Reach Unique New Year's Resolutions for Christian Women New Years resolution Ideas New Years Resolution quotes New Years Resolution challenges New Years Resolution lists #christianMarriage #HealthGoals #GrowInFaith

Reach Unique New Year’s Resolutions for Christian Women

Do you have a love-hate relationship with New Year’s Resolutions?  Some years I set new year goals, while other years I ignore the hype about them.  The question I struggled with for years was how to reach those New Year’s Resolutions.  Then a few years ago I decided to let go of the traditional New […]


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#1 Trick to Reach New Years Goals_ Beyond Blessed Life Planner (New Years Resolution #SelfCare #WeightLoss #Planner )

#1 Trick to Reach New Year’s Goals: Beyond Blessed Life Planner

What goals and dreams have you set for this New Year’s? Do you set New Year Resolutions at all?  Mine in the past has been the more Common New Year’s Resolutions. Weight Loss Goals and Self Care Resolutions. Spiritual Growth. Consistent Quiet Time. Connecting in a Christian Marriage. Be Sure to Join me in January for […]


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