Not a Mother’s Day Fan – A Blessing from My Story

Every woman does not love Mother’s Day.  I used to be one of them.  I am not a Mother’s Day fan… I’d like to share a bit of my story and hope that it will bless you if you.
A Mother's Day Blessing from my story

I am a Mother.  Shouldn’t I love Mothers day?

I have 2 little blessings and I love that on this one day they are reminded to honor me… but the word of God tells us to honor our parents each day so I have mixed feelings. 
Can I take off my mask and share my heart with you?  My real heart?!?
I lived a mess of a life as a youth.  At the age of 15 I miscarried my first child.  Afterward, the doctor sat me down for a good ‘talking to’ and explained my future.  “There is something wrong with you” still echo’s in my mind.  “It is likely that you will

Never have children…”


 That day marked the beginning of many dark years in my life.  I would never be a mother – all my dreams crushed with that one sentence.
I was damaged… broken… not good enough to be a mother.  I was hopeless.  I saw a bleak future stretch out before me.  My life would be meaningless, loveless and hopeless… until I died (and I prayed for death daily).
Proverbs 13 12
The “diagnosis” was paired with many harsh “Word’s” from well meaning adults in my life.
“Gods calling on your life may not include motherhood” they suggested.  “You are blessed to have lost that child.  It would have ruined your life,” they assured.
I crashed into depression.  I shunned anything and everything that had to do with children (though I was still a child).  
My relationship with my mother was broken because of that season in my life.  She did the best should could with me, but I was a handful and she was in a place of brokenness herself. 
I began to dislike Mother’s Day.  The church recognized mothers each year and I would sit in bitterness through it.  Unexpectedly I had company. It seems many women struggle with Mother’s day.
  • Women who never had children
  • Women who lost children
  • Women who’s children had grown distant
  • Women who had a difficult relationship with their living mother
  • Women who had lost their mother
For many of us Mother’s day was and is a challenge.  I was blessed by these women who walked with me through my dark time.  They encouraged me to stop living in the brokenness of lost dreams.  They encouraged me with scripture and it changed me.

May I bless you with those verses?

God Chose you!

God chose You

 God placed a real calling on your life

God Called You
One of those callings is to make disciples as you are going about your daily life -that doesn’t have to be in your home (though it may be) it could be a work or in school… wherever you are!  That is a great way to re-direct some of your hope!
Go Make Disciples

 There can be a Spiritual Mother’s Day in your future!

Paul, a single man without children calls us to pass on what we have learned.  He saw Timothy as a son in the faith.  He mentored him and poured life into him.  He challenges us to do the same.
Paul instructs us to encourage other women in the faith.  It can be so challenging to live a life of discipleship.  We need spiritual mothers to help guide us and encourage us so we do not loose heart.
OlderWomen Instruct Younger WOmen

Do you have a Spiritual Mother?


I have had many!  They encouraged me early on to have a Paul in my life and to be a Paul in someones life.  There are women younger in their faith that could use encouragement.  Go out and be a Mother to someone… you will find it blesses you beyond measure and helps ease the hurt!
God has restored my relationship with my mother, but it was hard to learn to Forgive
God’s had a plan… though I didn’t understand it 20 years ago.  I wish I could wrap my arms around that 15 year old girl and tell her God loved her, she wasn’t broken and shouldn’t live her life hopelessly… but I can’t go back.  All I can do is tell you.  
God loves you.  Goes has a plan for your life and you can trust Him.  

 You. Are. Not. Broken.

There is hope in Jesus Christ that can cover all the hurt.  So many years ago I chose that as my name.. my calling…… Hope Joy in Christ. It can be yours!
in HIM,

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Tiffany Montgomery

Tiffany is a wife and mother who is passionate about Encouraging and Equipping Women through Biblical Discipleship.

5 thoughts to “Not a Mother’s Day Fan – A Blessing from My Story”

  1. Beautiful Tiffany! You did such a great job addressing your battle and those issues many are facing with Mothers Day. I love the verses at the bottom that are such great reminders. Being and having a spiritual mother is so important as well. I would hug that 15 year old girl and tell her the same thing. So true! Great post.

    1. Thanks Lee! We need more truth warriors in this crazy world. I often wonder how many others are out there – hurting and alone. All the while we know the truth. So thankful for friends like you in my life who have the same mission – to equip and encourage others on the journey.

  2. Thank you Tiffany for sharing your heart. I too struggle on Mother’s Day as a mother and a daughter. Lord willing, those relationships can be restored.♡

    1. I so love your faith Danielle! I am praying for a miraculous restoration in your family life.
      in HIM,

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