Brave Humility Should Allow Children to Fail (Biblical Motherhood, The Musings of Mum, Tatiana Adurias)

Brave Humility Should Allow Children to Fail


This picture was taken in a hot, sweaty, irritable moment and only 1/2 way through the trail…  Our family loves hiking.  It is a beautiful adventure I am so thankful we began together.  Hiking is a trial and error sort of hobby.  You get some things right, you get some wrong (like this day when we came home with chiggers 🙁 ).  One thing is for sure, you come out of some trails with a better understanding of humility.

That’s sort of like motherhood.  The more I mom, the more I know I have a lot to learn.

My Story of Pride vs. Humility

Do you ever wish motherhood came with a handbook?  I think a step by step guide to raising godly children would be great!

The Bible does not point blank answer every question I come to in parenting, but it speaks to the heart of most of them.  So as I travel along this parenting journey I try to stay true to Biblical Motherhood.  Looking to scripture first rather than the culture.  That is what led me to brave Humility.

I parent with an end goal in mind.

My goal for my children is simply to raise competent young ladies who will radically change the world for the Kingdom of God.

To accomplish this goal I aim for independence (in action and thinking) and self motivation.  However, as I work toward that goal I’ve learned there is no place for my pride

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I am naturally a very proud woman.

My life has been spent blazing trails, pushing past emotions and stepping out into the unknown.  I’ve learned a lot and I don’t mind others thinking well of me.

As my young Tween daughter began stretching her wings (she’s growing up so much like me it hurts) I was very concerned with what others would think of my parenting.  My pride dictated I have a hand in her every decision… because it might not reflect well on me.  Pride.

Then I began to notice her fierce spirit quake in fear at every choice she began to make.  ‘Where did that fear come from’ I often thought.  Then I saw it…  she began to hesitate to even ask me questions.  I put that fear in her.  Soon the fear turned to anger and disrespect.

This is a guest post.  To Read the 3 steps I took to get back to humility visit Brave Humility Boldly Allows Children to Fail at The Musings of Mum

 Brave Humility Should Allow Children to Fail (Biblical Motherhood,


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