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How to Best Plan Your Day at the Ark Encounter with Kids

Do you believe the Bible is 100% true?  I mean true from Genesis 1:1 – In the Beginning, God created -all the way to Revelation 22:21– Amen.  What about Genesis 5 – 10 – the Story of Noah and the Ark?  There is a lot of debate about that even amongst Christian circles.

Whether your answer is yes or no I wonder why do you believe that way.  You see, I wrestle with parts of the Bible… not because I disbelieve them, but because I can’t relate to them.  Can you relate? 

So when someone creates a scene from the Bible that I can experience – I am all over it.  You know, like the walk-through Christmas pageants or the Easter reenactments.  I am drawn to them because I want to see… see what I believe and hopefully understand the time and culture better.  That is part of what drew me to visit the Ark Encounter from Answers in Genesis.

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5 What to Expect & How to Best Plan Your Day at the Ark Encounter with Kids

How well do you know the story of Noah and the Ark?

One of the first Bible Stories I ever remember is the story of Noah and the Ark.  In a nutshell, the world had messed up and made God angry.  God told Noah to build Him an Ark (ie Arkie – build it from gofer barkie barkie).  He then sent crazy rain to destroy the earth.  God started the world over.  The end… or the beginning… {Tiffany paraphrase}

Noah: Man of Destiny

I can’t imagine a world so sinful and depraved that God would be angry enough to destroy it.  How much worse could it have been than our world today?  God hasn’t destroyed us… so it must have been much worse in Noah’s day.  Have you ever thought about that?  How bad must the world have been to make God that angry? 

And that is as far as I usually think about it – until

  • Someone sights The Global Flood as a reason for their Atheism
  • People use it to bash Creationist Scientists
  • Worse is when people label me a simple minded Christian – incapable of understanding science or logic – because I believe it.

I’ve been taught to take the Bible on Faith – but the World want Facts.

And the truth is I can’t fight their “facts” with Bible verses and expect to convert them to Christ.  Nope, they just laugh and I get more afraid to share my faith.  It is part of why I walked away from Christianity for a time.

God does not call us to blind Faith.

Argue with me if you like, but God does not tell us Faith should be Blind.

1 Peter 3:15 always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence;

The Bible tells us tells us to be prepared to defend our faith!  It also tells us to seek knowledge and wisdom (Proverbs 18:15).  Then God goes one farther to say that even nature testifies of Him.

Romans 1:20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.

So why do we settle for pat answers about  Evolution and Millions of yearsWhy aren’t we out there looking to see how Creation testifies of God?

We were not disappointed with our visit to The Ark Encounter

Did you ever imagine you could take a walk on the Ark, peek into the living quarters, experience the culture that led up to that fate-filled day of endless rain?  This is truly a full immersion experience.  It was absolutely worth the time, travel and money to make it happen! 

There were some things I wish we had known beforehand so we could better prepare.  As you plan your trip – Yes, you want to plan this trip – here are my Tips to Plan the Best Trip!

How to Best Plan Your Day at the Ark Encounter with Kids PinIt #ArkEncounterTips #ArkEncounterwithkids #ArkEncounterkentucky #ArkEncountervacation #NoahsArk #Creation #EvolutionVsCreation #AnswersInGenesis

What to Expect & How to Best Plan Your Day at the Ark Encounter with Kids

  1. The website for The Ark Encounter is an amazing resource!   

    • The pictures and travel ideas really helped us plan our trip!
  2. If you are planning an entire week or weekend there are amazing things to do in Florence or even Cincinnati

    • We booked a hotel in Florence and it put us right at the heart of so many fun family things after.
    • Florence is less expensive than Cincinnati and has as much to offer (We’ve done this a few times and paid far less in Florence than when we stayed in Cincinnati – and it’s about 20 min drive if you want to do things in Cincinnati).
  3. Google doesn’t have the best direction

    • We spent 30 minutes lost on back roads. 
    • Give Google the exact address and tell it to takes Highways instead of back roads
      • 1 Ark Encounter Drive, Williamstown, KY 41097
  4. The price of parking is separate from admission

    •  So budget accordingly
  5. You do not drive directly up to the ark.

    • You park and ride a bus in.
    • Plan to have a bag it’s easy to carry everything you need for the day.
    • The Bus is comfortable and there’s very little waiting!  Huge respect for them to have made that possible!
    • [instagram url=]
  6. Overall – throughout the entire facility – the staff are amazingly friendly and helpful.

    • That is a rare feet in the world of customer service and amusement park style facilities.
    • It shouldn’t have shocked us, but it did – even the kids noted it!
  7. All kinds of people will be there!

    • This was the fist time my kids have seen Amish, Mennonites, or Quakers and that was obvious
      • They are very kind people who did not get offended when the girls asked lots of questions.
        • But I still would rather have prepared them before hand (insert mom guilt)
  8. This Is an All Day Trip

    • We arrived at 9 and left about 4 and would have stayed longer if the kids attention span was longer.
  9. There are snacks throughout the ark

    • One less thing to have in that bag you will carry all day.
    • And they had Food Allergy Friendly snacks and drinks!  Big bonus!
  10. You can rent buggies to get around the ark if you are not up to the walking.

    • The pricing is less than at other attractions we’ve seen.
    • Another huge plus for them!
  11. The sheer size of the Ark is overwhelming for small children.

    • We knew it would be big, but had no idea how it towers over you as you approach it!
    • Just to give you an idea [instagram url=]
  12. We were amazed at the Level of Art throughout

    • Amazing art & Sculptured displays are everywhere telling the story from the time you see the Ark until you board the bus to leave!
    • I don’t know what we expected but it was a World Class Experience – because of the time they put into the art!
  13. The kids wanted to touch everything

    • This facility was so clean and well kept I wanted to keep my kids from touching the art
      • It was a good learning experience in respecting property and good behavior while in public – but I wish we had talked about that before hand.
  14. This is an encounter that literally transports your mind to a different time.

    • This is unlike any museum We’ve ever visited
      • From the moment we walked up the ramp to enter the ark we felt we were in another world.
  15. The sound of rain and thunder are very loud.

    • Several children were disturbed by it.  My youngest has a sensory processing disorder and had to cover her ears.
      • If you have a child who is bothered by loud noises you should bring something to muffle the sound.
  16. The team at Answers In Genesis used some artistic license.

    • The Bible does not give certain details about the Ark, the wives, the families hobbies, specifics about animal care and things like that
    • To create the experience they imagined for us and I am so thankful they did.
    • They are very open about it!  Love the integrity in that!
  17. There is a lot to read.

    • If you have small children, know that you may not get through it all.
      • We took pictures of things we wanted to read later but also plan to go back.
  18. The depictions of the Pre-Flood world are disturbing and provoked lots of questions from our children.

    • It was a great discussion to have about morality, pagan sacrifices, arena fighting, slavery, debauchery and the like.
  19. You will be presented with questions that enhance what we know of the Bible and God

    • Things that you haven’t thought of about the world as it was when Noah Lived.
    • [instagram url=]
    • It helps get you into the encounter and it helped me understand some things I didn’t before.
    • One that really got me is answered in this resource you can get at their store online
    • How Many Animals Were on the Ark?
  20. There are well spaced Theater stops that depict the world then through media.

    • This was on Deck 2 & 3 and came just about the time my youngest was whining the most!
    • Perfect timing!
  21. The Gospel is clearly laid out throughout the entire Encounter

    • This would be great for those in our family who are questioning their faith.
      • I love that at the heart of Answers in Genesis is salvation!
  22. My kids favorite part of the Ark Encounter was Deck 3

    • We saw how the people may have lived on the boat.
    • Have you ever wondered what interests people had in Noah’s day?
  23. There has been a lot of care given to presenting scientific facts.

    • It is so encouraging to be reminded that Creationist Scientists are “real Scientists”.
    • These are men and women making a real difference in our world.
      • It’s just good to be reminded they are out there and not the idiots society portrays them to be.
  24. Throughout the Encounter are rooms and exhibits that compare Evolution ideology with Creation

    • They present both sides fairly and help us understand how to have a real conversation with someone from the opposite view.
    • These exhibits answer the basic questions that come up over and over again in Creation Vs Evolution debates where the Flood is addressed.
    • This is something I an excited to dig into from the book Store!
      A Flood of Evidence
  25. There are several places that take pictures of you

    • You can buy the pictures in the store when you exit the ark
    • The package is reasonably priced but budget for it.  (At this writing it was about $50)
  26. You exit the Ark through an enormous store

    • The Store is filled with resources to keep the conversation and education going.
    • Many of the books are not in our local Library so I was excited to get my hands on some!
  27. Fair Trade is set up in the store

    • This section of the store is dedicated to wares made by women in other countries
    • By purchasing something you help support her, her family and often the entire community!
      • Shopping with a mission emphasis!  Love that idea!!!!!!
  28. There are restaurants on site

    • Because this trip really does take all day, you can stop at anytime, exit the ark and eat lunch!
    • They have several kinds or food – everyone in the family will be happy
  29. This is a Food Allergy Friendly park!

    • I have to rave a moment about this!  We live with several food allergies and it is stressful to go out of town as a result.
    • The Team is knowledgeable and friendly – ready to help you find which facility you can eat at.
    • We have a severe allergy to Dairy – In Emzara’s Kitchen the buffet was clearly labeled DF (Dairy Free) and (Gluten Free)!  It was the first time we’ve been out to a restaurant where we could even have something for desert!
      • That is so incredibly Impressive and I have high respect for them over it!
      • [instagram url=]
  30. You get to walk through a small zoo outside the ark

    • If you have kids this little zoo is a great visual break from all the reading in the ark.
    • It’s Free
  31. Camel Rides are in the back of the Ark!

    • It was reasonably priced – but be sure to budget for it – the kids loved it!
    • [instagram url=]
  32. The kids can dig for fossils and be scientists as well!

    • Again, budget for this.
    • It is a great practical application of what they just saw inside the ark!
  33. Answers in Genesis has a Magazine

    • I’m excited to start getting it.
    • The Magazine helps kids really own their faith by giving facts.
    • Our kids are growing up in a society that is intolerant of Christianity and they are being persecuted fir their faith.
    • Let’s equip them for the battle!


The Answers Book for Kids Complete Set

This was an amazing trip!

Full Disclosure: Answers in Genesis gave us tickets in exchange for this review.  The opinions are completely my own… and our families (we had an amazing time).  I am also an affiliate of Answers In Genesis because I believe in their mission and products.  There are many links in this article that will help support the HopeJoyInChrist ministry and community!

Hope these tips from my trip help you plan your own soon.  Be sure to get your tickets to visit the Ark Encounter through this link.  It will bless this ministry.  

Be sure to check out more in the Answers in Genesis book store

Answers Bookstore

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