Day 13 – 20 [30 Days of Tween Parenting Encouragement]

This past week has been so hectic I have not been able to keep up with posting all the Amazing Articles shared in this Month Long Parenting Blog Party!  So I am going to give a short re-cap and post the links for you to follow and save to read when you have time!  

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MAKE TIME!  These are filled with such great wisdom that is easy immediately to put into practice.

Day 13-20 of Tween Parenting Encouragement

Normally, I let my children choose what they read. No biggie. I want to encourage a love for reading. But if I’m the one reading to them Mom gets to choose.

Source: 2 Must Read Character Building Fiction Books for Tweens- Day 13 – Like Minded Musings

Raising our children, particularly when they are getting older and venturing into tweenhood, is by far the toughest. At least it seems that way

Source: Praying For Your Tweens Salvation – Day 14 – Like Minded Musings

How can I love my child in a way that uniquely touches their heart today? I’d love to share how I’m learning this: 3 Steps To Loving Your Tween On Purpose

Source: 3 Steps To Loving Your Tween On Purpose – Day 15 – Like Minded Musings

I learned quickly in navigating tween sibling relationships, I played the role of referee. It didn’t take long to realize that this was an impossible task.

Source: Navigating Sibling Relationships in the Tween Years – Day 16 – Like Minded Musings

God is in the business of answering prayer. If you ask liberally, He will equip you with the wisdom you need to parent your tween.

Source: Tackling the Hard Issues with Your Tween – Day 17 – Like Minded Musings

Parenting tweens isn’t for the weak at heart. Teri Lynne Underwood encourages us to remember you are fighting FOR not against your tween

Source: Remember You Are Fighting FOR Not Against Your Tween – Day 18 – Like Minded Musings

If you ask me, my 11-year-old son Noah is one of the coolest kids on the planet.  He is off-the-charts intelligent, quirky and, I think, absolutely hilarious. If his self-concept was based on his mama’s view, there would be no limit to his confidence. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.  Our kids are surrounded by voices telling them who they… Read more »

Source: The One Thing Your Tween Needs to Hear Everyday – Day 19 – Like Minded Musings

As Parents, we can help make our tweens journey a beautiful time of growth and maturing by loving them well. Find out 6 ways to do it!

Source: 6 Ways to Love Your Tween Well – Day 20 – Like Minded Musings

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Source: 30 Days of Tween Parenting Encouragement Giveaway! – Like Minded Musings


I have been so blessed with this Month of Encouragement!  Praying you are as well!

in HIM,

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