Offended or Convicted

Offended or Convicted

I am a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Everything I do and say should reflect a life lived following His example and worshiping Him.

I am also a mother.

I lead 2 precious girls by example.  I should be teaching them to follow Jesus example and worship Him.

My struggle:  The world has changed since Jesus lived -2000+ years ago.  TV’s and iPad’s did not exist in Nazareth.

How can we follow Jesus example – when He didn’t give clear direction about an issue?


Covenant with my eyes

The Bible may not use the word “Secular Entertainment”, but it does give clear direction about what we put before our eyes.

If Your eyes makes you stumble

I strongly believe in censoring and limiting screen time for my kids –and myself because what we let into our mind (heart) affects how we live life.

Guard your heart

I see that in my life and I see it in my kids lives.  I listen in shock as my kids try out new slang they heard on a show.  I watch in surprise as they act out dating, fighting and oh don’t get me started on the disrespectful sassy ‘tone’ that is I can’t get rid of!

We made two changes in our home to help guard and guide our children.

  1. We give our kiddo’s lots of entertainment choices, but they are approved choices.  No profanity, no sexuality (of any kind), no disrespect toward authority, etc.
    • We made the decision to turn TV/Cable off because the secular worldview has invaded every area of entertainment – even commercials!  We use Netflix and YouTube so that we can watch things before hand.

  2. We also limit how much screen time they have each day because entertainment is so addicting.
    • As a society we have so many unresolved problems.  If we would just turn the screens off we would find time and motivation to live our lives (instead of being content to watch others live their “Reality TV” lives).  This one act of self-control would change our lives; we would find purpose, build/create things, discover cures, connect with others, get out of our crazy anxiety/depression laden rut.

Can I be honest with you?  

I wrestle with the modern day calls to action against big corporations and industries… mostly because I don’t see that in Jesus life.

I mean, I know that our consumption influences what they sell us and if we cut out what goes against our Christian Worldview, they will change what they sell us.

My objection is this: I don’t believe we can ever force a Lost world to act saved.

They are putting their Worldview forward because it is what they believe in.  Their behavior reflects their lost soul.

Instead of being offended, we – as the body of Christ- should be convicted.

The culture is acting offensively because it is lost.  They needs a relationship with Jesus.

Are we actively and persistently praying for the salvation of our Nation?

Are we actively and persistently sharing our faith with the world around us?

Are we actively and persistently evangelizing the people in the Entertainment Industry and the Big Corporations we are so offended by?

I’m not saying don’t take a stand against sin.  That is necessary.  I am saying, be sure we are living out our faith to changes the culture!

Our goal cannot be to change the cultures behavior.  

Our goal must be to change the cultures heart.  

Truly, I believe people will be held accountable for how influence our children…  Listen to the words of Jesus in Luke 17:1-4.

Impossible that we not be offended

But I also believe it is our job as the “Primary Faith Trainers” of our children – to drastically limit ungodly influences in their lives.

It is our job to teach our children to Follow Jesus.

Jesus loved the lost.  Jesus spoke against the hypocrisy of the religious.  Jesus prayed for the lost. Jesus poured into the lives of others.  Jesus effected changed hearts – which lead to changed behavior.

Are we so busy being offended by the lost world that we have lost our conviction to tell them about Jesus?

I believe any “call to action” needs to have balance.  Hate the sin but love the sinner -to Jesus.

in Him,


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Tiffany Montgomery

Tiffany is a wife and mother who is passionate about Encouraging and Equipping Women through Biblical Discipleship.

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