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My First Fast with God: The Scary Truth

Dry.  Empty.  Feeling distant from God.  Praying with no answers.  I Need an answer from God but it feels like my prayers hit a brick wall.  Can you relate?  I remember having that conversation with a friend in college (x years ago 😉 ) and I was shocked at her answer.  When was the last time you added Fasting to prayer?  The scary truth… I had never.  This would be my first Fast with God.  

I countered with distain and condemnation.  It wasn’t Lent, I’m not Jewish and we live under the New Covenant.  Who fasts nowadays?

What are the rationalizations do you have Not Fast?

She literally drug me out of bed at 5 AM to some Campus service where we heard all the virtues of Biblical New Testament Fasting.  Then we sorted cans for the homeless mission group.

Now you have to understand – I didn’t not want to spend the day fasting but, I also didn’t want to be judged by my Christian FriendsAlso, I hate to quit things.  So I went along with the charade.

My First Fast with God The Scary Truth PinIt - How To Fast and Pray In A Way that Pleases God - Powerful Strategic Prayer - Prayer and Fasting #Fasting #Fastingideas #Fastingscriptures #Fastingguide #fastingandprayer #FastingTipsPrayer changes everything #prayHard #PrayerQuotes #PleaseGod

My first Fast was Scary

  • By 2:00 PM I was spent.  Pale and dizzy enough that people thought I was sick.  Every hunger pain made me want to rip someone’s head off.  And I still had 2 classes and a crazy test to study group to make it through before the day was over.
  • At 8 PM we all dutifully gathered back in the Chapel for a time of praise and worship where I literally slid to the floor.  Filled with anger at my friend for talking me into this.  I felt hungry and exhausted for the first time in my life.
  • Then the music began.  I remember sitting in the floor with so many others (that is not a strange thing in a college Chapel) suddenly curling up into a ball rocking at the strange sensation that came over me.

I am not a hyper spiritual person. In fact I grew up believing the power of the Holy Spirit was a thing of the past – just for the time of the apostles.  We could never sense His presence – I just knew it.

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So imagine my surprise as I had a vision of being rocked in the arms of God the Father.

As I sat in tears feeling Him for the first time in a long time.  He whispered

“I have not gone anywhere. Your prayers have not been ignored.  I love you. You are cherished and protected.  I will never leave you or Forsake you.”

We sat in Worship for close to an hour but I didn’t sing.  Instead I sat soaking it all in, rocking in the arms of my Daddy.  Seeing the faces of others who loved Him and were trying to live His way.  Enthralled by the beauty of the Body of Christ.

When we left the chapel everyone seemed filled up, shiny and new.  No one complained of hunger or sickness.  Everyone talked about experiencing the Spirit in the room – in some way or another.

I didn’t feel hungry anymore.  I felt like I was full again – maybe for the first time.

Isaiah 58:11 “And the Lord will continually guide you, And satisfy your desire in scorched places, And give strength to your bones; And you will be like a watered garden, And like a spring of water whose waters do not fail.

I would love to say that this first experience started a regularly habit of Fasting but it didn’t.

That First experience was quickly rationalized away.  I couldn’t talk about it to my friends and family back home without being called a heretic.

The craziness of life set in I forgot the power of Fasting.  I forgot how close it drew me to God.

And I didn’t understand it enough to repeat it.

Can you relate?

This past month I’ve dug deep into scripture to answer all those questions.  Click the phrases to read more!

And be Gracious to yourself.  A fast does not make God a genie and so sometimes we leave it with no answers.  But we always draw nearer to HIM!  Which is really the point 😉

When we Add scripture to our Prayers they become strategic and powerful. 

I’ve pulled over 100 verses that you can use to Pray for Support, Unity and Financial Blessings.  Download them below!

Will join me in a Time of Fasting with God?  Comment below “I’m In” so I can pray for you and with you!

in HIM,

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