3 Urgent Reasons to Fight The Enemy For Our Thoughts

3 Urgent Reasons to Fight The Enemy For Our Thoughts


Did you know there is a battle taking place for your thoughts every day?  The Enemy uses Little things to silently sabotage your peace, steal your joy and leave you hopeless in the midst of the chaos of everyday life.  At least that is what has been happening with me.

It all began in March of last year.  I unsuspectingly attended a Women’s Retreat hosted by our church.  What was intended to be a fun girls weekend away from the kids and the messy house turned into some God sized cleanup of an area in my life I didn’t realized was a mess.

Sort of like cleaning a house, God cleans up our lives piece by piece.  

I am cleaning my house this week preparing for company.  Y’all, I hate cleaning.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a clean house, but the process of cleaning is exhausting with so many Little Blessings underfoot.  It seems like they have “cleaning” radar.  As soon as I finish cleaning one area they storm in – so excited to see a new place to sabotage play.

Another thing I hate about cleaning is that I never know what I am going to find.  Take the living room for example – I see that the cushions are skewed, the blankets are scattered and there are random bits and bobs about the floor.

As I am on my knees -picking up abandoned toys – I notice crushed pretzels under the couch.  Pulling the couch aside I see crumbs, socks, missing shoes, the Water Bill I’ve been missing all week…  On and on it goes until a 10 minute cleaning task has taken the better part of an hour and I am ready for a nap.

3 Urgent Reasons to Fight The Enemy For Our Thoughts

Now to be fair, the cleaning needed to be done.

The mess was always there – even if I couldn’t see it!  If left unchecked – the mess would draw bugs and create more work later.

Still, it was not what I expected.  It was exhausting.  The room will not stay clean…  hence my dislike of cleaning.

Sanctification is like housecleaning – for the heart

I remember the day I finally surrendered to letting God have control of my life – chosing to be a disciple of Jesus rather than just a Christian playing church.

There were messes in my life (sin) – drinking, drugs, language, living with my boyfriend and so many more – but I didn’t know how to fix any of that.

The enemy began right away to fill my mind with shame and doubt (John 8:44).

Could I be a Christian if there is still sin in my life?

The lies began right away.

  • You’ve messed up too badly.
  • God would never want you.
  • You are broken beyond repair
  • damaged goods
  • unlovable
  • unacceptable
  • too fat and ugly for anyone to care about…

What lies does the enemy whisper to you?

That was more than a decade ago.  God has victoriously, slowly, painstakingly removed so many of those habitual sins from my life.

He has taught me how to forgive the hurt and abuse of my past.  Praise His name there has even been reconciliation in several relationships – not all… Reconciliation takes both parties to make it work.  It does not always happen this side of heaven.  But I hope it will one day.  I pray for it.

I’d love to share my story of Finding a Pathway to Forgiveness.  It’s yours free!   

A Pathway to Forgiveness Free Downloadable e-Book (HopeJoyInChrist.com)

In March, God revealed that -though I have forgiven others and healed in many ways, I was still believing those same lies.

I didn’t realize…  How was that possible?

God says something very different about me (my Identity)- and you as His dearly loved children!

When we believe the enemy about our identity 3 very awful things happen:

1. Believing the Lie of the Enemy – calls God a liar.

Sandy Grose in her study “You are Potential” likens this conflict in our thoughts as Being Double Minded.

James 1:6-8 fight the enemy lies - stop being double minded

God says I am dearly loved.  The enemy says I am unlovable.

I Can Not believe and operate in both identities.

Out loud I can say God loves me but I rarely believe Him.

I feel unlovable.

My life has been filled with words to reinforce that feeling “No one could ever love you”, “Your just too fat to be loved”, “What’s wrong with you, no one could ever love someone as messed up as you”, etc.

Those are the voices in my mind.  Oh how the enemy latches onto anything like that and sets it to replay over and over until I believe it.

2. Believing the Lie of the Enemy – sets up idols in our lives.

Some of my idols are:

  • Control
  • Performance
  • Business
  • People pleasing

These behaviors help keep me from the pain of hearing people repeat any of those lies – out loud – to me ever again.  They are a protection I set up years ago -but I am supposed to go to God for my protection… so they have become idols. Here are some verses to help us get God back in control!

For years I honestly believed:

  • If I just please everyone
  • Say yes to everything
  • Work harder and longer
  • Perform they way they want
  • Control all the moving pieces around me

I will be tolerable to others.  Not loveable mind you – Just tolerable.

They will tolerate me if they need me.  What I needed to do was look to God to protect me and validate me.

3. Believing the Lie of the Enemy – we become ineffective in God’s Kingdom

I believe I am too messed up – too shy, too introverted, too fat- for God to use me.  This created a cycle of living in Fear – or Timidity (2 Timothy 1:7)!

  • My talent is a dime a dozen
  • Anyone could do what I do (maybe even better than me)
  • My past is such a mess, it would ruin anything I touch if it got out

Then there I am sitting quietly when I feel God calling me to speak up.  Waiting until someone better qualified steps in to lead.  Sitting defeated at home when I heard God say go join them.

I may serve, but I am spread too thin – pleasing the people in my life – to actually serve well where I know God has called me.

A Yes woman – accomplishing nothing for God.

This year has felt like the longest journey.  God has been teaching me to take Every Thought captive -in a new more hands on Way.

2 Corinthians 10:4-6 (#SelfCare #PeaceofMind #TakeEveryThoughtCaptive) Take Every Thought Captive

Y’all, those thoughts are ugly.  Most lies are.

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Do you believe the lies the enemy whispers?

This year I am on a journey to find Freedom from them.  Comment below if you’ll join me – and I’ll be praying for you as we journey together!

in HIM,


Tiffany Montgomery

Tiffany is a wife and mother who is passionate about Encouraging and Equipping Women through Biblical Discipleship.

6 thoughts to “3 Urgent Reasons to Fight The Enemy For Our Thoughts”

  1. I also fall for the devil’s lies. When this happens I need to replace the lies with truth. If I’m tired or sick or lazy it sometimes just easier to believe the lies than do something about them!

  2. I’m currently in a season of believing the enemy’s lies about me. I would appreciate your prayers! The battle is not for the faint of spirit – it’s tough!

  3. Thanks for Sharing this Tiffany. My mind is bombarded everyday with “ bad thoughts & Lies “ fr. the enemy.
    I know he’s a liar & the father of lies but sometimes I unknowingly began to believe them.
    Please Pray for me. Thankyou. ❣️????????????????

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