How to Reclaim Fun Date Night's in Marriage (Reclaim Hope and joy in Marriage #ChristianMarriage #biblicalMarriage #ChristianLiving #DateNight)

How to Reclaim Fun Date Night’s in Marriage

Do you still Date your spouse?  When starting marriage counseling most you have to  commit to date nights. I am astounded to this day as we continuously need to define what occurs during a date and what it looks like. Our busy, often distracted culture seems to have forgotten how important the practice of dating […]

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MarriageMonday Week 8 [Love Does Not Seek it's own] Christian Marriage, Biblical Marraige, Christian Wifehood, Biblical Wifehood, Selfless Love, Forgiveness, Needs Vs Wants in Marraige, Needs vs. Preferences in Marriage

Marriage Monday Week 8 [Love Does Not Seek It’s Own]

Today is especially challenging in our Marriage Monday Series!  Love does not seek it’s own.     1 Corinthians 13:4-8 is our text this month and our goal is to apply it to our Wifehood.  Has this series stepped on your toes the way it is mine?  So far we have seen Patience in Marriage, Kindness in […]

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How to Reclaim Respect in Marriage_ Love Does Not Act Unbecoming (#MarriageMonday #ChristianMarriage #BiblicalMarriage #1Corinthians13 #ChristianLiving #Respect #RespectYourHusband)

How to Reclaim Respect in Marriage: Love Does Not Act Unbecoming

Do your eyes sometimes glaze over mid bible study?  Don’t get me wrong, there are some action packed parts of the bible, and then there are parts that feel boring or too familiar or too hard to understand.  Our word today for example:  Unbecoming is such an old world word… What on earth does that […]

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