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Easy Bible Study Method Anyone Can Use

Last year I began intentionally teaching my oldest daughter how to study the Bible for herself. In the process, I shared an easy Bible study method that I love. You sent in so many requests for me to explain it in writing. So today I will teach you an easy but powerful way to study the Bible… it is so easy that I believe anyone can do it and grow in their faith!

Why Do You Need An Easy Bible Study Method?

But first, let me explain why I think everyone needs an easy quiet time method.

You already know, if you have been a Christian trying to study the Bible for very long; there are many ways to study. Seriously, there is a Bible study method to match every personality around.

If you are reading this you have probably already searched out and found a million answers and maybe even more questions. And hey, I am excited about that! Excited!

Why does that excite me? Because that means you are looking and trying and working hard to be in the Word of God. We must be in the Bible to be growing in faith. That means you want to grow in faith! Win!!!!

The problem is, with so many methods and questions, you could easily become overwhelmed. That’s why I am a fan of learning an easy method to study the Bible.

Which is the Best Method for Bible Study?

Before I teach you my favorite easy method for Bible study, let’s overview the most popular 7 Bible study methods.

  1. Do you know what are the 4 types of Bible study?
    • Biblical theology
      • Sticks to the Bible for explaining the Bible.
    • Historical theology
      • Uses the Bible but also outside Historical sources to explain the Bible.
    • Systematic theology
      • Organizes topics in the Bible by gathering all known Biblical texts into one place for study.
    • Practical theology
      • Is more and end than a means… studying the Bible in a way and gaining real-world experience so that you can then teach the Bible for the common person to understand and apply to their real lives.
  2. What is the 5 R’s Bible study method?
    • Read, re-write, re-state, relate, and respond
  3. Is there a verse-by-verse Bible study method?
    • Absolutely and it is exactly what it sounds like, studying the Bible slowly, verse by verse rather than focusing on topics.
  4. How does the inductive Bible study method work?
    • It goes systematically through a book or passage. You look for repeated words, and themes and ask lots of questions.
  5. How does the precept Bible study method work?
    • This is a form of inductive Bible study that focuses on understanding the context of the passage, interpreting the meaning (often as it applied to the original audience), and applying all that to your life today.
  6. What is the SOAP Bible study method?
    • Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer.
  7. And what is the 3 question method of Bible study?
    • What does it say, what does it mean and what does it mean for me?
Easy Bible Study Method Anyone Can Use PinIt, Which is the best method for Bible Study? What is the 5's Bible study method? What are the 4 types of Bible study? What is the 3 question method of Bible study? How to study the Bible for beginners, inductive Bible study method, verse by verse Bible study method, 7 Bible study methods, Bible study methods pdf, easy Bible Study Method, Bible study method soap, soap BIble study method, precept Bible study method #Hopejoyinchrist

How To Study the Bible for Beginners

Now, the truth is I love all of those methods and I used them at different times and for different reasons. However, there are seasons in life when I just need simple and easy ways to connect with the Lord. Ya’ know?

This easy Bible study method doesn’t have a name or a cute catchy acronym… but if after reading this you see some way to do that, let me know (that is not my superpower!). You may actually notice some of all of those methods in it, especially the Bible study method SOAP because it’s one of my go-to’s.

The basic principles of this way of studying the Bible are:

  1. Don’t get overwhelmed.
  2. Remember Bible study is about relationship.
  3. Understanding the Bible is key to that relationship.

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Don’t Get Overwhelmed

First, when studying the Bible, I stress that you avoid overwhelm. Keep it simple and stop if you begin feeling confused or stressed. No one expects you to be a Bible Scholar, so don’t push too hard or go too fast or long. Just start making time in the Word a priority

It is easy to get overwhelmed and stressed. What happens then? Usually, we just give up and stop trying to read the Bible at all on our own. So avoid anything that adds stress.

For me, that means having several study methods in my tool belt and switching things up. It also means that sometimes I opt out of group studies at church. Shhhh… Don’t tell anyone, but there are just some seasons where I can’t keep up with it. The pressure of studying in a group adds stress and pushes or pressure and I find I am reading the Bible or finishing the work just to check it off of my list rather than connecting with God. So sometimes I join and other times I use that time to connect with the Lord in some other way.

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Remember The Point of Bible Study

This is about spending time listening to the voice of God and connecting in your relationship with Him. Bible study is not about checking something off of your to-do list… she says to herself if to no one else! You are not earning gold stars in heaven for reading a verse a day.

Don’t get confused about this. Time in the Bible is meant to be time with God. Listen for His voice there. Read to know Him better. Remembering the point helps avoid overwhelm and over-commitment. Anyone else? We’ll get to this, but it is tempting to read to accomplish something rather than to read to connect with the Lord.

Understanding Is Key

If we are going to avoid overwhelm and really get to know the Lord better we have to actually understand what we read in the Bible. Right?

You can’t know someone better if you never understand what they are saying to you. In fact, not understanding them leads to avoiding them. Anyone else have a friend like that?

So, how do you understand the Bible?

  1. Read it slowly.
  2. Read different versions.
  3. Look up confusing words.

Read The Bible Slowly

There is a line I need to walk here so bear with me.

  • I hate the verse of the day…
    • We need more than a verse of the day to grow in faith. I find it misleading and often misused.
  • I also, however, hate the challenges each year to read the entire Bible in 12 months.
    • You miss so much when you rush through reading God’s Word as if it were a novel.

So where is the happy middle ground for walking this line? It will vary for us all.

I tend to study a book of the Bible very slowly. Sometimes I read an entire passage (which could be a few verses or a few chapters) one day and then go back to pick it apart. In the picking apart, I may focus on one verse one day and a few verses the next day. I stop to think through (meditate) on what God is saying.

Other times I work through the Bible topically, searching out verses and passages that deal with areas of struggle. I may search out verses about XYZ one day, then read through them slowly for weeks while creating a prayer plan.

You have to find that happy middle ground for yourself.

Read Different Versions

While teaching my daughter this Bible study method we read the B Attitudes in Matthew 5:1-16. Some of what Jesus said makes sense, but some of the words and phrases are confusing. Remember, the key here is to actually understand what you read, not just check off a box on your religious to-do list.

One way to better understand confusing passages is to read them in other translations. There can be a lot of controversy about what versions of the Bible are accurate, but for me, I ignore people about that. I have to believe God is protecting His Word. So I use other versions to help me better understand the meaning.

I tend to begin in the NKJV (because I grew up with the KJV and the NKJV is familiar), but I also love these for clarity:

  • New American Standard Version
  • New International Version
  • Amplified Bible

Look Up Confusing Words

Then, if I am still confused about a word or phrase in the verse or passage I will look it up. Literally, I begin with Webster’s dictionary. Sometimes just reading the definition of a word helps me put it in context.

If I feel like the word probably meant something else long ago, I will go online to blueletterbible.org and search out that word in the verse. It is super easy and free to use.

Easy Bible Study Method For Anyone

What does all of that look like practically? These are the steps roughly.

  1. Pray
  2. Read the passage in context.
  3. Write the verse out.
  4. Clarify confusing parts.
  5. Re-write in your own words.
  6. Turn it into a prayer.


Remember that Bible study or quiet time is about talking to and listening to the Lord. That is why I always begin in prayer. Often my prayer is short and simple… sort of like saying hello when calling a friend on the phone.

“Thank you for this day and this time in Your Word. Please speak to me. Open my eyes and ears to know your more. Amen”

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Read the Passage In Context

It is too easy to study things in small pieces and miss the bigger picture. This is why I begin by reading the entire passage. In this example, each day we would read all of Matthew 5:1-16 before studying the pieces.

Context is important. Without context cults and factions rise up… as someone who grew up in one I am always on the alert for anything leading toward that.

Write the Verse Of Focus

Now it’s time to focus in on what you want to understand and meditate on for the day. I always have a journal or notebook handy. Why journal? Because I want to remember what I learned and what God said and if I don’t write it down I will forget quickly. This doesn’t have to be an expensive thing, just get a notebook from the dollar store to start.

Also, note that it is best to write the verse with lots of space. I use a large font and double-space my rows. This gives you room to mark things up and make notes.

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Clarify Confusing Parts

Once you have written what you want to focus on, begin reading it in other versions and looking up words or phrases. As you do, jot down notes about it.

I often note synonyms. Feel free to cross things out and reword things as you better understand what it means.

Re-write In Your Own Words

After you understand the verse or passage, it is time to re-write it in a way you understand. I am sure the phrase, “In your own words,” feels offputting, so let me clarify. This is not re-writing the Bible as much as making solid your understanding of the Bible.

Often, when I am talking with a friend and they say something confusing I clarify this way:

  • I will ask questions to clarify
  • Then I will restate what I think they said.
    • “What I think you meant was XYZ.”

It is a way to clearly communicate and understand people. Understanding the Bible is about understanding and knowing God more so why not apply this technique?

Turn Into A Prayer

I always try to begin and end my time with the Lord in prayer, but this actually has several impactful purposes beyond my love of prayer.

  1. Praying Scripture is a powerful weapon in the Spiritual war we face every single day.
  2. Once I understand a passage of Scripture I want to apply it to my life and grow in faith.
  3. I also want to add it to my toolbelt to better fight the enemy.
  4. Writing the verse out as a prayer helps me meditate on it throughout the day, making it personal and internalizing the application.
  5. Repeatedly writing and praying a verse helps me memorize it, writing it on my heart, making it a permanent part of my soul.

This is a video showing how to use this method.

Get Your Free Bible Study Methods PDF

I’d love to actually make this more simple for you. Get this as a free easy Bible study methods PDF to download and print and use in your quiet time today.

in HIS love,

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