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3 Ways to Be Authentic Women of the Word If Anything Is Excellent

 Do you remember the day you were saved?  I was 6 when I began to understand the excellent way that Jesus Loved me.  Whew did I want every ounce of that love and jumped at the chance to surrender my life to Him.  As only a child can get excited about surrender.  It wasn’t until years later that I understood what that decision meant and began to live as an Authentic Woman of the Word.

There were so many lost years – spent playing a church game instead of growing in my relationship with Jesus.  I don’t want that for anyone, it is one of the things that drives me as I dig into the word and share it with you.

Are you a Woman of the Word?

What does a Woman of the word look like?  What makes her different than the average Christian sitting week after week in the pews at church?  These are questions I ask myself often.  Have you ever thought about it?  

When we dig down deep into the DNA of a Woman of the Word we can see that her thoughts are different from those around her.  We are working through a Series on Peace of Mind.  Click any of the words below to go back in the series!

Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things” (Philippians 4:8 NASB).

3 Ways to Be Authentic Women of the Word If Anything Is Excellent PinIt #Ifanythingisexcellent #excellentquotes #Philippians4:8 #womenoftheword #peaceofmind #peaceofmindquotes #thoughts

Today’s word is Excellent.   

At the core of the word Excellent is the idea of something being morally good.  (Gr, I hate when the explanation of a word uses another word that is outdated or hard to understand!!!!!!!)

A moral is a standard held by the majority of people in a culture.

Well, that sounds good, but honestly, our culture has no consistent moral compass.  Even within the church, we are not very consistent about what is right and wrong.  Because of that, I would suggest we gauge morality from the scriptures alone (Psalm 119:105).

To think Excellent Thoughts requires we be women of the Word!

I struggle to think excellent things when I have been hurt.  Resentment and bitterness begin to grow and I find my thoughts are ugly and hateful.  God showed me a Pathway to Forgiveness that lead to Freedom and Peace of Mind.  I would love to share it with you!

Today I want to share 3 ways to be Authentic Women of the Word

Way 1:  Read the Word yourself (Psalm 119:11)

It is easy to fall into the trap of depending on the preacher for all of our spiritual growth.  We live in a day and age where there is a bible is easier to access than ever before:

  • There is a Bible in every home.
  • If we are not at home we can find the Bible online.
  • It can be read to us
  • We can watch Bible studies online.

There is no real reason not to read the Bible ourselves and learn and grow in our relationship with Jesus!  When we Read the word ourselves it goes heart deep and changes us radically.

When we are in the word and a thought comes into our mind that is not “excellent”, there will be warning bells all around so we are able to take that thought captive – push it from our mind – and replace it with excellent thoughts.

Way 2: Meditate on the word (Joshua 1:8)

Meditate is not as intimidating as it seems.  It just means think about the Bible often.

I can’t always think of randomly excellent things.  I pick a verse from my study or find a verse about a problem I am having.

  • Write them on cards to place around me
    • in my home
    • my car
    • in my purse
    • I use them as screen savers or photos on my phone.

With Bible verses all around me, I can find time to Meditate on the Word!

Way 3: Memorize the Word (Colossians 3:16).

This is not as hard or impossible as it seems!  When we are reading the word and meditating on the word it will become a part of our thoughts and we will memorize it without stress!

Another trick I use to Memorize Scripture is to Pray it.  I find verses about the problems in my life and write them out to tape up around the house.  When I am struggling I go to that place and read the verse.  I read it as a pray and over time I only need the first word to prompt me.  As I pray it I am memorizing it.  It may take months or years but I do Memorize scripture now!

My thoughts are not always Excellent, but I know scripture is excellent!  That is one way I work toward Peace of Mind!  Reading, meditating on and memorizing scripture!

Do you struggle with Anxiety?

Anxiety can be a controlling force in life.  You are not alone in this struggle.

I put together a 40 day Reading & Journaling plan with many of the verses I Go To when Anxiety overwhelms me.

Check out this series to see how I have battled this and how you can find Hope and Joy through your struggle with Anxiety.

in Him,


Sharing is Caring!

Tiffany Montgomery

Tiffany of Hope Joy in Christ inspires Christian Women to grow in faith, live out Biblical Marriage Principles and raise Godly Children.  Join the Wives Only Facebook Group here or keep up with her through Pinterest.

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