How to Fight the Enemy for Purity in Thought (Peace of Mind #Anxiety #chrisianliving #Philippians 4:8 #sexualPurity #purethoughts #selfCare)

How to Fight the Enemy for Purity in Thought

Can you remember the last commercial you saw?  There’s this one with a Victoria Secret model on a beach…  selling car insurance.  What?!?!?!  Where is the connection there?!?!?!?  Our culture uses sex to sell almost everything.  The TV is filled with half-naked bodies; even the billboards flash nudity and sexuality as I drive to the Y.  Purity is a foreign concept today.  Sexual Purity is not the normal topic for women, but it really does affect us every day. 

We are in the middle of a series on Philippians 4:8 – trying to find practical ways to get Peace of Mind. (Click any of the words to go back in the study.)

Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise,dwell on these things” (Philippians 4:8 NASB).

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It has helped me as I deal with Anxiety.  Through these verses, I have been able to find Peace of Mind even when dealing with Anxiety.

What does the word Pure mean in our passage?

The word pure is linked here to sexual purity.  It is critical we evaluate our thoughts – because of how normal it is to be bombarded with sexual images and innuendo.

We have to ask ourselves (daily, maybe hourly):

Do our thoughts line up with God’s design for healthy sexuality?

One man with one woman for life.

When our thoughts linger on anything outside God’s design – nudity, erotic scenes on TV, erotic reading, pornography, flirtations outside of marriage, affairs (even emotional affairs face to face or online), etc. -we are thinking impurely.

This new norm of sexual marketing robs us of our Purity

  • That daily diet of impurity can cause us to question our beauty, question our worth and question the adequacy of our mate (1 Samuel 16:7).
  • Those images whisper a shadow-of-a-doubt about how content we should be with our partner (Proverbs 14:30).
  • The constant assault can sow seeds of curiosity that -left unchecked – lead us down paths of infidelity (Matthew 5:28).

How to Fight the Enemy for Purity in Thought PinIt (Peace of Mind #Anxiety #chrisianliving #Philippians 4:8 #sexualPurity #purethoughts #selfCare)

We have to Fight back to reclaim Purity in our thoughts!

This one is personal for me…  believe it or not, I used to struggle with this part of God’s character.  I thought God was laying down rule after rule like a cosmic kill-joy.  Sex was fun and I was angry that God was restricting that fun in my life.  

The truth about God is far from that.  God is not a God of Laws as much as He is a God of Love.

God loves us so much that He doesn’t want us to be hurt unnecessarily.  He sets up boundaries around the things that can hurt us and tries to get our attention before we hurt ourselves.

When we dabble in things that are impure, we allow the enemy a foothold into our mind and he is quick to steal our peace.

I spent a portion of my life devouring romance novels and watching pornography (I know it’s not the norm for women to admit to this struggle… but I know I am not alone).

Purity in thought is an area I wrestle with actively.

How do we Fight back to regain Purity in our Thought life?

  1. We have to guard our eyes.  
    • I don’t watch much TV because impurity is even in the commercials (Psalm 119:37).
    • Limit how much romance and sex I put in front of my eyes.
    • When there is unexpected nudity or sex I practice the eye bounce…
      • This is a trick men are taught to not ogle women… but basically, it means I saw it but I immediately look away instead of continuing to look.
  2. Guard our thoughts
    • For me, it’s important to avoid romance novels and romance movies.
      • Those romance novels and movies set up an unrealistic standard of my perfect man and my perfect life.
    • I have had to stop the daydreaming and live firmly in reality. (1 Corinthians 6:18 )
      • It can be easy to just daydream when things with my husband are not great.  But it breeds discontentment and sabotages my marriage.
  3. Pour a lot of scripture in to push the impurity out.
    • That is the only way I know to take those impure thoughts captive and replace them with purity. (Galatians 5:16)

Purity is not about legalism  

I had to draw a hard line in the sand about purity because it is my particulate sin struggle.  You may not need the same rigid guidelines I need… you may struggle in other areas.  I don’t want to give anyone a license for legalism, just let that be between you and God.  

Because of the rampant nature of this sin, I would highly advise you to have some accountability in this area if it is one you struggle with.

When I am striving toward purity in my thought life, I am living with Peace of Mind.

Are there verses that help you keep your eyes fixed on Jesus through the chaos of life?  I’d love to hear them – just drop a comment below!

in Him,
Sharing is Caring!

Tiffany Montgomery

Tiffany of Hope Joy in Christ inspires Christian Women to grow in faith, live out Biblical Marriage Principles and raise Godly Children.  Join the Wives Only Facebook Group here or keep up with her through Pinterest.

6 thoughts to “How to Fight the Enemy for Purity in Thought”

  1. Fantastic post Tiffany! It is a constant battle in my mind. Pouring in God’s truth is the only way I can fight ALL of my battles as best as possible. We’ve been focusing on our mind battles around here lately and use Phil 4:8 to do just that! I made them a printable of it they keep by their beds too as I want them to have an available reminder as the last thing before bed and first thing when they wake up- I know I need that !! 😉 There is such excellent truth in here about the sex saturated world we live in. Thankfully we have a God who is Living, Active and Faithful to help us !!

    1. Thanks Lee! Such a great idea to start teaching this to our kids. I am a believer in equipping them young for handling the battles in life in a way that will give them Victory!

  2. In high school I devoured Christian romance novels for about two years. It was also the two years I struggled the most to keep my pledge to stay pure and wait for my future husband. When I finally listened to God’s voice calling me to stop reading those books, I found so much peace, especially mental peace. Thank you for addressing such an important topic!!

    1. The consumption of romance novels amongst woman is insane… it may not affect us all… but I have a sneaking suspicion it affects more than let on about it.

  3. Our society has become so desensitized in this area. Our poor children are exposed to more than we’d ever imagine just by turning on the rotten t.v. or going to the store.

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