How to Have a Difficult Conversation in a Christian Marriage

What are the difficult things in your life?  Do you struggle to have effective conversations with your spouse about difficult things?  My husband hates having hard conversations.  He will clean out the gutters to avoid a serious talk.  If he feels cornered, unprepared, caught off guards about a hard issue in conversation he will shut down, walk […]

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How To Effectively Communicate in a Christian Marriage Join The Marriage Communication Challenge Joy in Communication Hope in Communication Bible verses about Communication Ignite true intimacy through great communication! Communicate respectfully, clearly, lovingly!

How To Effectively Communicate in a Christian Marriage

When did you first realize you would have to work on Communication in a Christian Marriage?  Do you remember that moment?  The moment you understood that to effectively communicate in this Marriage it would take time, practice, a different strategy and maybe a lot of help from God above.  It took years to understand what […]

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