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Everything You Need to Know About the Ultimate Bundles

Do you love a bargain?  Are you a frugal shopper?  I am always on the hunt for the best quality products at the lowest price.  Have you heard about the Ultimate Bundles?  Today I will share everything you need to know about The Ultimate Bundles before you decide to buy or not buy.

Every year about the end of April my email is jammed with my favorite Bloggers talking up this Ultimate Bundles thing.  But I had a lot of questions so I thought I’d share the answers I found with you.

Why am I sharing about the Ultimate Bundles?

After I found out all about them I loved them and I know you will too.  Plus, this year…  I have a product in the Bundle 😉 so it will be a huge value to you if you have been on the fence about buying it!

What are The Ultimate Bundles?

The Ultimate Bundles is actually a group rather than a product.  This group curate the best resources and put them together into one amazing package!

This team evaluate hundreds of new products each year and choose the very best tools you need for Home and Family!  New products.  That means that no Bundle is the same.  New resources that can help you manage time, declutter, organize, improve relationships or grow in your faith!

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2019

How can the Ultimate Bundles be worth $2000 or $3000 but only sell for $30 or $40?

The Ultimate Bundles bring together high-quality products for a Flash Sale.  Each bundle is only available at that 95% or 97% discounted sales price for only a few days.  That’s how they can offer such a deep discount.  The content creators (like HopeJoyInChrist) offer their content at a huge discount to spread the word and bless their readers and others.

The Ultimate Homemakers Bundle is only this price for a Few Days.  Super time sensitive.  Watch for the email telling you it’s live.  Order right away so you don’t miss out!

Is The Ultimate Bundle really worth it?

What season of life are you in?  I am a stay at home mom/ work at home mom, a wife with small children.  There are products I see and I think, wow that would help me with xyz but I can’t afford that price right now.  Yep, I’m that girl.  Frugal to a fault.  But you have to be in this season right?

I do not have even $30 to just throw away at the next “Thing” my favorite bloggers are promoting.  It has to be Worth It.

So when you look at the Bundle this year ask yourself some questions:

Is there something in here that I’ve been wanting but couldn’t justify the cost?

Ahem, spoiler alert: if you have been eyeing my Marriage course you will LOVE this year’s bundle

Do I need help in a certain area?

Are you decluttering?  Is there a course to help you declutter and organize your space?  It will never be this low a price again!

Is there some Parenting Challenge you need help with?  Are there products to help with that in the bundle?

Do you feel dry in your faith?  Does something from the faith category strike you?  Grab it!

If you see even 2 or 3 items that would help you in this season, I highly recommend you get this year’s Homemaking Bundle!  This is an easy frugal win to help you reach your goals!

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

Is this going to be a bait and switch to sell my email address?

Have you ever fallen for a bait and switch? What looks like dozens of amazing resources (either free or deeply discounted) turns into a nightmare in your inbox!  The Ultimate Bundles

You will be joining the Ultimate Bundles and when they have a New Bundle they will email you but you only join the other lists if you choose to.  So let’s say you check out the products and choose 3 or 4 that would be perfect for you.  When you claim that product you will opt-in to that creator’s email list.  Chances are that if you loved their product you will enjoy their emails, but you can unsubscribe any time!

Will the quality of the products be cheap to reflect the price?

First I can assure you this team scour hundreds of New Products every year to find the very highest quality.  They access the courses, read the books, try out the worksheets and printables and only select a handful that meets their high product standards.

But let’s answer that with another question.

What’s usually in the Bundle?

    • eBooks
    • Printables
    • Workbooks
    • eCourses
    • Summits
    • Membership Sites
    • and there are often bonus gifts

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2019

Are the products in the Ultimate Bundles physical or digital products?

Most of these are digital products which is why the creators can offer them at such a discount once a year.  You get all the benefits!  The creator gets to meet other bloggers audiences and everyone wins!

You have to ask yourself some questions when considering if The Ultimate Bundles are right for you.

  • Do you use and love digital products?
  • Do you have easy internet access?
  • Are you someone who reads eBooks?
  • Can you print without a high cost?

If you are then you will love The Ultimate Bundles.

If you do not prefer digital products, this may not be right for you.

Some Tips to help you make the most out of digital products:

Create a folder in your email to put all the logins and things so you don’t forget about the products.

Life gets busy and we can forget we even have these amazing resources.  The Ultimate Bundles will not be a great value to you if you buy it and never use it!

  • SO make a plan to look through it.
  • Download or print what fist stood out to you at first glance.
  • If there were eBooks, download them to your eReader.
  • Was it an eCourse, go ahead and log into it so it will be in your email.
  • Check out the bonuses right away because they will expire before everything else.
  • Use the Bundle!

I bought last years Ultimate Bundle, why should I look at this year’s Bundle?

Every year the products are New.  So if you bought last year’s Bundle that’s great, but this one is completely different.

Check out the List of Products to see if they meet your needs right now.

What if I don’t like the Products in The Ultimate Bundles?

Ultimate Bundles has a 30-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee.  They also have the best customer service I’ve seen.  So if you are stuck or struggling to figure something out, they are right there to help you and make it right!  Love that customer care!

How can I possibly use all the products in The Ultimate Bundles?

This almost feels like a catch 22.  There are so many eBooks, printables, Workbooks, eCourses, Summits and so on.  Take the time to look through the list.  I find that there are 4 or 5 that fit my needs and the value is still worth it.

So last year there was a Course ($50), a set of printables ($12), 2 workbooks ($15 each) and 2 eBooks ($7 each) that would have cost me $106.  I got it all for $29 and later that year went back and used a few other things.

Most years there are products across every category that would help in home and family!

  • Creativity & Decor
  • Faith
  • Stuff for Kids
  • Home Management
  • Homeschooling
  • Things to help in the Kitchen
  • Marriage resources
  • Organization products, printables, and courses
  • Parenting Help
  • Self Care
  • Help for those who Work at Home

The Value of the Ultimate Bundles is worth it even if you just use a few items at a time!

The Value of the Ultimate Bundles is worth it even if you just use a few items at a time! Click To Tweet

How do I access the Ultimate Bundles I purchased?

One of my favorite things about buying The Ultimate Bundles is that all the products are accessed through one site!  I don’t have to remember all those sites, I can just log into The Ultimate Bundles login* page and click through from there!

What’s the deal with Bonuses?

Okay, so some bloggers will be giving away a free product if you purchase the Ultimate Bundle through their link because they earn a small commission when you do.

Will HopeJoyInChrist have a bonus?  YES!

If you purchase The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2019 through my link here there is a bonus waiting for you.

Just email me a screenshot of your receipt and I will be giving you Free access to My 30 Days of Joy Bible Journaling ToolKit!

30 Days of JoyBible Journaling Tool Kit FB #BibleJournaling #IllustratedFaith #BibleJournalingForBeginners #BibleJournalingIdeas

Other Bonuses:

There are usually amazing sponsors who give away free products if you buy early!  Keep an eye open for those.

I love the moto at Ultimate Bundles

Take care of your home, take care of your family, take care of yourself.

Will I be able to go back to the products and use them at my own pace or will I lose access quickly?

Most of the Products are available to download, enroll in and subscribe to with your Bundle Purchase for One Year.  But once you access your items, you will not lose access to these products.

So keep your eyes open for this year’s Ultimate Homemaking Bundle


in HIM,


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Tiffany Montgomery

Tiffany of Hope Joy in Christ inspires Christian Women to grow in faith, live out Biblical Marriage Principles and raise Godly Children.  Join the Wives Only Facebook Group here or keep up with her through Pinterest.

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  1. I’ve considered purchasing one of these bundles before but I actually feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of material in them. They do seem like a good deal though! I’ll probably get one eventually 🙂

  2. Thank you for breaking this down. I am always looking at bundles related to homeschooling and often wonder if they’re worth it. Seems as if they are. 🙂

  3. This is interesting. I’ve never heard of Ultimate Bundles. Thanks for the introduction!

    1. They are such a savvy group that collects high-quality digital products and brings them together for a flash sale! I love getting all the products at such a discount!

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