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Why Godly Boys Need Adventure and How to Help


Stick forts, sword duals, cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians all come alive as summer hits with boys.  Boys love and need adventure.  Am I right?!?!?!  Just this morning the boys were jumping off our back porch swing – daring fate for a broken leg.  Why do they crave adventure?  How can we help them embrace the way God made them – without spending half the summer in the ER?  

Whether you’re a Girl mom or Boy mom, mom life is filled with trial and error as we walk through this Biblical Motherhood.

Why Godly Boys Need Adventure and How to Help PinIt #RaisingBoys #RaisingBoysquotes #RaisingBoystobemen #RaisingchristianBoys #MomsRaisingBoys #RaisingBoysParenting #RaisinggodlyBoys #boysneedadventure #WildAtHeart

Let me begin by saying I am not actually a mom of boys.  God has blessed me with 2 beautiful little girls.

They are born different!

It’s an honor to be their mom.

As we began the journey of parenthood an ache began in my soul to stay at home.  To do that meant giving up a career I had fought for and stepping into a new role.  Being a Nanny for other families become my very heart?!?!?!

With childcare came Boys.  Whew, boys are different than girls!  And I love every second helping raise these 2 boys (who I have kept since birth) as my own flesh and blood.  It has been a beautiful journey learning how to nurture and equip them – and a learning curve!

Genesis 1:27 God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

2 things that I learned Quickly about Raising Boys

They are always moving – so Bible study has to be hands on.  Bible Journaling is a must – when they are doing something with their hands they can focus so much better!

Bible Journaling Kit for Beginners

And I have to Pray for my boys so much more than my girls! Can You Relate?

When you have boys in your life you have to admit…

Boys are Wild at Heart

If you have boys you know – as soon as their vision is focused you have to watch everything around them!  They put everything in their mouth to explore (way more than the girls in my world ever did).  

When they are mobile they don’t just walk – they run and crash purposefully into everything they can.  They climb and jump from everything they can find – never needing a lesson.  I love watching them build and destroy everything they can create.  They thrive on wild behavior.

It is just the way they are wired and no amount of consequences has broken that in them.

Our Adventurous God created boys for adventure

This month Jessica from Intentional in Life is Hosting Series Raising Godly Boys: Nurturing the Hearts and Minds of the Next Generation.

All month she has covered the real issues we face as Stewards of godly boys!  It has been a blessing.  Today’s post is a guest post on her site.

Finish Reading Why Godly Boys Need Adventure and How to Help 

What are some ways you embrace the adventurous side of your Boys?

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