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How To Keep Trusting God When It Looks Impossible

Trusting God in hopeless situations is easier said than done.  Hope.  That one word has carried me through so much.  I hope in Christ because I have seen that God can fix anything.  Today we will see that God saves us and delivers us.  That promise means you can keep trusting God when it looks impossible by being still and setting aside fear.

Trusting God When It Looks Impossible Is Not A New Need 

People have faced impossible situations from the beginning of time.  Trusting God when it looks impossible is not a new need.  Today we will revisit the Israelites at the end of the Red Sea to understand how to be still and set aside our fear when all hope feels lost.

“But Moses said to the people, “Do not fear! Stand by and see the salvation of the Lord which He will accomplish for you today; for the Egyptians whom you have seen today, you will never see them again forever.” Exodus 14:13 

In Be Still My Anxious Mind, God Will Fight For You we defined the Hebrew word ‘charash’:

Be still (don’t complain or worry about the real enemy in front of you more than you trust God) because God will fight for you. 

“Be still or be silent,’ was said when the Israelites were facing an impossible situation.  It really highlights the fact that God works in impossible situations!

The Israelites Knew About The Impossible

Some things to know about the context of Exodus 14:13:

  • The Israelites had done nothing wrong.
  • God caused this impossible situation.
  • Moses was told some of the details, but we don’t see him communicate them to the people.
  • The Egyptian army was fierce and angry.
  • Without God to save them, this was an impossible situation for Israel.

This is a tough situation, but God has gotten Israel out of worse.  

The Israelites were asking God to do the impossible. The Egyptian army was close and there was nowhere to hide.  There was no way across the Red Sea. 

God tells them “Do not fear; see God save You… be still,” and God saved them.  

He can save you from your impossible situation today too.  Are you believing God for the impossible?

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How To Keep Trusting God When It Looks Impossible PinIt, How do you trust God when it looks impossible? How can I fully trust God? Impossible prayers answered, believing God for the impossible, God works in impossible situations, impossible situations can become possible miracles, answered prayer stories, God can change your situation Bible verse, God can do the impossible Scripture, trusting God in the face of impossibilities, #hopejoyinchrist

How Do You Trust God When It Looks Impossible?

Have you ever read the Bible and just wondered about it?  If you peel back all the Sunday School applications and look at the hard messy details you may understand my questions today. 

Yes, God delivered Israel, but Y’all, God put Israel in the situation to need to be delivered.   

God hardened Pharaoh’s heart, stirring him to change his mind and attack Israel.  My mind sees that and wonders why God would put Israel through the fear and chaos of this attack after everything they have already been through.

How do you trust God when He seems to be at the heart of the struggle?  Is it possible to be still, set aside fear, and be silent in our trust of a God who allows hard things to happen?

Hard Truth: God’s ways and plans are mysterious but His heart is trustworthy

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Do You Trust God’s Heart?  

When God’s actions lead us to need divine intervention, it’s easy to be angry with God.  When there seems to be no way out of the hard place, it’s easy to ask God why.  

But we know God is trustworthy and faithful.  That is why we can be still.  That is why we can silently set aside fear and trust Him.

How can I fully trust God?  I’ve seen Him be faithful too many times.  There have been countless impossible situations at this point in life and every single time I can look back and see God had heart issues in mind that were desperately needed!

Did you find this mid-series?  Go back here and read the intro and keep up with the series.

Trusting God In The Face of Impossibilities

This is one of the countless examples of impossible situations in the Bible.  The issue is not how to start trusting God, but how to keep trusting God when things look impossible.  Can you relate?  

God was acting justly to deal with the pride of Egypt after God had saved them through Joseph. It was an issue that had to be handled and God took that opportunity to handle it.  

You see, God is jealous and majestic. 

In this passage, God is showing off for His people.  He is also sowing seeds of fear into the surrounding nations. 

God is glorified as He performs a miraculous spectacle no one had ever imagined possible!  

We learn from this that impossible situations can become possible miracles that go on and on.  Why?  Because God sees the future and is working things out to pave the way for the abundant life He promised in (John 10:10)!

We can be still and trust Him while we set aside the fear of the impossible things in our lives!

God saves us and delivers us.  That promise means you can keep trusting God when it looks impossible by being still and setting aside fear. Click To Tweet

What is Your Impossible Situation?

Today I write this from my bed, sick and so tired.  I’ve been sick for a while now.  Doctors throw around the word chronic to cover for the fact that it won’t go away.  Chronic Illness looks impossible to me.

My youngest daughter was diagnosed with Autism.  Suddenly what I hoped would get better with structure and discipline looks like a life of disability and hardship. Impossible.

What are your impossible situations?

How To Keep Believing God Can Change Your Impossible Situation

As we apply Exodus 14:13 I want to look at this from another perspective.  We all face impossible situations.  What makes the difference between walking with joy through them or wallowing in despair? 

Yes, God can do the impossible, Scripture testifies to it.  Sometimes He causes or allows the impossible situation for His purposes and our good.   

To keep trusting God when things look impossible you need to do 3 things.

  1. Understand that seeing God move changed things.
  2. Remember how God has moved in the past.
  3. Keep trusting God to grow in faith

Understand That Seeing God Move Changes Things

What happened as a result of God delivering Israel through this impossible situation?

  • Israel saw God in a new light. 
  • Fear/ reverence for God grew all through the land. 
  • God’s people saw the fulfillment of a promise.
    • Do not fear for I will save you, fight for you and deliver you.

It’s one thing to know that God works in impossible situations. 

You can read Bible verses that say “nothing is impossible with God” or “with God all things are possible.” You hear testimonies of Impossible prayers answered. 

All that’s great, but Y’all it’s another thing to see God fight your impossible situation with your own eyes. Every time I see God move mountains my faith grows in huge ways and I can more easily be still and not fear!

Remember When God Moved In Your Life

Have you seen God work and move in your life?

Listen, I know God can do the impossible because I’ve seen Him do it in my life!  I’ve watched God transform my own life into something beautiful from a hot mess!

One area was in trusting God to restore my marriage.  I’m talking about an impossible marriage restored… LOL, I can’t even say restored because that would imply it was ever good. 

Our marriage was a mess from the beginning.  Today it is something amazing, nothing like the dysfunctional, one-sided, divorce destined thing it was.  God restored it to His design (not perfect for sure but on the right track finally)!

Remembering how God has been faithful helps me know He will change this impossible situation!

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Keep Trusting God To Grow in Faith

Chances are you are here because you want to grow in faith.  Let me tell you, trust God in the face of the impossible grows your faith like little else in life!

When you see scriptures on trusting God like this it stirs something inside of you to look within.  It shows the truth about who you are relying on, God, or yourself.

Remember those impossible prayers answered in miraculous ways and keep leaning into Him!

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A quote that helps me in this is “Let go and let God.”  There’s a fun Prayer Journal that keeps me focused on that as well. Check it out below!

Let Go And Let God Prayer Bundle

If you have the budget for a bit more in a prayer journal I highly recommend the Let God and Let God Prayer Bundle!  Here at Hope Joy in Christ, we believe in the power of adding scripture to prayer for powerful spiritual warfare!  


This prayer journal is more of a bundle because there is a beautiful journal but there is also a great set of resources to help you:

  • Identify areas of life you need to give to God.
    • Prayer list ideas to get you started.
  • Find scripture to pray over those areas.
  • Internalize the scripture through coloring.
  • Track your prayers.
  • Stay reminded of God’s truth with screensavers!

I enjoy this bundle and I know you will too!  As school starts, I will be using this for my tween.  It is great for teenage prayer ideas and getting them inspired to connect with God.

Will You Continue Trusting God When It Looks Impossible?

Are you in a hopeless situation today?

Trusting God when it looks impossible can be so hard.  We see that being still is about trusting God day by day no matter what situations come at us is the way to grow in faith.

This is a promise we can claim, “God will fight for you, save you, and deliver you” as we stand being still believing God for the impossible.

Exodus 14:13-14 is one of those answered prayer stories.  You look at it and know God can change your situation because this Bible verse shows He has done it before.  

The question is not, “Can God change my impossible situation?”  No, The question is, “Will you continue trusting God, even when the situation looks impossible?”  

To be still in your trust of God and set aside fear when faced with the impossible will always bring miracles – even if they look different than you imagine.

To keep trusting God when things look impossible keep these three things in mind.

  1. Understand that seeing God move changed things.
  2. Remember how God has moved in the past.
  3. Keep trusting God to grow in faith

A Prayer To Be Still, Not Fear and Trust God

Jehovah Tsaba, our Mighty Warrior,

Thank you for the promise that you will save me, you will deliver me from trouble, you will fight for me.  I want to lay my fear down at your mighty feet.  Help me to be still, to stop complaining about my impossible situations, stop worrying about them more than I pray about them.

Today I give You glory for all the impossible situations You’ve fought for me recently. Thank you God for my husband and all that You have changed and redeemed in our marriage.  I pray for trust in God’s plan for my life no matter what that includes.  Father, if the sickness is Your plan for my life I trust You.

Take this life, a living sacrifice, surrendered fully for You to use as You please.


in HIM,

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  1. Please pray for my healing in body mind and spirit. Take away the pain an fear hand restore my life. Thank you

    1. Covering you in prayer today, Kim. Father, wrap Kim in Your healing arms, anoint her with the healing balm of gilead and cover her in Your peace that passes understanding. Amen.

  2. Dear Tiffany,
    I am too facing an impossible financial situation. I have a large sum of debts that will only take a miracle to pay, and i have no money. literally no money.
    I have been praying, declaring God’s promises and even prophecies, but nothing happens. and troubles keep coming into my life. for example : flood in my house almost every night, refrigerator suddenly broke down, car’s lamp not functioning, motor cycle broke down.
    It is hard for me to understand why it looks like that God shut His ears and eyes on my plea for help. I know God never shuts His ears and eyes from me….but it does make me sad and desperate knowing that my prayers don’t get answered.

    Today i went to work with a very heavy heart..and i came across your vlog. it gave me hope, knowing that someone out there, who faced impossible situations could actually make it through with God.

    please pray with me, that my faith will increase and i will not easily be afraid. Thank u

  3. This write up has encouraged me. I have been praying for marriage restoration, the situation seems impossible and many times I have decided to give up. I have tried to fix things on my own, the more I try the worse things become. I have decided to completely give the situation to God. Please pray for me to trust God and his will fory situation.

    1. Praising God even now, because it is often not until we fully surrender that God begins to move. Praying that He will guide you and lead you in prayer and show you the next right step on the path He has for you.

      1. This write has encouraged me.. Please pray for my happiness. I’ve been in stress for past 4 months.. But i was praying daily with hope and trust in God.. But recently my situation seemed very much impossible.. Still i have trust in God , but i don’t know when all things will change around… I request you to pray for me.. And make me to beleive that I’ll get back my happiness… Praise the Lord

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