Finding Hope & Joy in My Marriage (E-course, #ChristianMarriage #BiblicalMarriage #BbilicalWifehood)

Finding Hope and Joy in My Marriage e-Course

What season of Marriage are you in?

We all go through seasons of Joy and bliss, then the dull drums come.  Occasionally we find ourselves in hard times struggling to hold onto hope for our Marriage.

Whatever season of Christian Marriage I find myself, it seems it’s easy to forget that God’s way and the Culture’s way are different.

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Could you use a jolt of Hope and Joy infused into your Marriage?

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How about a reminder of God’s way to live as Wives (in the Wifehood)?


God Has A Way To Turn Marriage Around (Finding Hope & Joy in your Christian Marriage) Biblical Wifehood

Everywhere we look Culture bombards us with it’s idea of “love and marriage” but it is wrong.  With an over 50% divorce rate, we have to find another way!  God has a way!!!!!!!!  Let’s dig into the Bible and find out how to do Marriage in a way that Lasts!

Finding Hope & Joy in Marriage e-Course

Finding Hope & Joy in My Marriage (e-course #ChristianMarriage #BiblicalMarriage #BiblicalWifehood)

I wrote this 10 Week Bible Study to share the tools I learned as I studied all The Bible had to say about Marriage. 

(Our Pastor of Discipleship laughingly said “It should be titled the complete guide to marriage”.  But that wouldn’t get anyone’s attention 😉

This is a 10 Week study on Biblical Wifehood where we will talk about:

  • Love
  • Forgiveness
  • Desires Vs. Preferences
  • My Mouth
  • Appreciation & Admiration
  • The Leader
  • Understanding Men
  • Respect
  • My Priorities

This class will include

  • 10 video lessons
    • You can watch live or when you have time
  • 9 weeks of personal study
    • 5 days each week that should take 10-15 minutes
  • A private Facebook Group to discuss the homework and talk through the weekly challenges
  • 45 Days of Prayer prompts

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