Moving From Christian to Disciple

Why I moved from Christian to Disciple

Hello out there!  I’d like to introduce myself.


My name is Tiffany and I’m a: wife, mother, daughter, sister, homeschooler, nutritionist, housekeeper, accountant, secretary, reader, writer, singer, student…

If you know me, you may have noticed something missing.  I prefer “Disciple of Christ Jesus” instead of Christian.

I’d like to share with you how moving from “Christian” to “Disciple” changed this miserable, fear filled mess of a girl into a woman who knows hope and joy even in the midst of chaos and trials.

More than a decade ago -after a childhood spent playing the church game- a mess of devastating life choices led me to several years of open rebellion.

I was miserable.  I felt empty and broken.  I didn’t know what I wanted from life or how to fix my broken mess.  I decided to try to live life like my non-Christian friends because they always seemed happy and care free.

By the end of those few years I was more miserable and confused than ever.  The one thing I knew for sure was that I missed my friend Jesus.  I had spent a childhood with Him studying the Bible.  Through my darkest nights I felt His hand protecting and comforting me.  When everyone abandoned and rejected me, He never left my side.

“Why did I turn away from Him?” you might be wondering.  I was confused by the paradox’s around me.

  • Paradox 1:  I didn’t see a difference between the lifestyles of Christians and non-Christians… until college.
    • In college I met some people who were very different.  They challenged every belief I held… with scripture, not opinion.
    • At home I saw none of that (not that it wasn’t there, I just didn’t see it).
  • Paradox 2: I didn’t see much similarity between believers in the Bible and the modern church.
  • Paradox 3: Many Christians judged me harshly and ostracized me while non-Christians always welcomed me into their circles.

Those paradoxes combined with the consequences for many unwise life choices led me away from my faith.

To be honest, I am glad it happened this way. 

I needed to be shaken up. 

I had spent years being a lukewarm Christian. That is not what God wants for any of us.


One day, under the weight of it all, I broke.  I cried out to The Lord.  He heard my Cry and set me on a path that has forever changed my life!

I confessed my sin, well, some of my sin… I didn’t even begin to scratch the surface when I overwhelmingly understood God to say my sins were forgiven.  I was loved and accepted by Him no matter how far I had run from Him.

To come back to Him, would be to understand that He wanted all of my life.

I had to surrender to Him.  I had to learn to be “hot”.

Seek me and find me

It still chokes me up when I think about it.  I had run as far from Him as I could and all it took was one step back.  He met me with open arms.

I didn’t want to come back to a religion.  I wanted Jesus. 

That day began a process of discipleship.

  • Looking to the Bible for my worldview
  • Taking every questions life presents me, to the scriptures.  This is the way of the “Disciple”
    • I want my life to look like Jesus life, so I have to know what Jesus life looked like by being in the Word
  • Attending a church -because He instruct us to (Hebrews 10:25)
  • Working through conflicts between the Bible and my way of thinking – work through it with Him to change my way of thinking

Honestly, in a world filled with chaos I often lose my balance mess up.  What I need is hope and joy to keep me pressing onward.

Giving up the title “Christian” freed me from trying to please the people in my world.

Taking up the title “Disciple” allows me to focus on pleasing God…

because I love Him and pleasing Him shows that love.

I don’t care (most days) about being accepted by people.  I do care that I am accepted and loved by Jesus.

Do you know my Jesus?

  • Jesus, the Son of God came down to this chaotic world to save me when I had done nothing to deserve saving.
  • Jesus, who loved the world (me and you) so much that He gave up His, took the consequences of all the sin ever committed for all of eternity upon Himself, and died a horrendous death (a death I deserve).
  • Jesus, who rose from the dead the 3rd day!
  • Jesus, who is alive today and seated at the right hand of the Father… where He makes intersession for me (literally speaking to the Father on my behalf).
  • Jesus, the Beginning and the End, who made a way for me to spend all eternity with Him and live an abundant life now.
  • Jesus, who has defeated my enemy and won the Victory over Hell and Death forever.

My hope and joy are all wrapped up in Jesus Christ.  And because of that I live this life as a Disciple of Christ.  I hope you will enjoy walking that out with me through this blog!

in HIM,


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Tiffany Montgomery

Tiffany is a wife and mother who is passionate about Encouraging and Equipping Women through Biblical Discipleship.

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