Marriage Monday Week 11 [Love Rejoice in Truth not unrighteousness] Christian Marriage Advice, Biblical Wifehood Challenge

Marriage Monday Week 11 [ Rejoice in Truth Not Unrighteousness]

Do you still Rejoice?  That word makes me think of my Little Blessings.  They are so filled with joy over the simplest of things.  An empty box they can play with lights their faces. (Especially the long Norwex box from that Mop!  That Box becomes a Limo every time!!!) Do we rejoice as adults? We […]

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MarriageMonday Week 9 [Love is not easily provoked] Christian Marriage advice, Biblical Wifehood, Forgiveness

Marriage Monday Week 9 [Loves Is Not Easily Provoked ]

Welcome back to the Marriage Monday Series!  We are half way through 1 Corinthians 13:4-8! I have really been challenged by all the ways to apply it to our Wifehood.  Today we will see that Love is Not Easily Provoked .      So far we have seen Patience in Marriage, Kindness in Marriage, Jealousy in Marriage, Bragging […]

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Homeschooling Successfully Pefection Not Required Guest Post. Homeschooling a Child with Special Needs

How To Overcome The Fear: Homeschooling with Special Needs (GuestPost)

Where you send your kiddo’s to school is a choice every family faces.  I think we all weigh our options carefully and then worry we didn’t make the right choice!  Our Family chose to Homeschool .  We chose it for a lot of reasons – you can read about that in 4 Reasons We Love […]

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MarriageMonday Week 8 [Love Does Not Seek it's own] Christian Marriage, Biblical Marraige, Christian Wifehood, Biblical Wifehood, Selfless Love, Forgiveness, Needs Vs Wants in Marraige, Needs vs. Preferences in Marriage

Marriage Monday Week 8 [Love Does Not Seek It’s Own]

Today is especially challenging in our Marriage Monday Series!  Love does not seek it’s own.     1 Corinthians 13:4-8 is our text this month and our goal is to apply it to our Wifehood.  Has this series stepped on your toes the way it is mine?  So far we have seen Patience in Marriage, Kindness in […]

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