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Are you a Christian woman living with Anxiety?  You aren’t alone!  When life overwhelms you and you feel like giving up and giving in, you can press into the Lord instead.  Living with anxiety as a Christian Woman feels shameful but for years my life was ruled by it.  Fear and Worry were like unwelcomed friends that never gave me a moments peace of mind.  There is Hope and Christian Anxiety Relief! 

Can I share the top 40 Scriptures on Anxiety that helped me?  This is a 40-day Reading & Journaling plan with many of the verses I GO TO when fear overwhelms me.

Finding Hope & Joy through Anxiety (#SelfCare #Wellness #AnxietyHelp)

When we harness the power of Scripture to change the patterns of our mind we find Peace of Mind.  Learn how in this series and see how I use these Bible verses about anxiety- specifically Philippians 4:8 -to find Peace.  In it I answer the hard questions:

Does Prayer Help anxiety? Yes.

Is fear the root of Anxiety?  Not always. 

By combining Prayer with Scripture in a safe Christian anxiety support group, you can find Hope and Joy in Christ through your struggle with Anxiety.

You may also enjoy Bible Journaling to calm anxiety

The Trust in the Lord Bible Journaling Kit is what I recommend for beginners from The Holy Mess.  This kit has everything you need to get started and is exactly what I Used!

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Bible Journaling Kit for Beginners


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