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How to Be Sure Kids Grow up with Healthy Eating Habits

Would you agree that Ice cream and Potato chips are way more yummy than yogurt and Kale chips?  I mean really if taste dictates what I eat I will be overweight my whole life!  Honestly, I wouldn’t even care if it didn’t also create an unhealthy body – but it does.  The heavier I am, the more inactive I am.  My body hurts in ways and places I never knew existed.  I am sick more often and Y’all, I miss out on so much of the fun times with my kids because I can’t play with them like I wish I could.

3 John 1:2 Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.

Being Overweight affects my health and happiness

As an overweight momma, I have to level with you, I worry about my kids’ health. I’ve wrestled with the lies about my body image my whole life and I don’t want that for them.  

From the very beginning of their little lives, I’ve worked hard to feed them well.

  • Healthy baby food
  • Balanced meals early in life
  • Lots of healthy choices in snack food
  • Water instead of juice or soda

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But after all that hard work, they still prefer love ice cream and potato chips over yogurt and veggies.

There are days I feel like such a failure about food myself.  I eat well in front of the kids, then when they are in bed I binge on the junk food I tell them not to love.   I keep stashes of candy bars and hide ice cream in the shed freezer.  But they know.  It’s hard to hide things from kids.  My kids know I love junk food.

1 Corinthians 6:19 Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own?

All Kids love junk food – that’s not on me 😉

That is just a fact of life in America.  Junk food is so yummy.  Ice Cream, chips, snack cakes – they taste amazing but have no benefit for our body.  They are addicting and that is just the truth of our struggle.

The problem is not that junk food is yummy.  The problem is I have no self-control and my kids are just following my example.  All of that tends to feed into my struggle with Anxiety.  I’d love to share a 40-day reading and journaling guide with you that helps me overcome anxiety.

How to Be Sure Kids Grow up with Healthy Eating Habits

Do what I say not what I do doesn’t work

In my heart, I know that it doesn’t work, but it’s hard to change myself.  I have to change my thinking but I also have to change my habits.  It costs me something to work toward Self Control in my eating habits.

I have to model healthy eating habits if my kids are going to learn healthy eating habits!  Honestly, I can’t do it alone – it’s too hard.  

I recently went through a week-long challenge about getting our heart right about Food – from a biblical perspective.  Sara B at the Holy Mess does an amazing job teaching the biblical truth behind a Healthy Lifestyle.  It helped make a shift for me.

Food is not the enemy.  My relationship with food is a problem.

I look to food for satisfaction and comfort.  Food is often a reward for a job well done.  But food is just fuel for my body.  Thinking of it that way is a hard shift for me.  But my kids are picking up all my unhealthy eating habits and that has to change.  They are taking on my relationship with food and I don’t want that.

1 Corinthians 10:31 So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

Victory over Emotional Eating is a course I love for changing this pattern

I am also working through the 7 Week program Faithful Finish Lines! I love the community for accountability and support while I re-learn how to have a healthy lifestyle which will lead to a Healthy Body!

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As I learn and practice healthy eating habits they will follow that lead.

5 Changes I am focusing on for Healthy Lifestyle:

Healthy food always on hand for snacking

So we’ve always made healthy snacks a priority.   Fruit and veggies are always sitting on the counter and they don’t get an unhealthy option.  But I wasn’t following that rule and they knew it.

Now I am eating whatever I set out for them to eat.

Variety of Healthy Foods always on hand

We have food allergies so fresh fruit and veggies are really the only things that are easy and safe.  I am sure to mix it up regularly with whatever produce is in season.  We are loving Strawberries and snap peas right now.   Last month it was grapes and carrots.  Variety helps it not get boring.

2 Healthy snacks for every 1 junky snack

The rule in our house is if there is junk you only eat 1 serving.  And you eat 2 servings of a healthy snack before you get it.  My hope is that the healthy snack will fill them up so they don’t regret only having 1 serving of candy (which is really small).  But again, I wasn’t following that rule – so I am making that change now 😉

I am learning more ways to incorporate healthy food choices in this Free 5-Day Faith and Fitness Jumpstart!  Come check it out with me!

Family Exercise

As a blogger, I spend a lot of time sitting at a computer.  I send the kids out to play while I work so they get a lot of exercise.  Often they ask me to ride bikes or go for walks or play softball with them – but it hurt my body to do those things anymore.

I am adding a daily walk (30 minutes) to my morning to start getting healthy.  And the Kids were so excited to join me.  It is now a Family exercise time.  We talk and laugh all through the neighborhood!

The kitchen closes at 6

The last change is probably the hardest.  I mentioned that I tend to eat the junkiest at night when the kids are in bed (trying to hide this side of my life from them).  Well, that is so bad for our bodies and I know it!

I am committing to eat in the light of day and close the kitchen at 6.  No food so close to bedtime so my body doesn’t store all that extra fuel – it doesn’t need for sleep – as fat.  And that is the rule for the house (except hubby who can make his own choices 😉

How to Be Sure Kids Grow up with Healthy Eating Habits PinIt #kidshealthyeating #healthyeatingactivities #kidshealthyeatingquotes #RaiseHealthyeaters #healthyeatinghabits

As much as I want to be healthy, I want my kids to grow up with healthy lives more!  Can you relate? If I don’t make changes they will also struggle to have a healthy life.

What is One step you could take today to be the godly example in your home?

in HIM,


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  1. My younger daughter in particular only eats a limited variety of food, but I really try to get her to branch out. Most times, she won’t try a new food, but she will do an “adventure lick.” She just touches the new food with her tongue and nearly always declares it yucky, but with enough tries, maybe she’ll change her mind!

  2. Self- control is something I have to be consisted, My kids eat healthy food but I’m struggling to eat healthy for myself! I love how you share Bible verses too. This is convicting to me and I have to pray and ask God to guide me about my health.

    1. Me too Em. That is really at the heart of things. I have to do better at eating if I ever want my kids to be healthy. That’s what I love about Faithful Finishlines. They have tools to help with so many of the root issues!

  3. Interestingly enough, my youngest doesn’t actually love all junk food. She thinks a lot is gross. I think it is just what she is used to.

  4. Such a great post! We are trying to instill healthy habits in our children, and it can be a difficult task some days!

  5. Yes love this! I think we have to lead by example so if our kids see us eating healthy they want to as well. Veggies and fruits and greens have always been apart of my diet and now both our girls LOVE fruits and veggies.

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