The Calling To Disciple All Nations Starts with My Children, I must live the way they are to live and be intentional about Discipleship

The Calling to Disciple All Nations Starts with My Children

“Go and disciple all the nations”, Jesus commanded.  As a Mom, that calling must start at home with my own children!  My goal is to raise godly young ladies who will change the world for Jesus.  That means a lot of hard work and intentionality on my part… hence the recent adventure into Bible Journaling!   […]

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Why I moved from Christian to Disciple of Jesus (Disciple of Jesus with Christian #ChristianLiving )

Why I Moved from Christian to Disciple

How do you introduce yourself?  Personally, I always fumble through introductions.  Hello, My Name is Tiffany and I am a: wife, mother, daughter, sister, homeschooler, nutritionist, housekeeper, accountant, secretary, reader, writer, singer, student…  Whew!  That is just the tip of the iceberg of what I do in life, but none of it really says who I […]

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