I Can’t Love God With All My Heart [My Priorities]

Last week we saw that our 1st priority in life -as disciples of Jesus- is to Love God.

Define Prioirty

What is Love anyway?

Our culture has diluted love down to the idea of pure primal emotion.

(I enjoy word humor.)  The Urban Dictionary defines love as “nature’s way of tricking people into reproducing”.  Maybe that’s more in the way of attraction and infatuation, but it’s still funny.

When I am digging into a verse or passage -trying to figure out how to apply it to my life – I want to know what the original audience would have understood when they heard it.  Their culture is so far removed from ours.  There is much to learn from the authors intent and the audiences interpretation.

Love the Lord with all your heart

In the Bible time, love was more than emotion, it was a conscious choice made in the will.   Love was understood as an action that came from feelings yes, but also through thoughts and intentions.

Love was a choice

Loving God as my first priority means I will love God when things are good or bad.  I choose to make God my first priority every day.  I have to choose it and make a plan for it, or the other- more physically present- things in my life will take over that priority.

Speaking of “more physically present things”; I am blessed with several little people who crowd into my morning with their needs and demands.  It took some persistence and consistency to convince them to respect this time in mommy’s day.

“No” is all I said for a time as I began re-setting this priority.

I felt guilty.  

They made their pleads sound so urgent.   Don’t they all know just how to play on those heart strings?

In Deuteronomy (the passage Jesus was actually quoting) we see that the command to not only love God this way, but to teach our children to love God this way.

Love the Lord with all your heart

Over and over again I was re-assured that doing this in my life was setting a good example for my children so than when they are grown they will know how to be a disciple and love God with all their heart.

Train a Child

I have to make a conscious choice in my will to put God first everyday.  For me that means:

  • I start the day by talking to God before my feet hit the ground.
    • I start my day with being thankful
      • for the day
      • for my sight
      • for my family and friends
      • for anything else I can think of
  • Morning is not my best time of day, but I try to spend time in God’s Word before I allow any other thing to speak into my life.
    • Even if it’s just a few minutes reading a Psalm or Proverb, God’s voice is the first voice I want in my ear.
    • I plan ahead so my kids know how to respect this time
      • I have a snack ready if they wake before I am finished
      • They have a spot to sit quietly and have their own quiet time
      • I have resolved to not pay them any attention unless there is a real emergency
  • I give myself grace when I get off track and just get right back to it (no guilt or condemnation allowed)!

There is a battle raging to try and keep us from loving God with all our heart… but it is possible!

in HIM,


Can I be praying for you?  Are there area’s you are struggling to reign in your own priorities?  Let me know your thought in the comments section below.

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Next we will see how to Love God with all our Soul.

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Tiffany Montgomery

Tiffany is a wife and mother who is passionate about Encouraging and Equipping Women through Biblical Discipleship.

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