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Free Bible Study On Forgiveness and Reconciliation: 10 Steps

Years ago, the Lord showed me that I was stuck in my faith walk. Bitterness and resentment had taken root in my heart and were spewing out of me. They were destroying my relationships, stealing the abundant life God had planned for me. That is where the journey toward this Bible study on forgiveness began.

How To Use This Bible Study On Forgiveness

In the beginning, when God was teaching me the power of forgiveness I was struggling. I looked high and low asking, “What is a good Bible study about forgiveness?” What I found, as usual, were things too written too high over my head, or too long ago that I needed a dictionary to understand them. There were bits and pieces that helped, but overall I was more frustrated. So I decided to create something any person at any education level or any level of Spiritual maturity could understand and practically apply!

This is a Free Bible study on forgiveness. The power of forgiveness in the Bible (Biblical forgiveness) is free for all and as such I wanted to make this simple and accessible for all!

To use the study:

  1. Bookmark this page so you can easily find it for each day’s work.
  2. From the top menu, click on “The Total Forgiveness and Reconciliation Study Guide”
  3. Then click through each day’s teaching on forgiveness.
  4. Use a journal to answer the forgiveness study questions on each day’s page.

Use A Journal

Now, my goal is to make this free printable Bible study on forgiveness, well… free.

But… you would get so much more out of it if you printed the guide (a small cost for ink and paper) or if you used a journal. You can find a good journal at the Doller Store.

Even with that minimal cost, this study about forgiving others is still affordable.

Bible Study On Forgiveness PDF Verse Guide

To go along with the teaching on forgiveness you can use each day, I have pulled the verses into a printable PDF. You can print this guide and use it to read the Scripture on your own.

I am a huge proponent of time alone with just you and God’s Word. So download this with the key verses to help guide your quiet time with the Lord.

Sunday School Lesson On Forgiveness

So many of you have asked, “How to teach forgiveness in Bible study?” That is why I have pulled all of the material together and put it on one page.

Each of these articles could easily be used as a Sunday School lesson on Forgiveness. I teach them from the perspective of a woman… because I am a woman. However, they are not specifically a Women’s Bible study on forgiveness. God’s forgiveness is for everyone!

Initially, I taught a much simpler version of this to wives as a way to help them get unstuck in marriage. We tend to get stuck where the hurt happens and forgiveness is how we find the freedom to get back on track!

Later, I used each of these as an individual Bible lesson plan on forgiveness while coaching and teaching in person at our local church. I learned they needed to go more in-depth and have more practical applications.

So, use them personally, but feel free to use them to teach from them as well. I only ask that you ask each participant to download the guide themselves… that gives them a chance to opt into the HopeJoyInChrist community where they will get more resources to help them grow in faith!


Free Bible Study On Forgiveness and Reconciliation 10 Steps PinIt, Bible study on forgiveness pdf, free printable bible study on forgiveness, bible study on forgiveness and reconciliation, forgiveness bible study questions, What is a good Bible study about forgiveness? What are the four steps of forgiveness? the power of forgiveness in the Bible, teaching on forgiveness, Bible study, Bible Reading Plan, Bible Verse, Scripture Reading Plan #Hopejoyinchrist

Understand What God Teaches About Forgiveness

As Christians, Disciples of Jesus Christ, we must learn how to forgive! Every follower of Jesus must understand the concept.

God’s standard of true forgiveness is not too high for us to pull down and practically apply to our daily lives.

Understanding what God teaches about forgiveness, however, requires more than just a free Bible study about forgiveness.

Think about that. How often do you read something and move on with your day only to find you can’t remember what you read later in the day?

To understand and apply the Bible you have to make a commitment. You have to commit to practicing each principle in your own lives. You have to commit to try and fail and try again with God’s help. There has to be a willingness to humble yourself, Fellow Servant, before the LORD and agree beforehand to do this HIS way.

Just a note, God’s law (the forgiveness of sins) is only attainable through God’s power at work in us.  And thank you, Lord Jesus, for the promise of that power at work in our lives!

When we allow Him to work in and through us to accomplish the forgiveness process, there is a real peace that flows directly from the Kingdom of Heaven into our hearts! I deeply desired that peace for such a long time and thanks to the teaching of Jesus I know it intimately now.  You can know it as well!

Unforgiveness Bible Study

Really, we could have titled this an unforgiveness Bible study. The issue is often that we choose not to forgive or we push past the hurt and try to ignore it altogether. Unforgiveness at its core is simply not doing the work required to forgive.

LOL, why didn’t I name it that? Grammerly tells me unforgiveness is not a word! Maybe in a few years, if I get my own way I will rename it, but until then we will call this the Total Forgiveness Study Guide with free PDF…

The Total Forgiveness Study Guide PDF which is really a Bible study on Forgiveness and Reconciliation

The Total Forgiveness and Reconciliation Study Guide

Someone asked me the other day, “What are the four steps of forgiveness.” Oh, if only it were that simple. Together over the next 10 days, we will learn how to truly forgive – heart deep. It will take more than four steps, however, and it will not be as simple as taking steps forward. Sadly, the pathway to forgiveness looks more like a hiking path than a straight line. You can’t do it in your own strength, but you can do it with the help of our Heavenly Father!

You have the Holy Spirit at work within you to empower you to find the freedom on the other side of forgiveness!

Week 1

During the first week of this Bible study about forgiveness, we will do some heart work. When unforgiveness is left to fester for too long it can cause calluses and stiffness to set up in the heart like a deep wound.

This heart work will prepare the heart to do the heavy lifting of forgiveness and reconciliation in week 2.

Week 2

Now that you’ve done the heart work, you are ready to begin learning the steps to forgiveness. Remember, along this journey, there will be ups and downs. Forgiveness, when it is dealing with real hurts, serious injuries, or deep betrayals, will take time and patience. Give yourself grace as you work through the process.

As you make your way through this, an important point is that my way is not the only way to walk out this act of obedience.  

What’s Next After Completing The Bible Study on Forgiveness?

You worked through the entire Bible study on forgiveness, or the Total Forgiveness Study Guide as I am affectionately calling it. Now what’s next?

There are several other Bible studies right here at HopeJoyInChrist. Why not skim the list and pick one that speaks to your season?

in HIS Love,

Sharing is Caring!

Tiffany Montgomery

Tiffany of Hope Joy in Christ inspires Christian Women to grow in faith, live out Biblical Marriage Principles and raise Godly Children.  Join the Wives Only Facebook Group here or keep up with her through Pinterest.

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    1. You are right that just pressing print from the page gives you a lot of adds. That’s why I set the form on the page to email you the PDF of all the verses. Just enter your email and the verses will go to your inbox. Then you can go through the devotionals linked on this page and read along with the guide.

      I am working on making the pages printable directly, but that will take time. So sorry for the inconvenience.

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