook Cover, and Clip-on Pen Loop Bookmark! I shared them on Instagram below!

[instagram url=]


Get 10% off your first order when you use this code: ref0771976

Bible Study Methods – Gifts for Bible Study Ladies

Many Christian women would love to go deeper in their faith. Check out this from Arabah Joy.

New Bible Studies or a Bible Study Method makes great gifts for Bible Study Ladies!

More Unique Spiritual Gifts

Some gifts for Christian women just don’t fit into a neat category. These are items that will help her organize her life, balance her schedule and make time to get into God’s word. They make great Christian Christmas Gifts!

Blessed Life Planner

Blessed Life Digital Planner

Blessed Life Planner – Printable so you can re-use it every year!

The planner is absolutely gorgeous.
It includes:

  • 390 pages with Scriptures throughout
  • Monthly Gratitude List, Prayer List, & Praise Reports
  • Monthly Planner with To-Do List
  • Weekly Planner with Notes, To-Do List, “I Am Blessed…”
  • Weekly Meal Planner with Pantry Inventory and Shopping List (my 10 minutes/week system)
  • Weekly Self-Care Planner with Food Journal, Water Intake, Exercise Log, “I Am…” Self-Worth Statement Prompt, Books to Read List, etc.
    And more!

What I love about this is that you can print the parts you want and reprint them as often as you want! Win-win!


Homemade Religious Gifts

Homemade religious gifts for women are in the same category of unique spiritual gifts are homemade gifts, DIY spiritual gifts, and yes they can be homemade religious gifts!

Our family LOVES making gifts together. That is a Christmas tradition that allows us to spend time together, connecting and having good clean fun!

So if you are looking for but not finding the perfect personalized religious gifts, try making them yourself! Religious gifts for Christmas are precious and simple to make.

Christian Gifts on Amazon

Of course we all shop on Amazon now so it makes perfect sense to shop the sales, grab your friend’s wish list or send a gift card there. These can even be personalized Christian gifts! Yes, they can. Find a good Christian Christmas gift from this list – my top Christain gifts Amazon style

Which Gifts for Christian Women Will You Pick?

Okay, so I got a little carried away and gave you more than my top 10 Christian gifts for women. It’s hard to narrow the list down that far!

Maybe you would call these ideas for Christian women’s gifts more than just gifts for Christian women. I pray it got you started thinking of all the kinds of gifts that would bless the Jesus girl in your life!

Which of these inspired you most?

  1. Christian inspirational gifts for Jesus Girls
  2. Gifts for bible study ladies
  3. Inspirational Books
  4. Unique spiritual gifts
  5. Gifts for Christian Moms
  6. Gifts for Homesteaders, farmers or gardeners
  7. Religious gifts for her
  8. Christian gifts amazon style

What are other areas you need gift ideas? Drop me a comment and I’ll be looking for those items this coming year!

in HIM,

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