Fixing the Priorities in my life [My Priorities Series]

Conflicting Priorities [My Priorities]

By now I assume we agree that God should be our first priority.  The conflict comes with the priorities that follow.  I have many conflicting priorities.  Truly we are all in different stages of life.  What follows will apply for me and anyone in my life situation… because that’s all I can speak to 😉

I’m a disciple of Jesus.

I’m a woman.

I’m married.

I have school age children.

I home-school.

I lead Bible studies.

I write and blog.

How do I determine my 2nd priority?

The only way I know to zero in on it is to spend time pursuing God’s plan for my priorities.  Have you noticed that I like to do that by asking questions?

Why did God make woman to begin with?

God made women to Help

God created Eve to help her husband.  I can see from this passage that I was created to somehow help my husband.

Can I be honest with you?  Even seeing this in black, white and red I still struggle with it.  There is an internal struggle because I have kids.  What about my kids?  They need me…  From the moment they were born there was a sort of switch that turned on in me and I am always thinking of what they need and how to help them.  I actually feel guilty leaving them with others or letting them go without (in my attempts to keep them from becoming spoiled rotten brats – like their momma 😉 )

But Scripture draws a clear distinction between the relationship between parent/child and husband/wife.

Leave and Cleave

The role of wife and mother are both very important and they often conflict.  I can’t tell you how often I mix up my priorities here.  My children require much of my time and attention.  It is easy to put my husband and my marriage on the back burner while I meet their louder needs.

God sent me this News Flash!!!!!


My husband doesn’t want to be an afterthought in my day.

A good perspective shift for me was to remember that these children are not mine.  They are God’s children on loan to us.  God is allowing us to be stewards of HIS children.  We are to raise them well then release them back to Him to be used for His purposes.

In just a few short years they will go out into the world and begin a life independent of us.

How many marriages have you seen fall apart when the kids left?

I am a product of such a marriage.  After 25 years my parents divorced.  Divorce is hard at any stage in life and it affects every life it touches.

When my kiddos leave home, I am still a mother, but I am also still a wife.  

If I neglect my marriage and my husband for 18 or 20 years, there will be nothing left in that relationship for me.

I have to be sure my husband is of higher priority than my children because the nature of that relationship is more intimate and longer lasting.

It breaks my heart to see couples divorced when the children leave the home – after 20 + years of marriage – but it happens often for just this reason.

I don’t want to be in that number.  Do you?

I pray you will join me in asking God to shine His lights on anything out of balance in our priorities.

As I pray through Genesis 2:18-25 I have to ask God to help me even want to be what He created me to be as a wife… because it’s not exactly what I expected…

I’ll be praying for you if you’ll be praying for me!

in Him,

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Tiffany Montgomery

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