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7 Simple Steps to Prepare For Spiritual Warfare

Does your life feel like a constant battle?  Mine has for so long that I get uncomfortable when there are seasons of peace.  The truth is, there is a real battle happening than what we can physically see. There is a Spiritual War happening whether you acknowledge it or not.  Over the years God has taught me how to prepare for spiritual warfare by being still when fear attacks.

We ask how to do spiritual warfare, how to prepare for spiritual warfare, but I want to be clear.  A spiritual warrior is nothing more than a believer taking the next right step. Click To Tweet

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Do not fear them, for the Lord your God is the one fighting for you.” Deuteronomy 3:22 

Why Prepare for Spiritual Battle?

Looking into the context of Deuteronomy 3:22 helps us see the why side of this issue.  The Israelites are about to see an amazing war rally!  We already saw God do the impossible and part a sea while fighting for Israel.  Then we saw God turn a nation of slaves into a nation of warriors who could fight giants and win.

Some things to know as we begin:

  • God set aside a portion of physical land for Israel.
  • Other nations were living in that land and dishonoring God on His land.
  • God is judge over the whole earth and all its inhabitants, not just Jews and Christians.
  • The nations were up to their eyes in sin and God had to act…

Israel is walking toward a promised blessing from God, but like it or not, want it or not, battle stands in their way.  It is often the same with us.  God gives us so many promises in this life.  

  • Abundant life
  • Peace
  • Joy in the presence of the King
  • Comfort
  • Provision

But there is also a very real enemy of God standing in the path of those blessings many times.  Why prepare for spiritual warfare?  Because, ready or not, like it or not, the battle is waiting for you as you pursue God.

Fear is Natural but Not Necessary When Preparing for Spiritual Warfare

We observe from Deuteronomy 3:22 that Israel is on the brink of war.  Terrified.  Afraid.  Rightfully anxious. This is not a nation of warriors, they doubt God and turn from Him every chance they get. 

Can you relate?

In the midst of the legitimate, logical fear, God tells them, “Be still and do not fear .”

Are you serious?  When facing war, God is talking about stillness and a lack of fear!  This is one of those moments in Bible study where I want to be eye to eye with God to see if He’s for real!

If any circumstances on earth demand fear, war demands fear.  Right?!?!?!?!

But God says, “Do not be afraid”.  Why does He say that? 

“The Lord your God is the One fighting for you.” 

That one phrase changes the whole conversation.  Israel was not a nation of warriors, but God is a mighty warrior.  They were terrified, but God was victorious.  That is why God can say, “Be still and do not be afraid,” because He is there and promising to stay there.  

This is a trust issue.  

Be still and trust God when you face war.  When you are under attack, be still and don’t be afraid.

Physical War Can Be Spiritual Warfare

What is it about that one plot of land that has spurred so much war?  There must be something holy and amazing about it.

In fact, we know the land is special because God chose it.  God made it and set it aside for Israel.  Of course, the enemy wants to make war over it.

Make no mistake, this was to be a physical war, but it was very much spiritual warfare!  When the enemy is fighting over or against something God promised it always has an element of spiritual battle.  

You Are Chosen, Holy, and Set Apart

Just like God set aside that special piece of land of Israel, God also made you and chose you and set you apart.

The enemy is at war over you. Do you believe that today?  

There is a spiritual war happening right now and the enemy has long used a strategy called the 4 D’s to defeat believers in times of battle.

  • Discourage you from your faith.
  • Stir Discontent for your physical life.
  • Distract you from your calling with worldly temptation.
  • Breed Discords between you and other believers to stop the Unity of the Gospel.
7 Simple Steps to Prepare For Spiritual Warfare, What is warfare prayer? How can I improve my spiritual life? What does the Bible say about strongholds? what is spiritual warfare, how to engage in spiritual warfare, what are the weapons of spiritual warfare? Fast and Pray #HopeJoyInChrist

What is Spiritual Warfare?

The term spiritual warfare refers to a battle between God and the devil for lordship and rule of your life and the world. 

The warriors in the battle are angels and demons. We are the target somehow in the battle.

Life would be so much simpler if there were no such thing as spiritual battles, but here we are.  Today engaging in spiritual warfare is necessary.  You must learn how to pray and study the Bible to engage and win the battles that rage at you daily.  

How To Engage in Spiritual Warfare

I’ve heard Christians, in the heat of their own personal struggles, shrug off this idea.  They would prefer to be neutral and not be judged as a radical religious person.  If you are thinking that, you misunderstand what it means to engage in spiritual warfare! 

What does it mean to be in spiritual warfare?

Just to be clear, you are in spiritual warfare whether you acknowledge it or not.  If you ignore it, call others crazy for engaging, and walk away you are still under attack. We are all engaged in spiritual warfare!

The better question is, “How can I prepare for victory in spiritual warfare?”

Prepare For Victory in Spiritual Warfare By Seeing It 

When you begin to see with spiritual eyes you can engage in the battle more effectively.  See the battles for what they are!  Acknowledge that the war is real even if you don’t understand it or like it.  

Need examples of spiritual warfare?

Think back to the last time you decided to have a daily quiet time.  How hard was it to follow through?  Did you start to struggle to get up early or stay up later?  Were you distracted, having trouble understanding the text, feeling like Bible study was just for preachers?  That was spiritual warfare.

Read more on how to know if you are in the midst of spiritual warfare or not.

Prayer Is Powerful For Spiritual Warfare

If you’ve been saved for very long you’ve heard that prayer is powerful, but this is different.  Prayer, when you are in the battle, is powerful to win the battle!

What is warfare prayer?  

Spiritual warfare prayer helps end the battles more quickly and can even head of battles.  This is a way to talk directly with God (who is fighting for you) and see what you can do to head off strongholds and improve your spiritual life to win the battles!

Learn more about becoming a Strong Prayer Warrior And Why

How To Prepare For Spiritual Warfare

As we look to apply Deuteronomy 3:22, Israel’s physical war gives us a guide to prepare for spiritual warfare.  Interestingly, we see that winning the battle has a lot to do with trusting that God has not changed.  When we remember who God is, what God has done, and Whose we are, the spiritual battles end in victory!

  1. God reminds Israel of past victories.
  2. Then, God reminds Israel that He promised to be with them.
  3. God reminds Israel that He will do the fighting.

I love that God knows we will forget and need to be reminded!

Remember The Past Victories

God reminded Israel of the past victories to help them be still and not fear while facing the next war. 

How many times has God showed up and showed off in your life?  Do you keep a journal of those times?  I do.  

The last time God moved in a powerful way for me was over something so small, but so important to me. 

A few years ago I began to feel so tired all the time; my brain was foggy, my body hurt, anxiety plagued me, the dizziness wouldn’t let up. As a result of my newly discovered Autoimmune disease, I had to step back from serving nearly everywhere. 

Praise God, this year I am feeling so much better and felt God prompting me to step back into leading worship. 

No sooner had the decision been made, than the enemy began his assault.  He attacked my identity; my thoughts about my age, my ability, my heart’s condition. I was scared all of a sudden that I would never be used by God this way again. 

Every delay brought fear.  Each miscommunication brought doubt. I could see it was affecting how I treated my kids and husband.  I felt more reserved like I was pulling away from things, preparing for the rejection I had already played out a thousand times. 

All of that was just in the span of a few weeks.  I wrestled with God over each fear.  Prayer and journaling became my weapons.  As the enemy whispered, I held what I heard up to the light of His Word.

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Remember God Is Always With You

It’s hard to believe God’s Words when fear comes.  So I wrote out God’s Words and repeated them to myself often. 

This was my phrase: Lord, I will serve You where You call me to serve. If this is where You want me I believe You will put me there regardless of any fears I have.  If this is not from You, close the door and make my heart happy about that. 

Silly.  All that fear over where to serve God… 

Important.  Singing is as much a part of me as counseling wives in difficult marriages.  To take it away felt like losing myself.    

God cares about you.  He cares about the things you care about.  God knows where the battle is raging in your heart, mind, and life.  He is right there with you!

In our text, God reminds Israel that He promised to be with them.  Why did He remind them?  Because they forgot it so often.  Can you relate?  

“Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or in dread of them, for the Lord your God is the One who is going with you. He will not desert you or abandon you.” (Deuteronomy 31:6 NASB)

I forget this promise so often!  In my story above I forgot it for weeks while I worried and feared and failed at my daily responsibilities.  

The moment we remember He is right there with us, that is the moment we start winning the battle!  

Remember God Does The Real Fighting

Not only is God right there with you through the battle, but He also promises to do the fighting for you!

You can’t always see God fighting your battles, but whew, He is!  Sometimes He waits to show His hand, but His hand is working.  Often he holds up the cavalry, but the cavalry is on its way!

Why does He wait?  I think it’s to show us the strongholds of the enemy in our lives.  Do you know what a stronghold is?  Pause a Google, “What does the Bible say about strongholds,” I’ll wait.  

I have strongholds in my life.  Areas of sin and fear and doubt that I’m not super intentional about cleaning up and clearing out.  

As much as leading worship is a part of who I am, doubt about my gift, fear about aging, worry about pride and jealousy are right there in the same room.  In this story, God waited a few weeks to show me His hand.  He also revealed those strongholds and challenged me to be honest about them and lay them at His feet before I started serving again.  

Then… whew… God showed up and showed off!

One morning, after I had laid down my pride and jealousy, and fear about serving God opened a door.  I was serving somewhere else and the lead of vocals saw me and started to apologize for the delays and confusion.  The next day I was scheduled to sing for the next few months. 

I don’t know what was happening on their side.  Were they concerned about my age, my few years off, the state of my health?  Maybe, or maybe they were busy and human and it took longer than expected.  What I know is that God called me and God put me in the place He wanted me to serve.  And through the process, He fought for me, my spiritual growth, and more.  All Praise To HIM!

Know God More

The fact is, God is with you and fighting for you from the first day you say, “Yes,” to salvation.  The sad reality though is that we often neglect to get to know God more.  Remember all the thing about God is powerful for spiritual warfare, but we live in the New Testament and have something the Israelites didn’t have.  

The Bible is the most powerful weapon we could wield in spiritual warfare.  Do you read it?  Do you know how to read it?  Reading the Bible helps us know God more which helps us be better prepared for spiritual warfare!

Look up, “Prepare for battle Bible verse,” and you will see that those who God called to fight, knew Him, served Him, and were improving their spiritual life.

You might be asking some questions right now.

  • How can I improve my spiritual life?
  • What is spiritual preparation?
  • What are the weapons of spiritual warfare?

Improving your spiritual life and being intentional with spiritual preparation is as simple as spending time with God every day.  Read the Bible.  Pray.  Get to know God more.  Victory is on the other side of that relationship!

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Put On The Whole Armor Of God

What are the hard things in your life right now?

Has it felt like one impossible thing after the next and no let up?  Does it feel like there are giants you just can’t face?

Google, “spiritual warfare in the bible,” to see all the time’s others were in the same situation.  In Ephesians God tells us to put on the whole armor of God because we are not fighting flesh and blood.

What is the whole armor of God and how do you put it on? 

Ephesians 6 is filled with many prepare for battle Bible verses.  The key verses are 10-18.

  1. Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist,
  2. With the breastplate of righteousness in place
  3. Your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace
  4. Take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.
  5. Take the helmet of salvation
  6. The sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.
  7.  Pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. 

Read more about The Armor of God here.

Don’t forget that prayer is a part of the armor of God and we need to put it on every day as we do battle in this spiritual war.

We need to believe in the power of prayer -warfare prayer.

Do The Next (or Last) Right Thing

This fight is a Spiritual Battle in the mind, you know…

What is your calling in life? Is there something God has said to do?

So much of the enemy’s efforts are to keep us out of the Bible and out of prayer so that we can’t even recognize God’s voice when He does call us.  This is a spiritual battle in the mind of every Believer!

We ask how to do spiritual warfare, how to prepare for spiritual warfare, but I want to be clear.  A spiritual warrior is nothing more than a believer taking the next right step. 

Maybe you need to go back and take the last right step.  You know, that last thing God said to do and you said no or got distracted from doing.

Often I find that when I am dry or spiritually cold, I find God right where I turned off the path.  He was waiting there for me.

LOL, sometimes I am all in a deliverance prayer mode, and God’s all like, “Hey, Tiffany, I’m over here, just get back on the path.”  Praise God He is patient with me.

A Prayer for Victory As You Prepare For Spiritual Warfare

Father God,

Thank you for being patient with me.  Forgive me for all the times you said to do something and I said no and went my own way.  Thank you for being right there when I turn back.  You are so kind, compassionate, merciful, and gracious to my stubbornness.

There is a battle happening in my life.  I feel it in my marriage.  It’s in my conversations with the kids.  Even my body is involved in the war.  Help me be still and not be afraid. 

Oh Lord, I am afraid.  This is not what I signed up for when I said, “Yes,” to salvation. I pictured a prosperous, healthy blessed life.  This Christian life is hard and the battle is long and I need you, Lord.  Hear my prayer Father, help me win today.

Thank you for the reminder that You are the One fighting… sometimes I forget and try to fight in my own strength.  I give you control, Lord… Today.  Be glorified as I sit hidden in the shadow of Your wings.


Will You Prepare for Spiritual Warfare?

Do you believe that we are all caught in the middle of this great spiritual battle for the souls of mankind?  The enemy wants every soul to burn in Hell with him.  God, on the other hand, loves every soul so much that He sent His only Son to die, paying the price for the sin we so easily fall into, to make a way for Eternal Life with Him.  

The battle is real, but we are not helpless in the midst of it!  God has equipped us with armor and weapons and He Himself fights for us!

Will you prepare for spiritual warfare today?  These 7 things will bring the victory you are dreaming about!

  1. Remember past victories
  2. Remember God is always with you
  3. Know that God fights for you
  4. Determine to Know God More
  5. Put on the armor
  6. Do the next or last right thing
  7. Pray 

These seven steps have been effective for me as I engage in the battle and win victory after victory.  

How do you know you are winning the victory?  Fear becomes less.  Joy fills you even when facing the battles.  God is glorified in your life as you continue to grow with and walk with Him each day!

You can do this!

in HIM,

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