50 + Gratitude Tips to Help You Be More Thankful Today

“Tiffany, you need to be more Thankful!”, came the comment from a friend almost 20   From that one comment, God convicted me and planted in my heart a desire to grow in gratitude and thankfulness.  Today I will share 50+ Gratitude tips to help you be more thankful today as well.

50+ Gratitude tips to help you be more thankful today

At the time, I was divorced, bankrupt, recovering from a miscarriage, running from God in anger and pain and barely making it through my day to day life.  Can you imagine how miserable I was to be around?  To say that I was negative was like saying the grass is green.  It was my habit to use negative words, toxic words, wallowing in bitterness and spewing all my feelings out on everyone in my life.

Most of my friends had set firm and good boundaries around me.  Hard to imagine… I know.  😉

How was I supposed to be more thankful?  My life was over, I could see no way to start again. What was there to be thankful for?

Do you ever feel that way?  If you have sought out these gratitude tips, there must be something deeper.

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How do you practice daily gratitude?

1 Thessalonians 5:18 in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

God says we can and must be thankful in every situation.  The good, the bad, the “My life is over, the “But God, this is more than I can bear”, and everything else in-between.

But how do you learn sustainable gratitude techniques?  I needed real help in learning how to practice gratitude.  God had to do some deep work to heal the broken places in my life that prevented gratitude and thanksgiving first.

There are some amazing things I’ve learned then that have paved the way toward becoming a Jesus Girl who is thankful every day.

Step 1: You have to Forgive the hurt

God began to show me Bible verses about gratitude.  As I learned them and tried to apply them I failed miserably to show gratitude.  I was hurting too badly and holding onto the hurts of my past.

How can I make my habit of gratitude stick when I refuse to forgive others?  I could not and neither can you.

The choice to hold onto all the hurt inside, to punish those who hurt me, was turning me into a person that hurt others.  Do you ever see that in yourself and wonder why it’s there?  Unforgiveness…  It will cause bitterness and abuse every time.  There were 2 reasons I chose not to forgive, but they were not good reasons in the end.

Forgiveness is a process that is hard but rewarding.  Let me share my story with you through this Free e-book A Pathway to Forgiveness

Step 2: You have to be in God’s Word daily

After learning to forgive the hurts and hurters of my past I set my mind to really be a grateful person. I had questions.

  • Does gratitude really work to turn off the negativity?
  • What does gratitude feel like?

I found the answer to those questions in drawing nearer to God.

Being close to the Giver of Life helps me keep my eyes focused on Him rather than the current storm in my life.  That gives me peace enough to see the things that are real blessings in my life and be thankful for them!

Step 3: Give thanks whether you feel like it or not

One of the gratitude tips and tricks that I learned was to give thanks and praise whether you feel like it or not. Cultivating a daily habit of praise is how to stay grateful and thankful every day!

Thankfulness is a discipline of the Heart we have to practice daily to master.  Each day as I get up I thank God for a new day, the bed I am laying on, the clothes on my back, food in the pantry and anything else I can.

Starting the day with a thankful heart is a huge first step on the path to be more thankful!

Step 4: Bless others that help you in life

Today I thought I would bless the online community that encourages me and supports me in big and small ways to make Hope Joy In Christ such a practical place to come and grow in faith.

Enjoy them and you may also like this Marriage Gratitude journal – a 30-day Gratitude Challenge for Marriage.  There are so many gratitude journal benefits that can help your marriage flourish!

Here are 50 Gratitude Tips to Be More Thankful Today

I’ve gathered over 50 Gratitude tips to help you be more thankful today. In them, you will find gratitude quotes, Bible Verses about Gratitude, gratitude, inspiration, encouragement, and many freebies to keep you thankful all year long. 

My 4 Favorite Gratitude Resources

  1. Mom’s Pocket Bible Study – How to Cultivate a Thankful Heart by Lee at Like Minded Musings
  2. This Family Thankfulness Tree is easy to make and a blessing to the whole family!  Love the tips and tutorial by Jen at Being Confident of This
  3. What To Do When You Don’t Get What You Want is a great ready by Digging Deeper with God.
  4. Sara at TheHolyMess has an amazing Thanksgiving Planner I love to use and some fun ideas in the Craft Section

Freebies to Be More Thankful

Pumpkin Prayer Printables for Preschoolers by Lullaby Lark

Free Bible Study for the Overwhelmed Mom by Lee at Like Minded Musings

Free Thanksgiving Journal – Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving in Your Heart from Alisa at Flourishing Today

30 Day Gratitude Challenge by Becky of So Very Blessed

1 Thessalonians 5:18 Coloring Sheet by Jodi at The Meaningful Moma

Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Adults and Kids by Jo Ditt

Free 5 Day Gratitude Challenge by Kate at My Joy in Chaos

Scripture Writing Plans –

Verse of Thanksgiving in the Scripture by Lil of Embracing The Lovely

8 Days to Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart by Kay of Heart-to-Heart Homeschooling

Bible Verses on Thankfulness by Starla Jimenez

A 30-day Gratitude Challenge for Marriage.

Ideas to Help Be More Thankful as a Family

How to Cultivate a Genuine Heart of Gratitude by Allyson of Rapt Motherhood

A Thanksgiving Journal from Rachel Schmoyer Writes

20 Questions for Cultivating Gratitude by Lily of Proverbs 24:26

A Season of Thankfulness is a great devotional by Allysha Lynn

5 Simple Ways to Show Gratitude to God by Kingdom Bloggers

Raising a Grateful Child by Cheered On Mom

How to Weave History into Thanksgiving Traditions for Families by Lessons from Home

Craft Ideas to Help you Be More Thankful

Thankful Tree Craft Day by Erica Pelzel

Thanksgiving Wreath  by Jodi at The Meaningful Moma

I will Statements for Thanksgiving  by Jodi at The Meaningful Moma

Thanksgiving Memories Tablecloth by Sara at The Holy Mess

Encourage A Grateful Heart with these Gratitude Activites for Kids by Lessons From Home

Tips to Be More Thankful when life is Hard

How An Attitude of Gratitude Changed My Life by One Exceptional Life

How do I find Thankfulness and Joy When I’m Running on Empty by Julie of Unmasking The Mess

In Every Thing Give Thanks by Jennifer at Helping Hands Homeschool

10 Thanksgiving Quotes to Help you Embrace an Attitude of Gratitude by Shanique of Rock Solid Faith

Thanking God for ALL Experiences by Clarie Musters

Can You Have Gratitude in the Midst of Grief by Charlie of Mississippi Mom

How to be Thankful While You Wait by Sara Geringer

Remembering The Last Supper as a Thanksgiving Feast by A Daughters Gift of Love

Contentment and Thanksgiving by Carmen at Galloway Musings

Seeking God’s Kindness in Daily Life by This Grateful Momma

Cultivating a Heart of Thankfulness by Jen at Embracing Life

Thanksgiving is a Holy Holiday by Rosevine Cottage Girls

Gratitude when You’ve got a Bad Attitude by Showered in Grace

Thankful People are Happy People by Lori at Frogs Lilly Pad

A Grateful Heart: 3 Key Steps to Growing in Gratitude by Cheered On Mom

Bible Verses about Gratitude and Thanksgiving

The Power and Importance of Gratitude in Life by Lullaby Lark

What does the Bible Say About Gratitude? By Busy Blessed Women

20 Psalms of Thanksgiving and Praise by His Dearly Loved Daughter

Embracing a Life oF Gratitude when Marriage is Hard by Lessons From Home

Giving Thanks to God by Fresh Grace for Today

How to Be Grateful in Hard Times by One Exceptional Life

7 Ways to Give thanks to God by Kingdom Bloggers

Embracing a Life of Gratitude When dealing with toddler tantrums by Lessons from Home

5 Ways to Show Gratitude for Unplanned Plans by Kingdom Bloggers

Peace in the Power of Gratitude by One Exceptional Life

5 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Mara When Life is Hard by Kingdom Bloggers

6 Essential Resources To Develop an Attitude of Gratitude by Holistic Faith Lifestyle

Thanksgiving: A Holy Holiday by Rosevine Cottage Girls

Bible Verses about Transforming Your Heart by My One Comfort

Challenges to Inspire you to Be More Thankful

25 Wonderful Ways to Find Joy in Jesus by Deb of Counting My Blessings

A Thanksgiving Challenge for Any Time of Year by Robbi of Timeless Moma

Prayers of Thanksgiving by A Devine Encounter

8 Thankfulness Scriptures from Minding The Kings

Why We Can Thank Jesus Everday By Dani of Living Free Indeed

Thanksgiving In Action by Earl Grey and Yellow

Try Saying Thank You by Hannah at Tranquared Youth Ministry

Thanksgiving that Just Bubbles Over by Steeped in The Word

What if You Could Say Thank You In Advance by Madeleine of The Salt Compass

9 Thanksgiving Bible Verses by The Modern Mary

3 Key Steps to Growing in Gratitude by Laura of Cheered on Mom

A Thankful Heart by Jessica Wright

30 Days of Thankfulness: You Are What You Think by Spirit Body Mind Renewal

Thank You, Lord, by Sue of The Word Washed Wife

7 Ways to Cultivate Thankfulness in Your Home by Aimee of A Work of Grace

Which of these 50 + Gratitude Tips will you try today?

I would love to hear how you are focusing on giving thanks In all you do this year.  Are you struggling to show gratitude?  Would one of the 4 tips to cultivate Gratitude help?

  1. Learn to Forgive the hurt
  2. Get in the Word of God daily
  3. Give thanks whether you feel like it or not
  4. Bless others who help you

Which of these gratitude tips will you try today?  Are there others that could help us? Would you drop me a comment and let me know?

in HIM,


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  1. This is a wonderful compiled list! And, very encouraging after reading through the struggles you have overcome and still you find gratitude. Amazing!

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