God Dreams Big for my life- Why Don’t I? [Emotional Wellness Series] God's dreams are for us, hopeful dreams, god sized dreams, relational dreams, attainable dreams

God Dreams Big for my life- Why Don’t I?


Do you dream big dreams for your adult life?

God Dreams Big for my life- Why Don’t I? [Emotional Wellness Series] God's dreams are for us, hopeful dreams, god sized dreams, relational dreams, attainable dreams
Hey Friends!  We are in an Emotional Wellness Series.
God has been shining His light on some unhealthy beliefs in my life.  They have kept me from dreaming big and kept me from meeting my “God Given Potential” as Sandy Gross would say.

Sandy wrote a study that is literally rocking my world called “You are Potential”.  Do you believe that?
 [Emotional Wellness Series] God's dreams are for us, hopeful dreams, god sized dreams, relational dreams, attainable dreams
She asked this simple question that drove me to tears:

What dreams did you have as a child?

These are the 2 thoughts I wrestle with:

  • God has Dreams & Plans for each or our lives.
  •  I gave up dreaming long ago and live caught in the business of a disappointing life…  
Can both thoughts live inside of me?
They both Feel True. Both are Emotionally charged inside my mind.
But they can’t both exist inside of me and produce a life that Makes a difference for Jesus in a broken world.

I had dreams as a child. Didn’t you?

Dreams of becoming a teacher, a mother, a singer, a paleontologist (they wore cute outfits)…
I don’t have dreams now.
Well I do, but not for my life – I dream for other people: my kids, my husband, our church, my ministry. What about you?

Why do we stop dreaming?

I can only speak for myself when I say the disappointment of life crushed my ability to dream for myself.
Life has been hard.  Everything has been like an up hill climb and just when I think it will all be okay, another crazy mess appears and we are swallowed up in trials.

Everyone’s life is not like that, but it seems like mine always has been.

To top that off, every time I fail at something or dig my way through a mess, I re-inforce a belief about myself and my life… A false belief I am learning

There are things I believe about myself that keep me frozen in fear and anxiety.
I say certain things to myself to keep from stepping out and being crushed by failure.  
Do you do that?  I think as women we all have some negative self talk.  Why is that?  

Ugh, we’ll be talking about that later on for sure.   

Life has taught me to stop dreaming big dreams.

I dream small.
God dreams Big.

I am wrong.

But How do I get past that?  How do I step out and Dream Big Dreams?  God sized dreams?  How do I find out what God is dreaming for my life?  What are His Plans for me?  How does He want my life to go?
I have a lot of questions.   Maybe you do too?!?!?!
The only place I know with the Answers is God’s Word.  So I turn there and this is what I find.

God has a calling on all our lives

He dreams big dreams for us according to Ephesians 1:18-19
 Ephesians 1 18 19 God has a calling on each of our lives - big dreams

We can ask God to show us His plan

I love how Isaiah 30:21 says he will speak it… do you ever hear God speak?  It can sound like lots of things.  A verse you read that hit you between the eyes, a friend sharing something, a word in a sermon, a stranger sharing a word…
 Isaiah 30_21 God will tell us what He Dreams of for our Lives

God’s plan for us is all relationship driven

I am going to wrap this up with Jeremiah 29:11-14 because it says it ALL!
 Jeremiah 29 11- 14 God's plans fo our life are big, good, hopeful, accessible and relational

Some of my broken beliefs and stressful trials came as a result of others hurting me.  Can you relate?  I ‘m talking about deep hurt.  Abuse, betrayal, loss…  (Read some of story here: Why I moved from Christian to Disciple). 

I have had to work hard through the issue of un-forgiveness to get my Walk with Christ unstuck.  I’d love to share that journey with you in a Free E-book.Free E Book on Forgiveness [My story of overcoming Bitterness and Resentment and living in the Freedom of Forgiveness with in my Marriage and Wifehood]

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We are in the middle of a Series on Emotional Wellness.  Here is what you’ve missed!
in Him,


Tiffany Montgomery

Tiffany is a wife and mother who is passionate about Encouraging and Equipping Women through Biblical Discipleship.

7 thoughts to “God Dreams Big for my life- Why Don’t I?”

  1. Tiffany, that was so well said, thought provoking, and well written! There are so many things get in the way of God’s blessings for us. Thank you for being so honest

  2. Nobody should ever think they are too old to dream big dreams. As long as we have breath, we can do something/say something/ pray for somebody/ encourage another. Thank you for the reminder!

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